5 Common Myths About Natural Health and Healthy Living

By , Natural Health Concepts

When it comes to personal health and feelings of wellbeing, everybody knows what works best for their body. With varying personal opinions and a 24-hour news cycle, though, this can lead to a lot of opinions, anecdotes and sometimes misinformation about how the human body actually works. For many,  the nature of "natural health" leaves them feeling especially skeptical.

That's not to say that you won't disagree with some of the things listed below; rather, for some people, they need to find the underlying truth before deciding if they should modify their daily habits to find what works for their body and their routine.

1. Supplements can replace a healthy diet.

The truth: You can't out supplement a poor diet; a balanced diet is important no matter what supplements you take. Know that supplements are not intended to replace the nutrients found in food. Ideally, we would obtain all of the necessary vitamins and minerals from our food, but our modern dietary choices can sometimes be lacking. Think of supplements as more of a backup or insurance policy for when our diet is occasionally deficient or when we need an extra boost of something.

2. There is one "magic pill" to cure all of your ailments.

The truth: There is no such thing as a single "cure all" for anything, and that holds true for healthy living especially. Typically, to naturally improve your health you need to consider diet, fitness, supplements and lifestyle as you plan your days and diet plans. Instead, consider taking a more holistic approach to maintaining your health and provide your body the nutrients it needs throughout the day. There are great supplements that cover a lot of ailments as well as hold preventative benefits, like turmeric, which works to improve and maintain your physical and mental health with powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, but this will not compensate for everything lacking in a healthy diet.

3. You can eat whatever you want and lose weight if you just work out harder.

The truth: Diet plays a bigger role in weight loss than fitness does, but they are both important and necessary. While cardio and other physical exercises can have an impact on your physical appearance and weight loss, there are plenty of foods that are best to stay away from if you are concerned about maintaining or losing weight. If you are exercising on a regular basis, focusing on foods that will fuel your body will not only get you to your goals, but you'll also be able to perform at your best. No one hits a PR when exercising on a belly full of donuts, after all.

4. All fats are bad fats.

The truth: Believe it or not, good fats are essential for your health. Most people associate the word "fat" with weight, but certain fats, like omega-3s, are recommended by the American Heart Association and are necessary for your health. Fats to look out for are going to be things like saturated fats and trans fats, neither of which contributes to your overall health and can cause weight gain and other health problems down the road.

5. All carbs are bad.

The truth: Thanks to low- or no-carb diets, most people associate carbs with weight gain, but the truth is that good carbohydrates in moderation are actually essential for your health. In fact, when many people think of "carbs" they're forgetting that many fruits are naturally high in carbohydrates too. Carbs have several health benefits such as helping your brain work better, giving you energy through glucose, providing essential vitamins and even contributing to your happiness due to tryptophan contained within carbs which work to help produce serotonin. So give carbs a chance in moderation—they have more benefits than we give them credit for.

People are misinformed every day about their health and dietary needs and precautions. Remember always that health is not just one thing—it is exercise, diet, supplementation, as well as mental health. When our mental health is in check, our physical health follows more easily. Supplements that are beneficial to include in your daily routine can include turmeric, ashwagandha, and omega-3 fatty acids. Adding supplements like these to your daily health routine can do wonders for your overall physical and mental health.

As with all things, natural health options vary for each person. Speak to your doctor if you're interested in incorporating supplements or natural health remedies into your routine to gain awareness and make an informed decision that's best for your body.

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KHALIA2 8/30/2018
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KATHRYNGC 6/24/2018
Of all the info, including SparkPeople, I have not read that the mention "healthy truths" as truth. Instead they exactly what was listed as the truth which is why we come to SparkPeople. However, other sites , also, do this if they are healthy lifestyle sites, not a gimmick/ trend promotional one. Report
IRONADONIS 6/22/2018
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ANGELDIAMOND122 6/21/2018
Sparkpeople needs to revamp the nutritional area so we can track how much Omega 3's, Omega 6's and/or Omega 9's we are intaking. Please add these categories into the nutrient listing for when we can input our own food products into the system on the food tracker. Report
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PELIKAN 6/19/2018
Some very good, some less good advice. I mean, turmeric??? And please nuance: too much vitamins are straight out BAD. Report
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Sometimes when trying to lose weight or even maintaining it seems to be all about food and it becomes your focus which is not healthy. I read allot and try to learn healthy eating how do you get your mind off food all the time. Report
#5 isn't completely accurate; the brain can be primarily fueled by fat.
Overall, it's better to consume a banana, (keto team yelling at me "that's NOT KETO!" ROFL, but I digress; consume a banana over a processed food. Eat smart, but don't be dogmatic about it. ENJOY LIFE, just don't make your life all about food. Report
Great article Report
another thing to remember about fats is some important vitamins are fat soluble so no fats then no getting benefits of those vitamins. Report
Good, practical article! Report
" All carbs are bad. " Interesting how the current "obesity epidemic" follows hot on the heels of the "fat is bad " mantra which saw almost everyone scarfing down "low fat foods" (REMEMBER THEM??"oh these low fat cookies are SO DELICIOUS AND GOOD FOR ME I THINK I WILL HAVE MORE) like there was NO TOMORROW in the 1980's Report
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Natural only means not man-made materials. Not organic. Report
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"All fats are bad fats?" and then talk about Omega 3's? I wonder why it is not possible to record both Omega 6 and Omega 3 on Sparks when it is available for some products. For instance when I eat mackerel I only get "fats" listed and not the Omega 6's and 3's. Then it looks that I have eaten high "fats" because Omega's are not listed.
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My MD told me if people have allergies, they can be allergic even to "healthy" things like turmeric and ashwagandha. Just because it is "healthy" doesn't mean it is healthy (or not healthy) for you personally. Investigate changes common sense. Report
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Great sound information! Thank you! Report
Great information. Report
If it sounds too good to be tru, it is. Report
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We'd all like that magic pill, lol. Report
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It is so important to eat a balanced diet! Nutrition really is the keystone to livnig healthy.

As for fats, I was brought up in an "anit-fat" culture, but the truth is -- GOOD fats (avocado, olive oil, fatty fish) are important for out overall health and most specifically they are what the brain needs to function! Report
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