Easy Prevention & Treatment Strategies for Headaches

By , Frank Health Insurance

Headaches are a common problem in our society, but that does not mean they are easy to deal with. The cause of headaches is not always clear for health professionals, since it is such a general symptom. Having a headache can also have a negative impact on your daily activities. Read our tips and hints below on how to prevent and reduce chronic headaches.

What Are Common Triggers for Headaches?

Please note that people with chronic headaches should always visit their physician to ensure there is not an underlying condition that causes your headaches. If you have suffered from chronic headaches for a while and no underlying medical conditions were found, the following physical or psychological symptoms could be a cause of your headache problem: stress, dehydration, sleeping problems, hormonal changes, smoking, eyestrain, food additives or caffeine. These are some of the most common triggers that may set off a headache.

How Do I Determine the Cause of My Headaches?

Considering the fact that headaches can be caused by many things, you may need to keep a dairy to find the cause of your headaches. In this dairy, you can write important information that may lead you to the exact cause.

Important information that should be recorded in your headache dairy includes the foods you eat, drinks you consume, medicine you take, and your sleeping and exercise times. When you do get a headache, write it down in your dairy with its exact time. If you cannot determine the cause of your headaches over the course of time, take your dairy to the doctor.

How Can I Avoid Certain Headache Triggers?

There are certain things you can do to prevent headaches or stop them from occurring too often. Below, you will find an overview of common headache triggers and how to prevent them.

Mind Your Posture

Bad posture can cause headaches, especially if you spend your day on a desk. If you do desk work on a daily basis, make sure you stand up from time to time and stretch the shoulders. Also make sure you loosen up your neck from time to time.

Someone who does computer work can also suffer from eyestrain, considering they stare at a computer screen for a long period of time. When you have a job that requires you to sit at a desk, make sure you look away from the computer screen from time to time.

Check Your Pillows

Having a bad pillow can cause headaches and make your neck feel stiff and uncomfortable. Do not hesitate to spend a little extra money on an extra comfortable pillow, or a pillow that gives your neck added support.

People who are prone to headaches should always take their own high-quality pillow when they travel somewhere. It may not be as practical as stepping into a hotel and simply using the bed linen that is available, but it can prevent you from getting a bad headache because of a poor quality pillow.

Stick to a Routine

Changes in your routine may cause headaches as well, for example when you have irregular sleep or eating times. Make sure your body gets used to a routine and stick to that routine as much as you can.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

Many people can get a headache because of a lack of sleep. According to Frank Health Insurance, in most cases, people simply do not give themselves enough time to rest. However, there are cases where sleeping problems are caused by a physical problem. For example, people who are overweight may suffer from sleep apnoea. If you believe a sleeping problem may cause headaches, be sure to report this to your doctor for the right treatment. If you suffer from sleep apnoea because of being overweight, contact your physician and a nutritionist to reach your goal weight and to receive immediate treatment.

Make Smart Lifestyle Choices

Eating unhealthy and not getting the right amount of exercise can cause physical discomfort, including headaches. Therefore, make sure you do not skip any meals and never let yourself get too hungry.

People who have been struggling with their eating and exercise habits for many years can find the appropriate help from a dietician or a personal trainer. If you believe headaches are caused by poor lifestyle choices, then you must be willing to make the changes needed to prevent your chronic headache problem.

Drink Plenty of Water

Even though drinking plenty of water is considered a healthy lifestyle choice, this tip is so important it genuinely deserves its own paragraph. When you do not drink the right amount of fluids during the day, you could get dehydrated. Dehydration is also a main cause of headaches, so be sure to keep your fluid levels up with plenty of water.

Monitor Your Stress Levels

Stress can cause headaches as well, so monitoring your stress levels will be necessary to keep headaches at bay. Unfortunately, stress is something we face on a daily basis because of the world we live in. However, there are small changes you can make to your daily routine to reduce your stress levels.

First of all, notice the signs your body is giving you. If your neck feels stiff or if you feel stressed in general, be sure to take a small break just to get your breath back. Doing some exercise can also help you feel better and reduce your stress levels. Of course, each person is different when it comes to relaxing, so find an activity that feels relaxing to you.

Make Sure You’re Covered for Chronic Health Conditions

Having to go to the doctor frequently and trying to determine the cause of your headaches can be quite costly where medical expenses are concerned. Therefore, it can be a good idea to get the right coverage for chronic health conditions or your headache-related problems. If your headache problem needs a certain treatment, for example physiotherapy, you could get the right coverage through your health insurance.

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