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Diet, Diet, Diet, Diet

Thursday, July 07, 2011

There - I feel like a little kid saying a swear word. Who started giving the word diet a bad rap? Some fat orange cat who said " Diet" was the word "Die" with a "T", in the Sunday comics? I am so tired of seeing people comment on blogs with the pretentious words "diets don't work - only portion control and exercise are the way to go" or "you shouldn't be on a "diet" you should be on a "lifestyle plan". "Diets" don't work.

Get over yourselves. You're eating food right? That's a diet. Whether you're eating food to lose weight or eating food to live - the food you eat still comprises a diet. In other words a "diet" is a lifestyle plan, by definition.

Now for the word "fad". That just means a diet that " is embraced very enthusiastically for a short time". It doesn't necessarily mean that it is unhealthy. Just that people have a short attention span. I just lost 28lbs. on a "fad diet", because it's a plan that has gone viral. In a while, some other plan will have everyone crazed over it. For me, it's not a temporary fix - it's healthy, whole, nutrient rich, food for life. It's my permanent "dieta" or way of life.

There are a lot of unhealthy eating plans out there. The diet industry is a billion dollar industry because most fat people are looking for a quick fix. If you read in a blog that someone is only eating bananas and leafy greens, then by all means politely suggest they see a nutritionist, a shrink or a zookeeper. Remind them that the ones who are successful DIETERS are those that choose healthy foods for the long term. They don't just eat healthy, lose their weight and go back to eating junk. Their healthy "diet" is their way of life.

So all you people who slam the word "diet" as soon as you see it in print -give it a rest.
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  • no profile photo LUCYSISEL
    Check out this site: http://crusadeagainstacancer.blogsp
    3448 days ago
    LOVE IT!!! emoticon
    3485 days ago
    I am currently doing the 17 DD and I had a family member say to me... "how are you doing with your diet"... "I hope that isn't a fad diet"...

    Does it matter what it is? Honestly - her comments did nothing but motivate me even more to prove her wrong.

    I'm so glad someone else feels the same way! THANK YOU for posting this! emoticon emoticon
    3506 days ago
  • JULIE99S
    Well said! Bravo!

    I was reading some threads about 17DD around the site the other day, and one member said they didn't need to buy a book to tell them how to lose weight. Yet, right under their name was the "I bought the Spark" book avatar...

    Oh, yes, I had a chuckle at the irony.
    3507 days ago
    I agree and couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you!

    3507 days ago
    WTG! on your loss. I agree with what you said. The 17 day diet is a balanced eating plan.

    I hate the ads that are running now how diets don't work and therefore people should have surgery to fix the problem (the lapband). There are no quick fixes.

    Keep up the great job!
    3508 days ago
    emoticon Gabby! emoticon on your weight shedding so far. emoticon job

    3520 days ago
  • JKTENTATIVE interesting and provocative blog!! I have given much thought to this concept...yet sometimes forget some of the basics. Yes - it is all about perspective. And, I agree it is key to focus on eating healthy, nutritious foods for the long term!
    3521 days ago
  • DAISYBUG1972
    Amen sister! The 'judgy' looks I get when I tell people I am on a diet tick me off. A diet is a way of eating and I agree - I am in this for the long haul. This is the first diet I can actually see sticking to long term, that allows for any kind of food I want in moderation and doesn't insist I never eat bread again. Exercise alone will not help much if you don't change your diet...and I blame Garfield too! Damn cat. emoticon
    3521 days ago
  • DLG0505
    Woo hoo Gabby! And I lost 10 pounds on a diet! It is what it is and it is a diet!

    Great job on your weight loss!
    3521 days ago
    Yay Gabby. Great blog and congratulations on your weight loss. emoticon
    3521 days ago
  • CHRISS1225
    Hi gabby! I think you have a good grasp on things. I think we can also consider our diet as personalized and individual. For myself, I know the things I need to avoid in my diet because I just do not have control yet. Cashews for example are very healthy but are a big problem for me. When some people want to pick apart my diet I find myself telling them that it's working for my body. Just like we all know that wheat products are very healthful for most people, except people who have gluten allergies. Great post!
    3521 days ago
    good job Gabby

    3521 days ago
  • GABBY308
    Actually, I'm not getting negative input anymore. It's what I've been reading on other member's blogs, and articles and even TV programs. It just really started to bug me. It's all Garfield's fault emoticon
    3521 days ago
    Sorry you're experiencing negative input out there. Must be from those who aren't doing what needs to be done to get themselves into that healthy zone. Congrats to you for those 28 pounds down - awesome!!! emoticon
    3521 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Bravo! Well-stated.
    3521 days ago
    I like this. I think consumers have to be aware sometimes that just because something says "diet" or "lowfat" it doesnt make it a healthy choice. Good luck on your journey!
    3521 days ago
    Well said!
    3521 days ago
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