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The 17 Day Diet Plan Has Gone Viral!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

That's not news to those of us who love this plan, and are not only losing weight and inches; but are feeling better. Some of us are feeling better than we have in years. I know that I can't remember the last time I had so much energy and I have CFIDS! I feel lighter - not just physically, but mentally. No more brain fog from all the toxins that I had stored in my fat cells.

I have to admit that for me the first 8 days weren't easy. The first cycle is a cleansing cycle (but a nutritious, healthy 17 days). I had withdrawal like symptoms such as: headaches, extreme fatigue, and more muscle pain than is normal from the Fibromyalgia I have. The first few days, as I battled cravings I kept repeating "I can do anything for 17 days", "I can do anything for 17 days". It became my mantra. Dr. Mike says - Give him 17 days and you'll change your life - because after the first 17 days, odds are, you will want to stay with it.

On day 5 my cravings for sweets, bread, pasta, alcohol and processed foods in general, were completely gone. Pfffft! Vanished, along with my insatiable hunger. No more headaches. I was still very fatigued though. On day 6 I was still fatigued and had muscle pain and I didn't know if it was from CFIDS or the diet. I almost gave up, but I kept repeating my mantra. Day 8, I woke up and it was LIKE A MIRACLE - I felt great!! I got out of bed with a vigor I hadn't experienced in years! No pain, more energy! I no longer have acid reflux or indigestion, which had plagued me almost daily, (just occasional constipation on cycle one).

I'm now in the 2nd cycle on day 12 and I still feel great! If I get on the scale and didn't lose as fast as I expected, I don't get discouraged like I would have on all the other diets I've been on. That's because I'm aware of all the benefits this plan has for me besides weight loss. Like the fact that not only am I feeling great, but my clothes are fitting better. It's also changed how I look at food. On other diets, I would look forward to food rewards or what I would eat when I was "off" the diet. So with this in mind, I went grocery shopping yesterday. I am approaching cycle 3 when I am allowed pasta and whole wheat bread again, along with a lot of other things like higher fat cheeses and alcohol. I'm also on cycle 2 now, when I can have lean beef and pork on alternating days. So what did my cart look like at checkout, when I could have filled it with so many possibilities? I had a cart full of fruits, fresh vegetables, chicken and turkey. None of the other "goodies" I thought I missed. When my DH helped me unpack he said "Where's the beef?!", but then he smiled because he can see results too. He doesn't need to lose weight and has always been a strict meat, potatoes and junk food person , but even he has started to like eating healthy. As an example, I made chili with ground turkey the other day. In the past, he wouldn't have even tried it when he saw it wasn't hamburger or cubes of beef. He had several helpings and declared it tasted great. This plan eliminates your desire for sugar, salt and fat. I chose to fill my cart with healthy food. I discovered much to my surprise, that I wasn't missing pizza as much as I thought I was!

There are a lot of naysayers out there who are putting in their two cents when they know nothing about the diet. They see the words "17 day" and assume it's a fad diet. It's not. It's sound nutrition - my doctor approved it, the TV " Doctors" approved it, other team members had their nutritionists or doctors approve it.

To those of you who say it's nothing new and anyone can lose weight if they eat healthy, cut calories and exercise... I say, yes that's true - but if it were that simple, we wouldn't be here would we? Dr. Mike himself, admits that his diet is nothing new. The way he designed it is. It's designed to prevent plateaus, to offer guidelines and reduce boredom. Every 17 day cycle is slightly different and cycle 4 is designed for lifetime maintenance. Dr. Mike says that he designed the diet to fit your lifestyle, not so that you have to fit your lifestyle to the diet.

To those of you who say a low carb diet is bad for you . I heartily agree with you - but this is NOT a low carb diet. I was on Atkins for 5 months once, and although I was losing weight, I felt terrible!!! It also affected my brain. I had short term memory loss and brain fog, which cleared up when I went off of Atkins. This plan is a low "unhealthy" carb diet. It allows for UNLIMITED VEGETABLES and 2 servings of FRUIT. After cycle one which is the cleansing cycle, we're allowed a greater choice of "healthy" carbs. I had a plain yam the other day, and although I didn't have to, I chose to eat it without salt or fat. It was the sweetest, best tasting yam I have ever eaten!

I read that one nutritionist who was interviewed for her opinion, said that it was a very expensive plan, because you had to buy special diet foods - like cookies for breakfast. I think she got it confused with Jennie Craig or Nutrisystem. We don't have to buy anything that our supermarket doesn't sell. As far as I know, chicken is a pretty economical choice. If we can't afford fresh, we can buy frozen vegetables. Some members are having a hard time finding Greek yogurt, but I wouldn't consider Greek style yogurt an "expensive" diet food, and we can substitute any probiotic yogurt.

