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Posted 6/13/08: Hi turned forty this year and not really happy with myself. I have always been overweight, but as I get older it's much worse for my body, health and mind. I have found some great friends from BLC and I sincerely appreciate their thoughts and their motivation is extremely helpful. I sincerely thank them for that.

Posted 8/11/08: I currently am having a very disgusted feeling with myself right now. Not doing to well, unfortunately per this site I have lost zero pounds, which is my fault and no one else's. The issue with me is that I do a phenomenol job with logging my nutrition during the day, but when I get home from work or on the weekend, I lose control. I'm really disgusted with that feeling and need to really put an end to it. My goal as shown my page is to get under that 300 lbs mark. I know once I see that, it would be so inspiring for myself. This is what I really need and again it's for ME!

Posted 8/15/08: Well today was weigh in and I was very excited to see that I had lost 4.8 lbs. I remember getting off the scale and say to myself, maybe I can do this? With working out twice this week and really keeping an eye on my calorie intake, it has helped me a great deal. I have to admit I had one bad night when I did cry myself to sleep, because of what I saw in the mirror was NOT good at all. My team members, well I should say my friends, have been so there for me and again, I thank God that I can get that support atleast from here. At another 7 lbs, my goal is to put up another picture of myself......

Posted 8/22/08: Well weigh in was today and I did lose .4, yes that's right! I lost .4 and every ounce counts. So far down 5.2 lbs and I am fine with that. As long as I lose weight, all is good.

Posted 8/24/08: Today is Sunday and very down on myself. I had the worst things that I could have eaten this whole weekend, starting with Friday night eating a cheese steak hoagie all by myself then had the nerve to eat some popcorn that night when I was not even hungry. I do blame myself and only myself for the mistakes. Tomorrow is a new day and I intend on getting back on track!

Posted8/29/08: Well today was weigh in and I gained .4 lbs, which is not too bad, BUT I'm really afraid with this Holiday weekend. I know at some point I will fail, but our new challenge of losing the 20lbs before Thanksgiving is a definite goal that I DO intend to keep.

Posted 9/2/08: Ok, so I found a picture from Christmas 2008 and YUK!!! WOW, until you see a picture, you don't see how you look. I intend on printing that picture out and putting it on my fridge. Hoping that will add additional inspriration to myself to LOSE this weight. Yuk again!!!!

Posted 9/13/08 - Weighed in today and I lost 1lb from last weeks weigh in, I expected a little bit more. The reason that I think that is because I had worked out atleast 3 times this week. Since I did manage to get my workout in, I would say to myself, "oh, I can eat that, I'm working out". WRONG!!! Lesson to myself, it's not ok!! I guess it's true that you learn from your mistakes and move on, there is always next week. The Biggest Loser is starting up on Tuesday, so I'm very excited about it, because of the motivation that one can have.

Posted 9/17/08 - Ok I'm feeling pretty good, since I have been maintaining my 3 day workouts, I'm hoping to boost that up and acutally make it to the gym. The Biggest Loser was on lastnight and yes, it was very inspiring to watch and it does get you motivated. Kudos to the participants on the show that go up there and weigh themselves on TV. I can't even weigh myself in front of my own mother.

Posted 9/19/08: Weigh in was today and I am still the same, which is good. My dilemma for the weekened is that I'm supposed to go out with my friends on Saturday and I have a dinner date with my old boss. Uggh. Extra, extra, extra, working out big time tonight, tomorrow before I go out, Sunday and then I should be alright for Monday. I'm hoping anyway.

Posted 9/23/08: Feeling very disappointed with myself, because of the weekend. They are absolutely hard for me sometimes. I just ate all the wrong things, nothing nutritional other than having my water. This week, even though it's already Tuesday, I am getting my back together again. Not feeling at ease at all, due to the teams weigh in is on Friday.

Posted 9/28/08: I weighed in yesterday and GAINED 5 lbs. I knew that I would gain, but didn't realize that I would have gained so much. Am I fustrated? Yes, pretty much and with myself. I didn't get all of the workout that I was supposed to do this week. I only did the mini blasters that we have set up for ourselves in the team that I am presently in. This is a new week and I need to really focus on my health.

Posted 10/6/08: I weighed in on Saturday and did lose 1lb, which is good but I did it the wrong way due to having surgery in my mouth. Actually, it's probably not a bad thing, since I will have to go and get the procedure three more times and it's all around the Holidays. Hmm.......

Posted 1/16/09: Well it's been a long time since I really paid attention to this site and forgot how close people are with you here. I am struggling some, but I am determined to the right thing and get my life back in order. I really need to get this moving.......

