ELEVEN in 'ELEVEN: Reachable Resolutions

Sunday, January 02, 2011

So common are the resolutions that are so broad that you can do a five minute activity and succeed in your goals for the year. I plan on doing mine a bit different this time around. "Lose Weight" is too broad for me. I could say I reached my resolution if I lost a mere pound. But, with as heavy as I am, a mere pound is just not going to cut it. Plain and simple.

I read a blog yesterday about how keeping your resolutions to yourself is a better way of actually succeeding; that you're sharing your resolutions for the sole purpose of getting applause, thanks, support, etc. That may be true for some people, but for me... I see it as a way of making myself more accountable for the actions I plan on taking. If more people know about my resolutions, the more likely they are to ask further down the road if I'm doing #4 or how I'm incorporating #9 into my daily routine. And that's what I want! I need someone (or multiple people) to ask me, pry into my business, confront me on the issues to help make me accountable for what's going on.

Last year's resolutions weren't set in stone, but most didn't happen either. I didn't get the weight loss surgery (because I didn't qualify through my lame insurance company - but looking back, I'm glad it didn't happen). We didn't get our new house (which we're still working on tediously). I -did-, however, get off of all of my medications (antidepressants/antipsychotic
s). So, GO ME on that one.

This year's resolutions are a lot more.... defined. They're not broad, by any means, but they're still reachable.

Okay, enough chit chat. In no specific order, here are the ELEVEN of 'ELEVEN: Reachable Resolutions:

1) Lose 44 pounds by June. Why 44? Because I need to lose 44 pounds to reach 300. (Well there, I admitted how huge I am... but that's the first step - admit you have a problem.) Why June? Because June 9th, Z is done with 4th grade and so begins our Summer of Workout (more about that later) and it will be a LOT easier if I'm a bit "flabless." Reachable: Losing 44 pounds by June is only 7.3 pounds a month, 1.8 pounds per week. That's LESS than 2 pounds a week. With my added MOVEMENT (considering I was pretty sedentary all last year) and better diet... I should have NO PROBLEM.
2) Drink 8+ glasses of water daily. Drinking it in a fancy PLASTIC (I have a 2 year old roaming my house after all) wine glass will make it a bit more fun. Plus, I'd like to keep a new streak going on Spark. Two 'fer one, dude!
3) Do AT LEAST 100 step-ups a day. My [eventual] goal is to do 1,000/day... 500 twice daily... but let's be realistic... 100/day will get me in my MOVEMENT and once I get used to that, I can always up the number... hence the "AT LEAST."
4) Take 30 minutes a day for just me. Go in the bedroom, shut the door, ignore the world, and do what I want - read, watch TV, sleep. Remember who I am.
5) Have one night a week for Family Night. Turn off the TV, the phone, the computer... and just hang out with my mini-family.
6) Lose 44 pounds between June and December. Being reasonable. I'll be down to 256 in December!
7) Read at least a book a month. I can devour a book in a few days if I made the time, but rarely read anymore. I'd LOVE to do the 54 books in 54 weeks, but... let's be reasonable here. 12 books in 12 months works.
8) Do at least one active thing OUTSIDE with the kids during the summer... dubbed the SUMMER of WORKOUT. Whether it's walking around town, heading to the park, going to the beach, whatever... do something outside!
9) Spend more one-on-one time with the SortaHubby. Hire a sitter and go out for dinner, go to a movie, sit and hold hands on a park bench somewhere. Do something WITHOUT kids!
10) Take family mini-vacations to all three zoos in our area this summer. John Ball Park in Grand Rapids, Potter Park in Lansing, and Binder Park in Battle Creek. Not all at once, but make them fun Let's Leave Town weekends.
11) Take the time to be thankful for what I have. Too often I concentrate on what I don't have, rather than what I do. I ditched the meds last year, now it's time to really concentrate on the happiness part.

And those... are my ELEVEN in 'ELEVEN. Reasonably Reachable Resolutions.

Happy New Year! Hope your 2011 is everything you make it.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hey! Love 'em all. I came to spark this morning about my new year. It was so very motivating to read through yous. We've been talking about a disconnected day as well but Monkey Child is beside herself with horror on that one.

    But as Monkey Child and I were sitting here having breakfast we both thought you said "set ups" not "step ups" this thinking you want to do 100-1000 SET UPS a day.... luckily we reread this a little closer and saw you said Step ups! When I was first getting into shape I would come home for lunch and watch bbc "You Are What You Eat" while doing step ups. At first I would rest during the commercials because I couldn't keep it up for the entire 30 minutes. But Angelika is right, be gentle and intentional so you protect your knees.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3754 days ago
    Thanks for posting this. I think you have some reasonably achievable goals. Even if you just lose 2 lbs a week, you'll get there! I'm behind you 100% girl! emoticon
    3757 days ago
    Love your resolution blog. There are a couple I want to accomplish once and for all. After scanning SP and reading your blog you have given me the motivation to make sure I do it right. Let me get pen to paper and post it as a reminder for myself.
    3758 days ago
    emoticon realistic resolutions!! Hope you reach them and more!!

    Just a comment about the step-ups. I noticed on another blog that you were having trouble with your knees! If they bother you at all, please BE CAREFUL doing step-ups. I know they do them on the Biggest Loser and all that, but there are better ways to work your legs and get your cardio in, especially if you are considerably overweight.

    (JMHO - coming from another person with chronic knee trouble- I blew my knees out playing sports in my teens and 20's.)
    3758 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/2/2011 9:28:53 PM
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