Some other site said that we have to eat a cookie every day for breakfast! I have no idea where they came up with that! I have never tried Dr. Mike's Power cookie for breakfast, although other members have. It's a RECIPE in the book, which contains very healthy ingredients like flaxseed, dried cherries, almond paste, Stevia and agave for sweeteners. I don't have to "buy" them - I just haven't felt like making them yet. As I said, I no longer have a "sweet" tooth.

Another nutritionist said it's too complicated for her to keep track of. I'm going on 60 years old. I occasionally have CRS (Can't Remember Sh#@), but I have no trouble remembering the guidelines on this plan. Obviously, that nutritionist must have a hard time walking and chewing gum at the same time.

Some others say it restricts calories. No where does he say in the book to count calories. Most of us have a hard time eating enough calories, because fresh fruits and unlimited vegetables and unlimited lean protein are very filling, but it's our choice. Why should I force myself to eat when I feel full? ( He also teaches us an easy way to tell if we're full in the book, so that we avoid mindless eating). He does mention portion control for cycles 2 and beyond only if you start gaining, after adding back in things like pasta, bread, alcohol etc. . I'm using the Sparks nutrition tracker to keep track of calories because I choose to, not because I have to. I use it so that I make sure I am eating enough calories. I sometimes have to add whey protein powder to my smoothies or eat an extra piece of deli turkey breast, but let me repeat, it's because I didn't eat everything I should have for the day. It is not a requirement that it be low calorie (although it naturally is) - I'm just not hungry!

We've also had members who dropped out of the team in a very short time. That's their prerogative - this isn't the only healthy plan out there, and to be successful you have to find one that works for you. Most didn't make it past the 1st few days, which are admittedly the hardest. Judging from their comments, a few who had negative things to say, obviously didn't read the whole book or understood the science behind the plan. Some also had misconceptions, which made it harder for them. Those misconceptions would have been clarified had they read the book or asked questions. On this plan, you have to READ THE WHOLE BOOK!! If you're confused about something and the team can't help, you can go to Dr. Mike's website and they will answer your question in 24 hours.

I must have at least 50 diet books! They fill a whole bookcase. I've probably tried them all with little or no results. A few I even had great results with, but couldn't stick to because they weren't practical. I cook for my family, and with this plan, I don't have to cook anything special for them or myself. I don't feel deprived like I did on other diets, because on this one I COMPLETELY LOST MY CRAVINGS! For example, I was never a fruit eater, but now I look forward to it. I had a ripe, juicy pear yesterday, and it was the most delicious thing I could have imagined prior to this plan . Much better than a chocolate cupcake full of sugar and fat, which would have been one of my desserts of choice before. I used to abhor yogurt but I like Greek yogurt now, instead of my daily generous helping of ice cream, etc. etc. In so many ways, this is the first plan that I can see myself staying on for the rest of my life. It was the best retirement investment that I could have made, and it only cost me $11.99!!

So if you don't know any facts about it, only some "gossip" that you heard or read - please keep your negative comments to yourself!! Thank You!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make my mid-afternoon blueberry smoothie!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I followed the first stage and lost nothing. I am glad it worked for some people.
    3357 days ago
  • DEE797
    I have been wondering about the 17-day diet after seeing the Dr. Oz show but haven't tried it as yet. Thanks so much for sharing information about it with us. Wishing you continued success on your journey! emoticon
    3564 days ago
    If a lifestyle plan is sound and works for you and others, then it's not a fad or anything else negative - it is a good thing as Oprah would say! :)

    Now, that said and great blog out of the way....

    I am shouting - is this your yard?!* I so want to come and hang out. OMG; it's gorgeous!!!!!
    3564 days ago
  • CHRISS1225
    Excellent post Gabby, you took the words right outta my mouth!
    3564 days ago
  • HENNA13
    I've just started the 17 day diet (on Day 4!) and I was glad to read a post by someone who finished cycle one and how they felt on it. I've just started to experience fatigue and a little bit of foggyiness (like I went into the kitchen to get something, but forgot what it was until later). Glad to hear someone else has experienced similar side effects and that they eventually end. Thanks for the post! Very informative and intresting :)
    3567 days ago
    Good post Gabby and you are so right about it not being a fad diet like it sounds. It is a healthy way of eating. Congratulations on your weight loss - keep up the good work!
    3569 days ago
    My mom always said I couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time, but actually I was a pretty sharp tack. It was just that I had so much going on in my mind that doing 2 more things at the same time was just too much.

