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Decisions, Decisions....

Monday, January 16, 2012

I discovered "dog rescue" videos on youtube over the weekend. I know what I'd like to do with my life now - lol?? The trouble is, I've got to make a living also.

What I've studied in school was "Medical Front Office," but my professor also said we should "Follow our passion," and there have been a couple of students who did their externship at a vet's office. The trouble is, this seems to me to be an irreversible decision. No medical office is going to consider that as experience in working in a medical office. One of my classes was medical coding basics, which I found to be VERY interesting. But at my age, would I ever be able to "break into the biz", ya know? And there's money for the certification test, yearly books to be bought ($300), yearly continuing ed just to keep your certification - never mind whether you have a job or not. Maybe it was a pipedream & unrealistic.

I just can't decide if I'm ready to give up on medical admin yet. Or - am I REALLY "giving up" anything? Is this totally the right move for me? I really do love animals, and even my husband says he just wants me to work somewhere that I ENJOY what I'm doing! He says that our age, he can't see doing something where we're miserable. And then I come back with - "How bout living in a HOUSE!?? Well, we have to PAY for that you know!" lol You can see $$ is an issue at our house.

Anyway - I want to follow my heart, but can't decide where my heart wants to go, plus don't want to be STUPID on a WHIM either.

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    I trained in one field which led me to a related but distinctly different field that I loved!. I went with my gut feelings and got a lot of no thank yous when trying for jobs. Then I finally got the yes, in a job I adored!

    Hang in there. Things will work out for you.

    1873 days ago
    I would suggest starting in a doctors office or a dental office then looking into working in a vets office. That way the first thing on your resume is working with "humans".

    I used to work for a dermatologist and assisted with the hiring and I know that we would have given your veterinary experience consideration just because in it's own way it is still medical.

    We also sent some of our medical transcription work to a lady to do out of her home. We had one lady working right in the office and one who worked out of her home and it was great.

    Where I live this is a great field to get into. Keep trying, if you don't get your resumes out you will never know if you might've gotten the job. Also, if they call you back to decline you, remember to ask for feedback on your interview so that you can learn for the next one.

    Good luck.
    3322 days ago
    Well, I know now I'm not doing dog rescues full time. Perhaps if I can even gain employment I could volunteer at a shelter or already established shelter.

    However, I'm still not sure which direction I'm going with the medical admin, because jobs are scarce with that apparently, just like everything else. I'm interested in the coding, but wish I could find a part-time mentor. I've been out of the job market so long & this is all so new to me - not just coding, but medical...& college even. I never went to college before last January! Like a babe in the woods - ha.
    3327 days ago
  • SAL1512
    I would do the medical administration and that would be Plan B if a paid animal rescue position does not open up for you. And yes, you could do medical coding at home to support your dream of working in dog rescue!
    Sally emoticon
    3327 days ago
    Thanks you all for the input.

    Yes, I'm taking more & more into consideration what would be involved. My Little Dog is old & caring for her seems time consuming some days. Eyedrops 5-10 mins apart - 3 sets, twice a day. Fixing up her bed & washing, as she is becoming incontinent. Keeping her hydrated for her kidneys, but now trying to give smaller amounts more frequently to avoid accidents. (her kidneys are doing GREAT BTW - BUN yesterday was 28!!!) Getting her hair cut today as the vet found hair becoming imbedded in her gums yesterday. And this is all after a $2000+ hospital stay & surgery back in Dec. (I did receive funding for that actually) But yes - without funding I don't know how I'd do it. I know it would take all my time too, but I may find some way to contribute SOME time to help already established animal rescues.

    3329 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/17/2012 10:48:06 AM
    I know a gal that does animal rescue and she gets paid for doing it. Each pet she task care of she is able to find homes for the animals and make a certain amount for each pet she does find a home for, selling the pet to a person who cares. my daughter bought a dog that way is how I know they do make money for each pet they find homes for. They take ads out for the pets seems to be her only real expense plus food for the animals until they find a home. Some times it involves paying a vet for the dog to get healthcare but she said she took out a credit card for the animals care and even got a discount on that. And your able to sue such a card for your own healthcare plus the pets. but I am not sure where or who to ask about but I am sure your vet or the SPCA would have some info on your expense and certification for it. For I know you need a license in most states for such. But you can ask your friends to support you in it and take donations for food for the animals you rescue. If you love it, pursue it is what I say. I wish I could do it, but I know how hard it is to care for animals ...

    I raised rabbits at one time and I had a Seminole Labrador husky at the same time and I had no time for nothing other than my animals. Know you will be busy with caring for the animals. No free time! So know ahead of time its all you will be doing; so make sure the sacrifices are what you want! Be committed is what it will take besides some cash to start! License fees are a bugger! Certification cost and so does dog and animal food and you will be taking care of all kinds of injured animals when called on. Even critters you may not like! So know what your getting yourself into before you start. Know the cost and the sorrow you will also face if you have to have an animal put down. It can be quite stressful!

    Know ahead of time if you can deal with the stress of taking care or a pet versus taking care of an animal that needs your help! If not don't do it just for the love of loving animals. Sometimes love is not enough . Somethinsg cost! Think before you commit to aniumal rescue! Count the cost. Make a ledger of pros and cons. Then you will know if passion is enough. But know this you wotn get rich on rescuing animals and you cant count on a paycheck from it every week unless your committed to it, but providing a house or home to oen animal at a time is all anyone can do. Sometimes a little is a lot to a hurting animal. Count the cost. Would you not want a home for a pet that is suffering and in need of life sustenance and love? Loving an animal is a gift you can give at least to one animal and make it a pet! Good luck on your final decision! ! Susana
    3329 days ago
    Pray about it.

    Follow the path down both avenues and see what happens.

    Do you know anyone who does 'dog rescue' in your area? Get to know 'em.

    Are there some Foundations or Charity organizations that could help fund you?

    How about a grant?

    Could do medical coding at home, while working with the dogs?

    Oh, when you have the time, there's a children's series called, "The Puppy Place" each book is about a dog that gets fostered by a Puppy Foster Family. VERY sweet. :-)

    Let us know.... keep us posted.

    BEST wishes! emoticon
    3329 days ago
    I can so understand how you feel - but of course, can't offer you any advice since only you can go with your gut instincts. Let us know what you decide.


    Doobs x
    3329 days ago
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