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Friday, January 07, 2011


The words "rats", has special meaning to me - LOL.

Mostly, when I say the word by itself, it makes me think of my dear little Dad, who passed away last year. Towards the end, the doctor decided to try ONE MORE blood transfusion to see if it helped him. She left it to ME to tell him the news. Even after being used to him for 3 years, I was still nervous that he would be angry with me. But after telling him.... he said..... "RATS!!!" Cracked me up ok. It was totally unexpected, as he was 93 years old & I'd never heard him use the word. It had mainly been used I think by my brother & I because of being introduced through the Charlie Brown cartoons. Anyway - I will never forget that.

Also, the word "Rats" was a word I swore off of for awhile - after pulling a DEAD RAT out from beside my refrigerator with my vacuum cleaner hose. Yes - I screamed. And did a little dance. I decided maybe I should stop saying the word so much - perhaps it was ATTRACTING the darn things. While it HAD provided a little excitement for my Dog, while it was still breathing & rustling around, it was more excitement than I cared for.

Now. I am back to "Rats." Another exercise busting INJURY. Nothing catastrophic, like broken bones or anything, but a good solid GROIN PULL. Which, due to compensating & going on, as started to affect the other side as well.
I've had this before & it takes FOREVER to heal. And a complete STOP of any exercise using anything below the waist. Used to be I could walk a little, as long as I didn't do ANY twisting movement.
What has brought it on each time I've had it?? Are you ready for this? Doing Leslie Sansone indoor walking tapes. How, on God's green earth, could ANYBODY injure themselves doing THAT!? And no, it's not from doing it every day. Only ONCE will do it. And then it's almost impossible to get rid of. All I have to do is twist the slightest little bit & SPRROOOING goes the short but shooting pain through half my body. Difference now is, I get lasting discomfort AFTER the sharp pain. IE: I'm getting older & not healing as fast.

And rather than boosting my appetite, exercise actually seems to HELP with it. So, I'm having more trouble than ever keeping a calorie deficit.
I haven't made a New Year's resolution for.... maybe EVER. But I got coaxed into "setting a goal" this year, see, & that's all it took. I planned to work on what I could while injured, but after several days, have yet to do so, & now the weekend is upon me - my worst behavior days. Well Fiddle-Dee-Dee. And Rats too.

I usually can't think up any words of wisdom to say to people who "quit" or "give up", & I'm not saying I am. Or... I just "can't help myself...." But I AM a bit agrivated that seems like every time I have a thought in my head that I AM going to succed this time & maybe PUSH just a little bit.... BAM... some kind of injury. And it's not always exercise related either. Once it was slipping on grandson's bandana on the kitchen floor, landing on my left arm - Oh thank you God that somebody had recently reminded me to NOT straighten your arms in a fall. So - I got a bad "jamming" through my elbow & shoulder, but no breaks apparently. But couldn't do anything with my left arm for months. (had just decided to start testing my limits & increasing weight in my ST)

I just wanted to make a little headway & get some of my good habits back before I start school in 2 weeks.

Ok - enough babbling for today.


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    Fiddle Dee Dee and rats!

    So sorry for your setbacks. Sometimes you move three steps forward and two steps back. You still move forward overall though!

    1873 days ago
    Oh Jenn, so sorry to hear about the injuries! I know it does frustrate. You will get over it though and once again feel comfortable with exercise. I once sprained my back just opening an armoire door! Hard to believe!!! And your muscles will not forget the training you´ve given them - once you start up again they will respond quickly. I´ve read that AND experienced it.

    Are you taking a multi-vitamin. I have read that certain ones (the lack of) sometimes make a diff in regard to muscles. You might want to check your calcium, magnesium, manganes, C, and D intake. These work together. Also E helps muscles hold O2 which is needed under stress. Umm, and potassium.

    Look here for Recommended Daily Intakes and Upper Limits for Nutrients
    3672 days ago
    You know I did not know a woman could get a groin injury until I got one from a fall......pelvis hurt for weeks! I fell in a pothole and I still hurt from that fall. I had to get a sonogram to see if I did any internal damage! I still hurt when I walk, I swear it tore a ligament up there! lol. Not really funny either! I Hope your okay! emoticon
    3700 days ago
  • SAL1512
    I enjoyed your blog so much that I almost forgot your injury! I hope you get some relief. I am like you in that it takes so long to recover from an injury. In 2009 I did an airborn summersault going down a mountain and landed on my back. My back pack cushioned me, but still my skin broke open on my shoulders like a tomato does when dropped on a sidewalk. This happened two weeks before a family event where I walked around and had to instruct everyone NOT TO HUG me. Like you, the injury itself is the short story and the healing is the long story. I think "RATS!" fits.
    Hope you are feeling better soon!!!
    3703 days ago
    Jenn - I love the way you tell all your different RATS stories! I'm sorry you're hurt though. I do actually have to be careful doing Leslie Sansone DVD's. I can only do little baby side steps because otherwise I get my hip hurting with hip bursitis and arthritis. The problems of getting older!

    I hope you're feeling better soon and good luck with your schooling.


    3703 days ago
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