Posted 2/22/09: Well I joined weight watchers again today. I'm doing pretty good with sticking to it so far. I just can't get over how much it has gone up in the passed few years. Well anyway, I plan to stick on this site and the BL club as well. The more information and motivation the better. This is part two of my journey again....... I will try to post everyday on my journal, if not every other day.

Posted 3/1/09: Well today was my first weigh in at weight watchers and I was so pleased that I had lost a total of 9.2 lbs. To tell you the truth, it wasn't bad at all. I did workout and i'm positive that did help, but eating wise was another story. I never really eat the way that I did this week. I even had some sugar free ice cream, popcorn and still did well. SOOOOO looking forward to next weeks weigh in!

Posted 3/10/09: This was second weigh in day and yeah, I lost 2.4 lbs. Very excited. Had a bad weekend with eating junk, but working out does really help. it looks like my 20 lb goal for March is really going to happen. Yeah again!

Posted 3/17/09: Well weigh in day and I have lost 2.8 pounds. Totally excited. Working out does help and even if I cheated, which I will control, it helps working off those extra calories. I'm so ready for this weeks journey.

Posted 3/24/09: I lost 2.6, this is so frickin awesome. LOL I am truly dedicated with this plan that I'm on......

Posted 3/31/09 - I lost 1 pound, woo hoo!!

Posted 4/7/09 : I lost another pound and I am down two pant sizes. Woo hoo!!!

Posted 4/14/09 : lost 2.8 lbs, that is amazing and so looking forward to doing more shopping.......

Posted 4/21/09: lost 1.2, so excited that I will be under 300 soon. That is my main focus right now!!!

Posted 4/22/09: I weighed in this morning and didn't lose anything, but didn't gain, which I am clearly happy about. I know that this week I am really going to push myself to get under 300 for the next weigh in. Looking forward to my Jamaica trip and actually being able to buckle my seat belt on the plane is my true wish. Last year going to Aruba was very embarrassing and there was no way that I was going to ask for an extension. I feel good now and plan on feeling even better each day.

Posted 5/5/09: Weigh in today and I am officially under 300. The tears that came down my face were of joy, because it has been a long time since I have seen the 200's and what a great feeling it is. I would love to lose another 6 pounds before I go to Jamaica the 23rd this month.

Posted 5/12/09: Weigh in today and I have lost 2.8 lbs, but I cannot take all the credit for that since I was in the hospital, the food is just awful. LOL I'll take it though. Unfortunately, I am unable to excercise at this time and it's bugging me, because I had a routine. Oh well, hopefully my recovery will not take long and I can get back to my normal life........

Posted 5/19/09: Weigh in and I have lost 1.2 lbs. YES!!! Heading to Jamaica this Saturday and totally "Irie" means happy in the Jamaican language. LOL I'm very very happy. Wish I could work out, but not ready yet. Hopefully while on vacation I will get more strength and will be totally relaxed. Can't wait to take some pictures so that I can post my progress on this site. Remember to never give up and that your health and happiness is what really matters.

Posted 6/2/09: Weigh in today, unfortunately I gained a few pounds, but I was on vacation in Jamaica and they have food everywhere. LOL I did think I would have gained more, but I'll take that. I'm definitely not getting discouraged, this is actually the first time that I had gained in a very long time. Woo hoo on that. My goal is to lose 3 pounds next week. I'm still under 300 which is even better. Whew!!!!

Posted 6/7/09: I almost stuffed my face over a guy. I was able to stop myself before doing so, but boy do I need help with that emotional eater thing. I'm good now, I feel better because of the fact that I didn't doi it. Woo Hoo for me!!!

Posted 6/9/09: Weigh in day and yea, I lost 2 pounds. My goal for next week is another 2.

Posted 6/17/09: Weigh in was yesterday, but didn't do it until today. I gained 1.6, but I'm still happy that I am under 300. Whewwww!!

Posted 6/23/09: Weigh in day was today and lost the 1.6 and an extra pound. Woo Hoo!! My goal for July 7th is to be at 290.

Posted 6/20/09: Weigh in day, was a little nervous due to going to my brother's house for a pig roast and sure did eat stuff that I shouldn't have. But ok, did lose 1.4, so i'll take that. Another Whewwww!!!

Posted 7/7/09: Weigh in day, gained .4. I know it's not much, but I was bad and knew what I was doing. Ugggh. It's a new week and will continue my journey of being healthier.

Posted 7/15/09: Changed my weigh in days to Wednesday. Not happy, gained 1.6. Uggh! Again myself to blame. Went to the movies ate junk, went to BBQ ate junk, went to a friends house and ate junk and had a couple beers. I think you get the picture. I blame myself. This weigh in will be the last "gain" weigh in for the remainder of the summer at least.

Posed 7/22/09: Weigh in today and I managed to lose 1 pound. Woo hoo! Thank goodness!

