Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sometimes, the best thing you can d fr yourself is to take a break and get away from it all. Do you think that your employer gives you that 5 days (or more if you are lucky) just because they like to pay people who don't work?
The truth is that people who do take time away from work usually come back happier and more if you have vacation, take it. After all, no matter what you think, you really are not indispensable.
Okay, you so know that I have been retired for years - 5 of them. I didn't want to retire - it was a necessity because i was so terribly, chronically ill. I have used that time to find and use every resource possible to improve my health and believe me, it is a full time job! I've also been pretty successful - and Spark People is a big part of that.
Even though I am retired, I do have a home, a husband and responsibilities. So, I am on vacation. All by myself, I have come to Florida to visit my beloved Mom, an 80 year old ball of fire, superstar master's athlete (competitive swimmer), avid hiker, hot yoga. No one believes I am hers - she's 5'2" and lies UP about her weight ( the nerve, right?), which I gauge to be around 95. So, I literally make two of her (thanks to the garbage gene pool roulette, courtesy of my beloved and dearly departed daddy).
My DH is home taking care of himself and the dog and I am soaking up some badly needed sunshine and Vitamin D. The internet connection here is not very good, so you might not hear much from me for a while, but don't worry...
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