    Oh, I have (2) 6 ft tall bookcases of various books about dieting. I haven't tried a lot of them, but consider reading them a 'study of nutrition'. I have really learned a lot from them. But, learning to put my diet into action has more to do than with just food; such as dealing with the (reasons) why I overeat.

    3572 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    I have done it all and have landed on part vegetarian, part raw vegan and am actually doing what they call pescotarian, where it is a version of vegetarian eating fish and some eggs and a wee bit of dairy. I have bit the bullet and am in need of a little mix up and this sounds good to go for me. I have so many diet books and have done that it all. What you describe sounds like a healthy way of eating, I can not image anyone giving you any guff. But really who cares what anyone thinks this is your life!Thanks Linda for the tip to go here!I am going to buy the book!
    3574 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your results. emoticon
    3574 days ago
    I made a copy of the first 17-days' menu and compared it to what I ate most every day and it almost matched. A lot of folks need direction in the "what do I fix today?" thought process and it tells you exactly what to eat ... very very nutritious because it even comes out meeting almost every goal you set in the nutrition tracker.

    From what I read, this is one common sense way of eating -- not really dieting -- just teaching a person how to eat and eat right.

    Great Blog ...
    3575 days ago
    That was Spot On Gabby......Great Post. I've been thinking the same things.....but you've put it to words so much better than I was even thinking. emoticon
    3575 days ago
    Glad you're feeling emoticon
    3575 days ago
    It's nice to hear a positive attitude about the 17 day diet. You make me think I should check it out. Thanks for an informative blog!
    3575 days ago
    Thanks for the great post! It was very informative, not pushy, and really made me take a new look at the 17 day diet. I immediately scoffed at it thinking it was another diet fad, which I never get into. But it sounds like it just teaches you, step by step, the healthier ways of eating, which can be difficult to learn. I may look into this! Thanks!!
    3575 days ago
  • no profile photo SARAOKE03
    Great post!
    3575 days ago
    Oh Gabby,this was wonderful. I Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are super.
    3575 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9855785
    Oh, Gabby, you NAILED it, girl!!! Oh, and I about fell out of my seat from laughing when you said you have CRS! I SO have that, too! ha ha ha ha!!!!!

    Julie :-)
    3575 days ago
    Keep up the great work! emoticon
    3575 days ago
    I am going to subscribe to your blog. I really appreciate you articulating your experience and sharing your thoughts and suggestions. I am on cycle 1, day 9, and I am seeing amazing results. 4 lbs gone already. Yippee!! I have certainly had a few struggles along the way, but like you said, I can do anything for 17 days...
    - I wasn't sure if I should read about cycle 2 yet. I was worried that in a moment of weakness, I might end up giving myself permission to eat the things allowed on that cycle. But as you suggest, I am going to go ahead now and read the rest of that book. The 17-day diet has truly been a lifeline for me - to get back in control and back on track. I am enjoying sharing this journey with you, my friend.
    3575 days ago
  • CTOMEK1-123
    Thanks for the goody. i caved at 3:00 today and had some skittles! But after reading your blog I am going to start new tomorrow because you are right I can do anything for 17 days.
    3575 days ago
    Thank you for your blog. I will be checking it out.
    3575 days ago
    Thanks for all the info on the diet. Please let us know how your are doing.
    3575 days ago
    This is an amazing blog and one that I really needed to read. I'm on day two and I gotta tell ya ... these headaches and this general feeling of fatigue feels like it's going to kill me. I will take your word on it that it will get better and I have to keep telling myself that!
    3575 days ago
    emoticon blog, Gabby!
    3575 days ago
    Gabby, well said even if I don't know anything about the diet and haven't seen the book. I did checkout the team site. I was curious what the 1st cycle foods were.

    I wish you continued success on that program.
    3575 days ago
    Thanks for setting everyone straight!

    This plan was recommended to me by a nutritionist that had a clue. Even WebMD and the Daily Spark had positive things to say about the 17DD. Bottom line, the 17DD has truly changed my life. I feel amazing, I'm losing weight, and many of my "symptoms" are gone!

    Oh, and even better, the 17DD had really jump started my belly fat burn rate. I can't believe how flat my stomach has become over the past 18 days!

    emoticon emoticon
    3576 days ago
  • no profile photo MADDIE10281
    Good for you. It seems that people constantly knock things that they don't even have first hand knowledge about. Keep up the good work
    3576 days ago
    Hi! Thanks for commenting on my page today. I have put off starting this plan because we are going away for a week's vacation. I hate to put off tomorrow what I could do today, but this will work better.

    You are such a motivator by reading your blog - awesome! Now I'm actually anxious to get back from vacation so I can start feeling more healthy. emoticon
    3576 days ago
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