Band too tight... going for ANOTHER slight unfill Thursday

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Blecch. I guess I am one of those folks who are super sensitive to band fills. I had .5 ccs put in two weeks ago; the doctor did not want to give me a fill because I was doing really well, but I explained I was starting to experience some hunger issues. So he topped me off with a half cc. Well, that was not good. By the time I started to get off liquids 2 days later, I could not eat anything except mushies and even a small bit of that. Lost 4 lbs. in like 5 days. Not good at all! So I went back and got .2 taken out.

Here we are, 5 days later since that unfill and I am still unable to eat more than a bite or two of "regular" food such as chicken or fish - and forget veggies! I am falling into the same trap that others who are too tight fit into --- eating soft, easily swallowed foods like hummus and tuna salad and yogurts and sugar free puddings as well as the chips and crackers that go down easily. Why is that, the fattening stuff is so able to get passed through the band, but a salad or some healthy meat/fish is tough to pass?

I ate a little bit of a grilled cheese sandwich (1/4 of one, actually) and Ii almost immediately PB'd. So I am now on liquids for today and tomorrow while this band settles down. I love my band, but it sure is challenging trying to find the best fill results. I go on Thursday to get some more taken out.

It is equally bad to be "too tight" and "too loose!" I guess. Back to the doctors I go.

The scale has not moved since the unfill....

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    I was at a band support group meeting last month that my surgeon's office holds, and one of the gals there mentioned to me that she likes to keep her band just slightly on the "loose" side so she has to use a little "willpower" to control her portions, but she can eat a larger variety of foods without getting stuck or PBing. She said it helps her to feel like she is the one in control of her band and food choices, rather than the band controlling her and dictating what she can and can't eat. I thought that was pretty cool way of looking at it.
    4239 days ago
    I going for a bank adjustment on Thursday also. But I'm sure they will be adding not taking out as I can eat lots but never really had any problem being able to eat. My first fill in June they put in 3ccs and took out 2 ccs of air. Take care of yourself.

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    4239 days ago
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