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17DD Success, Gluten Avoidance and Vit D

Thursday, November 17, 2011

This a repeat of a 17DD topic post. Most of my 17DD team members know that I'm constantly cautioning members when they add gluten back in to their diets on Cycle 2 and Cycle 3 (like Dr. Mike's power cookies which have oatmeal and whole wheat). For those who don't know the first 17 day cycle is a cleansing cycle and eliminates most processed foods. At least once a day when someone wants tips for those cycles, or if someone complains about not losing weight I urge them to keep a food diary and notice how their body reacts when they add back in certain starches that contain gluten. Now I have confirmation that I was correct.

I went to my rheumatologist for my bi-annual check up for my fibromyalgia. Of course, he congratulated me on my weight loss (60 lbs since he last saw me). my excellent numbers for blood test results and my lower blood pressure. He actually gave me a real physical pat on the back.

I told him all about Sparkpeople (he wrote it down to suggest it to other patients), and I explained all about the 17DD. I told him in detail what foods were allowed in each cycle. He nodded his head knowingly, when I told him that I don't lose weight when I eat oatmeal or whole wheat, even if my calorie count is under 1200 calories. He questioned me how else I felt when I ate those foods and I explained that my cravings and hunger return, and I have also gotten stomach aches.

When I told him that I feel better on this diet than I have in years because I have less pain and have more energy, he said that there were two major reasons for my feeling better:

1. My Vitamin D level is now 47 which is great. It had been dangerously low (below 20) six months ago. He said everyone in the Northern Hemisphere should take Vit D supplements and told me to continue taking 4000 mg /day. (Google Vit D deficiency)

2. NO GLUTEN - He said that the main reason I feel better is because I have eliminated Gluten. He explained that Gluten can cause pain and inflammation among a lot of other things.
The nutritionist yesterday, also mentioned gluten. She blames the problem not just on gluten from processing, but also the GMO wheat they use in the U.S. She said that she eliminated it from her diet 7 years ago and feels a lot better since doing so.

So, forgive me if I sound like a broken record and keep mentioning gluten sensitivity. I think it may be at the root of a lot of our problems with weight and ill health. You don't have to be diagnosed with Celiac disease to have a problem with gluten. Next time the scale goes up, don't just assume it's because of sodium. Ask yourself if you ate anything with gluten. Check the list. You'll be surprised at how many things have gluten besides the obvious grains - like soy sauce and even yogurt!

Healthy eating!
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    Congrats on your weight loss. I had a Vit D3 level of 9 at one time. I caution people who live in the south because they can have that same problem.

    Hope you are doing well!!!

    Warm regards,
    3332 days ago
    Thanks for sharing... just got done with competition, which of course that diet removes most of the items listed on the link you provided, and of course, I felt great. Over the holidays, alot of that stuff was back in my diet and I now feel horrible... tested for Celiac came back negative, but I do believe it is gluten sensitivity based on my food journals... seeing specialist next week.

    I am like you, I believe in those food journals! They take time, but can be a true eye opener.

    Again, thanks for sharing.
    3345 days ago
    Congrats on the 60 lb loss! Thats a terrific accomplishment. Something to be very proud of.

    I too have discovered my sensitivity to gluten. A little over 4 years ago, I went gluten free. AMAZING!! So many (not all) of my health issues went away. Not immediately, mind you, but over time. Our grocery shopping trips are very lengthy because we read EVERY label. I try not to eat anything from cans, but its very difficult not to. Unfortunately, our move to Texas where they FRY everything has bumped me back into eating things I shouldnt. Thanks for the reminder!!
    3345 days ago
    Great info! Thank so much for sharing!

    Way to go on releasing the 60 pounds. Super!
    3345 days ago
    Wow! Congratulations on the 60 pounds gone! that's pure awesomeness!

    And much as I would hate to agree but I know I feel better if I lay off the processed wheat products (I live in Kansas, among the top wheat producer states in the USA - just call me "Benedict Arnolda").

    I really suspect I'm NYD on the Celiac thing... "Not Yet Diagnosed". I really really need to start me a food diary that also tracks how I feel, how my ears and eyes do etc. I've noticed eating too much junk and I won't be able to see well the next few days, especially if I'm inactive the same day. If I've gotten out and walked or had other exercise, it's not so bad. Also some foods and then within a few minutes of eating them, I start having tinnitus. I'm already deaf, so I need tinnitus like I need another hole in the head...
    3434 days ago
    I know your doc is VERY proud of you - us, too! 60 pounds down - that's totally awesome, young lady!!!

    I'm chiming in here because, much to my dismay, I absolutely agree with you about the gluten sensitivity. My tastebuds LOVE breads and pastries and crackers and all things glutenny. But my digestive system certainly doesn't. I seem to be a slow learner and find myself reverting back to my old ways, which is destructive. Why I can't learn is a mystery, but one I need to keep vigilant about.

    I also agree with you about the Vit D - I have been taking 5000 a day for about 2 years now and it brings my levels just up to the bottom of the Good category. It's a great supplement. I'm going to go check out your link now.

    3434 days ago
    Congratulations on the wonderful doctor report. Your weight loss is something to be quite proud of. I too have had a problem in the past with gluten and am still learning about the food that it is hidden in.

    Keep up the great work!!
    3436 days ago
    how very interesting ... thank you for the info ... and total congrats on losing 60 pounds ... that is terrific my friend !! Roc
    emoticon emoticon
    3436 days ago
    Brava on the great report from the doctor, on the weight loss success, and for this post in general! So informative!
    3436 days ago
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