First day: Getting membership to the gym.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have a feeling this is going to be such a hard thing for me but I'm going to try my best. I have a free membership to use until Aug. at my college campus. I'm thinking I'm going to make myself exercise 3 times a week on mon-wed-fri with 2 hr exercise sessions. I'm needing to lose 100 pounds by next year and really need to do some exercising. I'm worried though since i feel like i never get enough sleep even though I could sleep for 8-9 hrs. Maybe I'm still trying to get use to my schedule...

I'm hoping to start gym next week. I've prepared myself to wear shorts or something light to wear to the knee, a t-shirt, and my shoes. I'm worried these shoes might not be well enough for my vigorous exercising but I don't get paid until the end of March. I'm thinking of buying better shoes otherwise. Next Mon, I'll measure my waist, bust, hips, upper arm, and thigh.

This might seem like it's a lot to take in, but i have a feeling that this is what I should do. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a big lover on chinese, so I go there, grab a to-go plate and fill it up with sushi and lots of yummy stuff. I've also realized that As many calories that is, I need to burn it off and fast in order for me to get somewhere.

Otherwise of eating chinese, I've been trying to eat healthier and in portions. I'm trying not to stress myself too much about this because then i know I emotionally will eat.

If anyone reads this blog post, does anyone eat anything during the work out? I've noticed the more I move around campus, I've become hungrier and since I eat lunch around 12:30-1pm, I get off work at 4pm. I usually become a little hungry, depending what i ate for lunch. Usually I've been eating a turkey and cheese sandwich. (wheat bread, lowfat turkey 70 cals for 4 slices, which i use since they are so thin.), a piece of fruit (Usually a banana or an orange), and chips. Just this week though, I've started trying to use 100 cal packs and have been getting the little fudge cookies. I also drink water, but it's becoming so hard to drink it for some reason. I use to be able to drink water with no problem...

Anyway, that's my first blog post. I appreciate anyone who reads this. It does feel kind of good to do this since I usually don't do this. I guess it's because I feel comfortable saying all I say on here since that's what the site is literally for: losing weight and healthy lives.

Until day two, thanks for reading!
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  • BECKYB73
    Your goals are very ambitious and ultimately attainable. Because you are making a lifestyle change and are not on a "diet", you might want to set some smaller, measurable goals so you have milestones to pass on your way to good health.

    Does your gym offer any kind of fitness assessment? Before I start on any new workout/program I like to assess where I am at first. When I re-committed to fitness this past summer, I struggled to get through 20 minutes on the elliptical at a pretty slow speed. I was frustrated, because previously, I had rocked out hours on that machine, not to mention speed, but because I had fallen off track, I was back at almost square one. If there is a fitness assessment or orientation offered, I highly recommend you give it a shot. That way you will have other exercises you can do without relying on one thing.

    When I first started drinking water I struggled as well. If my water isn't cold, like icey cold I just don't want it. So I got a stainless steel, double wall water bottle. I can put 3-4 ice cubes in it, fill with water throughout the day and have it be the proper temperature. I also used a lot of the propel dry packets. They mix up clear so it won't appear as though you're drinking anything that can stain the gym floor, etc.

    Are you snacking? I recently tried a "Balance Bar Gold" chocolate mint bar and I have to say it feels like cheating...but it's not. The calories are reasonable and it's a great between meal filler, that satisfies my sweet tooth totally. I always have some sort of dry snack on hand in my desk, or keep some string cheese in the break room fridge. It helps me not perish from hunger between meals.

    I hope that helps some. CONGRATULATIONS on deciding to take this challenge on NOW!! Don't be like me and wait until you're pushing 40 to make healthy, positive changes.
    3294 days ago
    Thanks for replying!

    About the snack before and after, I'll probably try to do that. One thing I've realised during exercising before, I would get stomach pains, which led to hunger pains and I was worried about that.

    I might start out at an hour. The reason I say two is because I can't give myself motivation, which is the reason my past diets have failed in the past. Now that I have a gym, I'm now wanting to work out and I'm actually excited (As weird as it sounds) and I just want to give myself some energy.

    I've thought about doing mio, but I wonder if my college allows it? I read the rules for the gym and it said water only.

    I use to carry around campus a water bottle and a crystal light package and drink my water with that, but does taste after awhile kind of bleh since it's warm. I think one problem is trying to keep my water cold, since I think it feels great drinking drinks like that anyway.
    3299 days ago
    First of all, I want to say welcome to SparkPeople! I haven't been here long, but I already feel like this is going to be the most successful diet I've tried. I hope it works out like that for you too!

    About your workouts, I wouldn't start out with 2 hours a day. I would do maybe an hour of cardio, I think you'll find that will be pretty tiring (as long as you're working hard), and then work up to more. You don't want to get burnt out on the gym right off the bat. You're already doing a lot by walking. You'd probably be surprised at how many calories you're already burning just by doing that. Also, definitely try to work in some weight training, maybe on the days that you're not going to the gym. They have a lot of free videos on here that you can use to do that. I sometimes just do simple weight exercises while watching TV.

    I also would not eat DURING the workout. I usually eat a small snack maybe an hour before and an hour after. Not enough to fill you up like a full meal would, but enough to make sure you don't get hungry during. Another good thing for filling you up: water, water, water. If you're having an issue with drinking plain water, try getting Mio or some kind of water enhancer. You can find a lot of them that are calorie free and taste great.

    I hope some of this helps. Like I said, I'm just starting out too. These are just some things that I've figured out in the time I've had.

    3300 days ago
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