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See this image largerI chose fresh pineapple over pineapple topping for my yogurt. #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerI'm on the right. So far I have lost 15lbs.See this image largerIt was 104 today boy am I thankful for sugar free Popsicles and acSee this image largerI lost 10lbs so I rewarded myself with a new mascara.See this image largerI was really craving a treat when I was at walgreens so I skipped the candy aisle and bought myself a new lipstickSee this image largerWent out to dinner. I did not have appetizers or dessert and I drank water and I still enjoyed my dinner.See this image largerStarting my day with a smileSee this image largerEnjoying natural beauties in lifeSee this image largerI took my first ever yoga class tonight. I took a hot yoga class and I really enjoyed it. I was the biggest person in the class and I did not let that deter me.See this image largerI survived my first sculpting class.See this image largerI feel so good mentally and physically. I don't want this feeling to end.See this image largerI went on a date to the fair with my husband today.See this image largerMade chocolate cinnamon protein waffles for breakfast in the week. I need a Belgian waffle maker and to use less water but not bad for the first time.See this image largerMade egg cups for breakfast in the week.See this image largerMade cookies for the family but ssh we won't tell them I added flax seedSee this image largerI made protein Popsicles today. I made a strawberry protein drink as usual and mixed a cup of plain greek yogurt.See this image largerBrakfast of championsSee this image largerOn my way to barreSee this image largerI went to my first hot barre yoga class. I didn't die.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI did it. I was able to stand in tree pose tonight at yoga without falling over. Next to do it for a longer amount of time.See this image largerI slept this good last nightSee this image largerDon't forget to drink your waterSee this image largerSculpt yoga kicked my buttSee this image largerI have had bat wings since I was a teenager. I am working on toning my muscles.See this image largerBecause baby I'm worth itSee this image largerIs anyone else having issues with their hair adjusting to a different diet?See this image largerI am also thankful for my health!!!See this image largerKeep moving forwardSee this image largerJust finished a rough day with my favorite class. Hot yogaSee this image largerHave I mentioned I hate burpeesSee this image larger#deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerIf you have to rise you might as well shineSee this image largerOn my way to sculptSee this image largerSo excited I fit back into one of my old favorite shirtsSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerStarted the day with sculptSee this image largerMy lunch for today:spinach ,cucumber, green pepper and homemade dressing, hard boiled egg and some peaches. I have a yogurt for my midday snack.See this image largerI went for a walk around the lake today. I was able to beat the rain.See this image largerI made zoodles. I used my spiralizer and sliced the zuchini into noodles. Warmed olive oil and garlic in a frying pan and cooked them. I added himalyan pink salt and pepper. Very satisfying.See this image largerQuinoa,eggs,tomatoes,brocolli and a sprinkle of sharp cheddar. I love I can eat healthy at home.See this image largerForgot the pickSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerOn the left is a few months back on the right is today. Nor really where I want to be but at least some progressSee this image largerMy mentor blessed me with a new yoga mat and strap. I feel so happy. It was a very nice surprise.See this image largerYesterday my hubby and I cleaned a garage unit we share with our neighbor from 10 am to 6pm it was a good work out. The items in this picture is our neighbors and he had more. We have 4 totes and an ice chest.See this image largerThis shirt was tight on me. Yesterday I had a person say to me they couldn't believe that a woman of my size does yoga. I responded dedicated with a smile and said you better believe it and there are people even bigger than me who do it check out the internet. I was happy that I am more secure in myself or that would have really apart.See this image largerBreakfast pizza. Flat bread,hummus,scrambled eggs,tomatoes,green pepper and mozzarella cheese.See this image largerI'm getting comfortable wearing red. I have always been big and fat shamed so I was always worried someone would call me hey Kool adeSee this image largerMy friend was unable to meet me for yoga this morning because her special needs daughter had a minor melt down this morning getting ready for school. I got her to walk with me around our local lake.See this image largerI colored my hair today.See this image largerI got my haircut today.Oddly it felt good to cut so much off.See this image largerThe picture on the left is 2 months ago at the fair the one on the right is last night. I do not see much of a difference but it's a start.See this image largerGot up and got it done.See this image largerI walked a 5k this morning. I was passing people it felt great and my friends had to run to catch up with me.See this image largerFinally seeing a difference. Summer fair to todaySee this image largerI did not want to get up and go to barre this morning. I made it to the barre and feeling ready to start the week.See this image largerSee this image largerRembert to keep positive self talk.See this image largerIt's just the beginningSee this image largerWishing everyone a lovely SundaySee this image largerGot up and made it to barreSee this image largerDon't forget to drink your water. The bottle reads : of course I drink like a fish I'm obviously part mermaidSee this image largerGot up and got it done.See this image largerSo this happened today.i have always been to big for a pant jumpsuit and I thought ah why not. I didn't buy it but felt good that I didn't look like an oompaSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerI used my baby plate. I could not eat it all.See this image largerUsed my baby plate and fork. I could not eat all the food on my plate and I had to skip on pie because I was just to full.See this image largerMy homemade lunchable. 3 pickles, flips crackers,green apple,shaved deli ham, and a laughing cow garlic and herb swiss cheese.See this image largerI got this at wal mart for $2 it is really good. I have mixed it with yogurt,ate as cereal and mixed it with some raisins and almonds for a snack.See this image largerPersonal goal met tonight. I used the 5lb weights the entire time through sculpt tonight rather than switching down to the 3lbSee this image largerI am renewing my vows next month so I tried on my wedding dress and after 10 years it still fits. I have lost back fat and the string to tie my dress so I bought the blue dress to wear instead. I have gone down 2 dress sizesSee this image largerDay 4 of another 12 hour shift. I will not be off until thursday. I will be going to restore yoga tonight after work. I will not allow being tired Tobe an excuse not to get some exercise in.See this image largerI have been working on these for our vow renewal. I glued the pearls to the flowers. Keeping my hands busy has been keeping mindless snacking away.See this image largerHave a blessed easter

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