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Thursday, May 05, 2011

I'm really dedicated to getting started but for some reason it seems like the more I want to do this the harder it is to get things going. For instance, I joined the Sportsplex and I actually went one time, every day I make plans to go when I leave work and every day it seems like I make some kind of excuse why I can't go....which makes me more and more disgusted with myself. My doctor wants me to lose 70 lbs by the beginning of the year or consider having lap band surgery done, I don't want to have lap band surgery, I want to do this myself, without having surgery. Any ideas? Anybody? I don't even know if I'm posting this in the right place, but HELP!
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    Gayle, I think we might live near each other. I'm in Auburn -- are you in Opelika (the Sportsplex sounds like the one in Opelika)? If so, would you like to get together and walk with me sometime? I don't work, so we could do it around your schedule. There are lots of great routes in the area. Let me know. I'm new on Spark (joined on May 10), so if I'm overstepping bounds or breaking rules here, please forgive.
    3307 days ago
    welcome to Sparkpeople, good luck on your weight loss journey. have a healthy day.

    3316 days ago
    Well - Maybe you need to exercise somewhere else or do some other kind of exercise. If I had to commit to going somewhere to get my exercise, I would never have done it. I am not a gym rat and I don't enjoy organized exercise. That's just me - but I would never have made any fitness progress if I hadn't been able to do it on my own, in my own house or neighborhood. I am also NOT a morning person...but I knew that if I didn't get up in the morning and get it done, I might not do it at all. So when I started I made myself get up and exercise first thing in the morning. Now I do it both in the morning and the evening and I even try to get a walk or workout on my lunch hour. And I was a middle aged fat couch potato.
    SO - Maybe you need to revisit the fitness area of your program and figure out what exercise you would enjoy and WHEN you can do it without excuses?
    3316 days ago
    Thanks for all the positive input, I think a lot of it is just so much change, I quit smoking March 15, the first few weeks were terrible, but, I've managed to hang in there and get through those replacing cigarettes with food cravings, I did gain about 8 pounds, but, figured it was better to get it out of the way before I started losing weight, that way hopefully I won't be sabatoging my plan.

    I did surprise myself with being able to stay on treadmill for the entire 30 minutes the one time I did manage to go...didn't walk fast, but, steady, so I KNOW I can do this.

    I've had a lot of negative changes in my life recently, now I'm ready for positive. I appreciate all the encouragement!

    3316 days ago
    If I wait until after work to work out...I can come up with about a million excuses. If I set the alarm and go work out before hand...either my mind is too tired to make up the excuses, I realize the housework can wait, the kids can sleep or I'm more ambitious...but it's much easier to just get it done.
    3316 days ago
    Goodness, all sorts of great advice already !!

    Can a person lose weight without surgery ? Yes, lots of Spark members have lost the weight without resorting to surgery. You can too. Where to start ? Start will small changes. Take small steps. Don't try to do everything at once or you will end up frustrated.

    Also, start with small goals. Don't look at this as having to lose 70 pounds all at once. Start with the first five pounds. Once you've lost that five, then move on to the next five. Before you know it, each of those five pound losses will add up to 70s pounds.

    As far as exercise, because you've been sedentary, you need to start slowly there too. How about starting with a daily 30 minute walk. Can you walk comfortably for 30 minutes ? If not, then walk for 10 minutes. Walking for 10 minutes three times a day still adds up to a 30 minute walk. You can break up your workouts into shorter segments and still derive the benefits.

    How early in the morning do you wake up ? If you're tired after working all day, I wouldn't blame you for wanting to go home and sleep. So, why not get up early and head to the gym for a 30 minute workout ? Don't start with 60 minutes if you aren't ready to do 60 minutes. start with a shorter more achievable amount that you do feel comfortable with.

    As for what to eat, same thing. Start with small changes. Remember, you're trying to change habits learned over a life time, that won't happen overnight, a week, a month or a year. change takes time. thus the need to start slowly and be patient.

    Have you set up your Spark nutrition profile ? If not, set up your profile so that you can start logging your food choices. And do be honest with yourself. try to log everything. logging will help you learn good nutrition as well as portion control.

    So, don't worry, take this slowly !!!

    3316 days ago
    So why do you think you're coming up with all these excuses? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Disappointed with how hard it will be?

    You have an opportunity here to make a conscious choice: stay the same and be unhappy or make some changes, be different and healthy.

    Take it one hour at a time, one day at a time - whatever it takes. Do not allow excuses. Find someone in your life to be accountable to, or make a chart where you know you're going to have to account for your success or failure.

    Don't try to do everything at once - take one or two goals and concentrate ONLY on them. A lot of people quit or don't even get started because the whole process of losing weight and getting healthy seems overwhelming. It is if you try to do it all at one time, so don't make that mistake.

    Instead, pick something like (just example) going to the gym/exercising 3x per week. Set which days specifically and do not allow anything but a medical emergency to keep you from that appointment. Do not accept excuses. The other goal could be taking out one processed food and eating a vegetable or fruit in its space every day.

    Once these little goals become habits for you, pick two more goals. Before you know it, your baby steps have added up to a huge lifestyle change for you.

    But you have to make the choice and you have to accept that it will be hard.

    “Dieting and changing my life is hard. Being fat is hard. Choose your hard.” ~ Rory Latham
    3316 days ago
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    Take it one step at a time. All you can do is your best. Take a look at why you keep losing the movitation - is there a reason for the excuses and the skipping. Do you not like the gym? Lots of people don't, so maybe try doing something outside for yourself. Give one of the 10 minute videos on SPARK a try (in the search menu, search under Coach Nicole - she has so many of these videos, and they are all great). You are posting this in a good place, but to get more ideas, you might want to post it in the Message Boards as well, under the topic "Panic Button". Lots of people have lots of ideas.

    emoticon Take it one day at a time, and remember to congratulate yourself on ANY changes you make.
    3316 days ago
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