Getting to know me A-Z

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ok, I’ll play alone :D

I saw this on someone else's blog and thought I'd give it a whirl. If you read this, repost in your blog if you want and we can all get to know each other a lil better. :)

A. Age-43

B. Books- Love them, but really only the old fashion paper kind. I’ve tried e-readers but it’s not the same. Currently reading Runner’s World complete guide to women’s running.

C. Chore-that’s why I had kids!

D. Dog- 2 rescue dogs, Jasper a dachshund and Bandit a border collie/corgi/kelpt mix with a HUGE over bite. We also keep my sil’s dear chi, Trixie. And we have a cat, Shelby, that thinks she is a dog.

E. Essentials-Lip balm and hair clip

F. Favorite color- green

G. Games- World of Warcraft (don’t judge me :D) and texas hold ‘em

H. Hometown- Baton Rouge, LA

I. Indulgences- Chocolate of any kind

J. Job- self employed, we own a mustang performance shop and do all the office work

K. Kids- given birth to 2, a daughter,23, and a know-it-all son, 17. Also have a step son, 19 (who is about to join the marines!)

L. Living arrangements- With my second and last hubby, in a house built by his grandfather

M. Music- anything but rap

N. Number of siblings- 1 brother that I only see once or twice a year because he is just too busy

O. Oranges or apples- APPLES!!

P. Phobias- falling, or actually landing after falling, from just about any height including 4 inch heels

Q. Quote- “I believe in the chance of love at first site
That your life doesn't always have to be a fight
And if you do it at all you ought to do it right
I believe in the power of love" Cowboy Mouth

R. Reason to smile- It beats frowning any day

S. Season- Summer and Fall! It's all we ever get in South! (agreed with Amanda!)

T. Tattoos-1 – 3 – a mustang on my foot, a butterfly on my back and a special design by hubby over my heart that represent us and our kids as a family.

U. Unknown fact about me-I’m actually shy, I hide it behind wit and jokes most of the time. But I am very nervous around new people and prefer to stalk for while instead of just jumping in.

V. Veggie- love most of them, but not all.

W. Worst habit-procrastinating, like I should go run in the morning before it gets too hot, but noooo, I wait til the even and then complain the whole time. Oh, and snacking :D

X. X ray- hmmm.. yes, all for them, if you need them.

Y. Yummy food I like to eat- boiled seafood! Duh!

Z. Zodiac- Sagittarius
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