Dare I Say....I'm a SIZE 8!?!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well, about two weeks ago, I went into Dillards, a popular clothing store in these parts, to possibly purchase some new jeans since all of my old ones are starting to make me look like I'm wearing a dirty diaper :-S I went to the Levi's section to try on some pairs of my favorite jeans, the curvy fit (I think the number is 512 or something like that). They were my favorite 40 lbs ago and they still are my favorite brand because they go small at the waist and are wider at the hips - they're so cute!!!

Well, anyway, I first tried on a size 12 - too big. So, I tried on a size 10 - a little too big. Size 8 - fit just right!!!! I just couldn't believe it!!! And to top that all off, I tried on a little cute jacket, and it fit perfectly. Then, I took it off and looked at the size - 6...I couldn't believe it!!! I think I am shrinking!!!! (I failed to mentioned this, but, just over 7 months ago, my size 14 levi's were cutting off my circulation...)

It's very exciting - people keep doing double takes and asking me what my secret is. They can't believe me when I tell them that I still eat what I want (just in moderation)...I used to think it was rocket science (or something short of starvation) to lose weight, but I could do this for the rest of my life!!!!
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