I'm Almost To Goal, So Now What?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I know there is a part of me dreading reaching my goal, because then what?  I’ve been a dieter and the funny, creative fat girl all of my life.  I don’t know how to be anybody else.  It’s a good thing, in that particular case, that I have a lot of weight to lose.  It gives my mind time to adjust. That’s such a change from my days of “I want it NOW!”  
Maybe that’s why I never lost the weight before.  Perhaps the speed I was losing at did not give my mind time to adjust to the new me.  Heck yes, I enjoyed the compliments, clothes, and feeling smaller.  In my head though, I was still the same fat person with low self-esteem.  I was fighting the same emotional battles the same way--with food.  I was still totally obsessed with what I was eating, wasn’t eating, or was going to eat in a given day.  
This time around, I’m making small lifestyle changes and it has taken me since December 2005 to lose 150 pounds and counting.  I don’t have that panicky fear that the weight is going to come back this time.  I know it isn’t because I am a different person now.  I’m still the funny, creative fat girl, but someday I’ll be the funny, creative girl.  This slower weight loss has allowed me time to adjust and learn to cope, while reinventing myself.  
My old self was a fairly healthy eater, but she ate too much of whatever it was at hand.  Portion control, binge eating, and emotional eating are my skeletons in the closet.  If I hear the rattle now, I head for the healthiest fare and eat a proper portion fast.  Catching hunger before it gets a grab onto you is key.  (These are 15 of my favorite hunger-fighting foods.) My old self also hated to move or work out.  Now I am marveling at anything my body can do after having been bed ridden for several years due to chronic illness and pain.    
The SparkPeople Community really holds me together when I’m going to lose control of my healthy lifestyle.  I come to SparkPeople, where everything is beautiful and accepting, after hard days or during rough bouts.  Having people cheer you on is the best feeling.  When bills are due, work is tough, you need to work out, you’re hungry, your family or friends are being less than supportive, you can log into a whole world of support and ideas to deal with your problems without food.  
Little changes are my main strategy in weight loss.  I don’t jump head long into anything, unless it’s a refreshing pool of water.  If I do I lose my enthusiasm in a blaze of glory and end up on the floor crying “Why did I fail again?  I’ll never succeed!”  I now do things like order small, eat from small plates, drink water, have more fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins.  I eat less processed junk.  I still have some, but less.  (How I keep going when the road is long: My "Indyisms.")
So, yes I know how to live this lifestyle now and I love it.  Doors are opening into a new world with each pound lost and each new skill I achieve.  Each skill is obtained by moving a little more each day.   Last year my big thing was that I wanted to do tree pose in yoga and I did it!  This year I managed several others, including downward dog.     
With a new world opening up and new super powers, what’s a girl to do?  Set new goals of course!  I no longer plan to settle for my goal of 250.  I plan to celebrate like mad and then set my next goal.  I want to believe I can get under 200.  I’m not there yet, but when I reach 200, I’ll let you know what my new goal is then.  
Please allow me to share some photos with you of how far I’ve come:  The main photo is me last month, 150 pounds lost! This was me then.

 Editor's note: Congratulations, Beth! We're all so proud of you. Please leave a note of congratulations for Beth below. :)

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JAMER123 9/4/2020
Hi Beth. I am glad to be following you for the past few yrs and will be continuing to watch you continue on your successful walk to a new life. Report
FLPALM 7/10/2020
Beth, I have followed you for quite a while! Congratulations! Report
This is awesome, Congratulations!!! Report
Congratulations. You took the right path for lifetime health. It takes a longer, but it also lasts longer. Thanks for sharing your story. Report
Congrats, Beth! Great Job! Report
14 yrs and 150 lbs down , amazing !that alone inspires us . Who would have thought that 1/4 pound per week loss was anything special......but 150 pounds down shows that it is! Persistance and hard work, congrats for not being discouraged with those “ tiny” weekly losses.....it DID add up,yea Beth! Report
I love following your journey! Thanks for sharing so freely with us! Report
Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us all! You are an inspiration to everyone. Report
Congratulations. You are such an inspiration. Report
Bravo for you! Great job. Thanks for the links too. You are an inspiration. Report
I enjoyed this article. Report
Well done, good job Report
Beth,you are such an inspiration to all of us Sparkers and the rest of the world,too! CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your goals!! I love your ideas and how you approach them. You are AWESOME!! Keep up the good work,Indygirl! We love you!!!! Report
Congratulations Report
Beth, you are such an inspiration to all of us! There is a lot to learn from your patience alone! You are strong and can do whatever you set your mind to! Thanks for sharing! Report
Awesome! You are a real inspiration. Report
Congratulations to you and how proud you must be of how hard you have worked and how much it has paid off for you!! Great job on the hard work and for not giving up!! Report
i'm so happy for you. I am so happy for you! I know this blog posts are rather old, but it looks like you are still doing very well Report
Congratulations Beth! Your success so far has been absolutely AMAZING! I'm going to follow the link for your "hunger fighting foods" now...Thank you! Report
You have such a positive attitude Beth! What an inspiration. I am struggling right now with trying to reclaim my motivation. Your perspective is spot on. Thanks for sharing. Report
Woohoo Beth. Awesome. You are an inspiration of all of us. Report
Way to go beth! Report
You are an inspiration! You give me hope that I can do this! Keep Sparking! Report
Good on You!!! Report
Way to go, Beth! You will make your next goal too! Isn't Spark great? Report
Absolutely amazing. You really are an inspiration to others. Congratulations and keep sparkling. Report
Very inspiring. Thank you. Report
You have an amazing and inspiring story. Congrats on all your efforts... They are paying off is so many wonderful ways for you. Keep it up! Report
thanks for sharing. I am almost to goal and get sooo scared i may gain it back. hearing from others helps so much Report
Beth you are my inspiration....I look forward to your blogs. I am so pround of you and am happy for you ...You give all of us hope!! Report
Way to go!!!! Report
That is a great blog, thank you so much, you are an inspiration!
And congratulations :-) Report
Congrats you look amazing! You will rock goal! Report
Wow absolutely awesome! I know what you mean about going slower seems to give me enough time to get used to the differences. Good luck going forward! Report
The sky is the limit, Beth, you are doing a fabulous job and have the life long attitude that we all need!! Report
Slow and steady wins the race, and you are a winning inspiration.
Beth what an amazing journey. Thanks for sharing1 Report
Congratulations!! You are indeed a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Report
Wow! Congrats Beth. Report
Way to go!! You're story inspires me to want to get going and lose my weight!! Congrats on the goals you've made!! Report
Excellent work! Well done! Report
Congratulations, you look great! Report
Oh, you look wonderful but I bet you feel even better. :-) I'm coming up to my three-year anniversary with SparkPeople in December. I'm still not to goal weight, but one day I will get there and from that day on, I will continue to stay there, give or take a pound or two, or three. Great inspiration! Keep it up! Report
Congratulations!!! You accomplished your goal!!! Report
That's fantastic! What a great inspiration to everyone! Report
Beth you are an inspiration. Congratulations! Report
Congratulations Beth!!! Well-deserved! Report
Beth, You are wonderful. You have shown me this can be done if I keep working it. Slow and steady. If I expect to lose 100 pounds in less time that it took to put it on, I am not thinking straight. Thanks for your wonderful blog and congrats. You are an inspiration.
Hope Report
Idk if you ever get around to reading my notes with all of the comments you get on all of your blogs, but you consistently amaze me and remind me that this can be done. Congrats and I look forward to reading many many more of your blogs! Report