I don't get sick

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I really hardly ever get sick. Dr. siad daughter possibly had swine flu, but she has not started coughin much and her fevers are not as high as he said they would be, so now that I am sick too, well I am just sick.

The place we went to stay for the weekend had a mold problem, of which I am allergic to. Nice sneezing, constant runny nose, constant sniffing. ehh. Then this am woke up with my neck getting swollen ( lymp glands) and now my nose is congested and runny. And cold. so cold. hot bath worked for a little bit, and hot tea is alos helping a bit, but I just wnat to go to bed and not wake up until I'm better.

was able to do really good on my food choices, only had one thing off protocol for stabilization** small cup of clam chowder** oh and a few sugar free chocolate candies. But since I am not hungry at all, and that wa breakfast and lunch, Should not affect my weight today. Did gain a bit from the day before, but still below LIW, and we walked a lot, so not worried at all.
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