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Response to $20 Food Showdown

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I don't think the real issue is so much one of cost as it is of time. People have gotten lazy and they want to not have to spend the time cooking. There was a time when McDonald's, Taco Bell and KFC etc. didn't exist and your choice of prepared foods in the grocery were limited. Also remember that microwaves in the home didn't come about until the early 1980's.

Do the grocery store prices seem realistic to you. I'm sure depending on where you live the answer would be no. But if you also compare the fast food prices I think you will find they don't match up. Prices at fast foods restaurants also vary depending on where you are located. Also what stores you have available make a difference in the prices of groceries. So yes I think in a general aspect that it is a fair comparison. What they are trying to show is that for what you spend on unhealthy fast foods (being from a restaurant or a grocery store) that you can buy healthy fare. The problem is YOU have to prepare it yourself.

I think the argument of poverty is also not relevant. You can buy many healthy items in the grocery store or in season for the same money as the unhealthy foods but again you have to spend the time preparing it and most people, regardless of their income, would rather spend the time in front of the TV. I know a lot of people on very tight to incredibly small food budgets that eat healthy. So even if you are poor you can eat at least healthier than most people do.

The real issue is we've become a world that wants instant gratification of our hunger. Yank it from the freezer and nuke it. Go through the drive through. There was a time when your mother or your grandmother to feed her family had to cook from SCRATCH. TV diners, Hamburger Helper, frozen pizza, mac and cheese in a box didn't exist.

I laugh every time I see the latest Hamburger Helper commercial. An overweight woman and her child are sitting in the drive thru and the HH hand sticks a taste of H Helper in her mouth and she responds that it is good and the voice over calls it home cooking. NO THAT ISN'T. It is junk, Hamburger Helper is not healthy eating. I should know, at one time I ate quite a bit of the stuff because it was quick to prepare.

Face it people you can eat healthy just as cheaply, if you shop sales, and prepare the food yourself. I've also found that cooking from scratch I can cook healthier that the supposedly healthy Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine etc. I've taken to experimenting with spices and found that I can cut out or cut down the amount of salt I use by using other spices some that I've never tried before. I also feel a sense of accomplishment in cooking from scratch and it also amazes friends and family that I cook from scratch.

Yes, it is a matter of time but it doesn't always have to take a lot of time. I have dishes that take as little as 15-30 minutes and others that I use a crock pot for because I like them to simmer all day. So be good to yourself and spend a little less time in front of the TV or computer and fix food that is actually GOOD for you and TASTES GREAT. emoticon emoticon
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    I agree - I can buy a bag of brown rice, some yogurt, some raw spinach and a dozen eggs and possibly some low-fat popcorn and eat pretty well for a week. Certainly beats the high fat high cholesterol food at fastfood. emoticon
    3376 days ago
    I agree with you. I will admit I keep a box or two of Hamburger Helper type meals on hand, but store them for emergencies. People say they can't afford to eat healthy, I say I can't afford not too. And till all is said and done, the healthy foods are less costly. And if you get in the habit of it, healthy food preparation can be a cinch.

    Good to see you. I don't see you around much. How is it going?
    3377 days ago
    I agree with you. Some of the poorest countries in the world eat better than the richest because they eat bean, rice and veggies with limited meat. They don't have fast food or micro wave easy meals.
    3377 days ago
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