Posted 9/1/09: WOW it's been a very long time that I have logged my weight and yes, i have not weighed myself in a long while either. Uggh, I have gained 4.98 pounds and I have no one to blame again, but myself. I refuse to get back in the 300's. My goal is to get myself in back to my excercising regimen. No more I say to myself, NO MORE!!!

Posted 9/22/09: Finally weighed in again, was very scared on getting on the scale, but I did it and I'm at 298. That is too close to being 300 pounds again and I'm not letting that happen. I'm so happy that the new season of The Biggest Loser has started once again, I really need this as others do as well. We will see some results next week, I say to myself. We will.........

Posted 9/28/09: Weighed in this morning and stayed at 298, not that down on myself. This was a hard week, due to the gout attack I had on Thursday and I still feel sore now. Can't even put shoes on that long, because my toe is so swollen. Uggh! Hoping that I will be better and will be able to make it to the gym. Keeping my chin up still

Posted 11/11/09: Finally back on track, I did manage to lose 1.8 pounds. I am determined to get under 300 next weigh in. Going back to the 300's is absolutely ridiculous on my part. Moving on and loving it......

Posted 11/17/09: Weighed in this morning and the scale said that I gained 3.8 pounds, not happy at all with that amount. I did eat poorly today too, because of the gain. Yes, I'm an emotional eater. :( I do have my alarm set up for tomorrow morning to continue this journey. I'll get over this, I know that I will....... Have faith in myself...... This week will be very hard with so many things going on, meaning gatherings and then the following week is Thanksgiving.... I need to do this and I need to do this right. I keep telling mysel this over and over again....

Posted 12/14/09: Here I go again. I gained 9 pounds, so this is why I say here we go again. Actually I did lose 9 pounds the first week that I had joined Weight Watchers. So, I'm putting myself to a test to see if I can lose 9 pounds like I first started. Feeling uncomfortable in my clothes already with the 9 pounds and so determined of NOT buying bigger clothes. I'll update next week.

Posted 1/1/10: Another year is here. Over 300 once again and hate the idea that I went against my word of going over the 300 mark. It felt so good to be under, but I WILL DO IT AGAIN!!!!

Posted 1/18/2010: Participating in two Biggest Loser Challenges. One on SP and the other on WW. I have lost 1.6 and I have been working out so things are going well....

Posted 2/26/2010: Well I'm back again started up and really need to lose 20 pounds before my trip in May. Even though I need to lose more than that, but losing the 20 would be a great accomplishment for me. My problem area is at my belly and it really gets me down. I need to do this, diabetes runs in my family and I really don't want that disease added to the other things I have going on now. Well here goes..... Until next time...

Posted 3/5/2010: Weighed in this morning and yay, I lost 3.6 pounds for the week. It felt good to change up my fitness routine and will continue to do so until i'm burned out. LOL Until next week.....

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Member Since: 6/13/2008

My Goals:
Posted: 8/11/08 - to get under the 300 lb mark by the end of August.

Posted: 8/22 - to workout 3 times this week.

Posted: 8/29 - to lose 20 lbs before Thanksgiving.

Posted: 5/31/09 - To wear a bathing suit next year without wearing a T-shirt to hid my body!

Posted: 5/31/09 - To pack my winter clothes and not able to wear them next winter, because they are too BIG!!!

My Program:

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Measurements as of:

7/13/09 - Bust 54
Waist 53
Thigh 30
Hips 55
Arm 22

Other Information:
Year 2008

7/30 - 309
8/10 - 312.2
8/15 - 307.4
8/22 - 307
8/29 - 307.4
9/5 - 308
9/12 - 307
9/19 - 307
9/26 - 312
10/4 - 311

Year 2009

1/16/09 - 317
2/22/09 - 326.2 YIKES!!!
3/1/09 - 316.8
3/10/09 - 314.4
3/17/09 - 311.6
3/24-09 - 309
3/31/09 - 308
4/7/09 - 307
4/14/09 - 304.2
4/21/09 - 303
4/28/09 - 303
5/5/09 - 299 YES!!!!!
5/12/09 - 296.2
5/19/09 - 295
6/2/09 - 297.6
6/9/09 - 295.6
6/17/09 - 297.2
6/23/09 - 294.6
6/30/09 - 293.2
7/7/09 - 293.6
7/15/09 - 295.2
7/22/09 - 294.2
9/1/09 - 299
9/22/09 - 298
9/28/09 - 298
11/6/09 -304.6
11/10/09 - 302.2
11/17/09 - 306
12/14/09 - 308

2010 weigh in's:
1/1: 310
1/11: 312
1/15: 310.4
2/26: 312.4
3/5: 308.8

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