Been depressed and feeling defeated

Friday, March 02, 2012

It's been 9 days since my last blog. I have been having such a difficult time with my attitude and self negative talk. I haven't lost any weight or inches for 5 weeks. The only weight I have lost is the 7 pounds I lost during the first two weeks of SparkPeople. I started on January 9th of this year.

I have been eating healthy. I have been logging my food every day. I have been exercising a minimum of 4 times a week for 30 to 50 minutes each session for the last two weeks. (The two previous weeks I was sick and didn't exercise). I just don't understand why the scale isn't moving or at least why my clothes aren't fitting better! I have problems with depression anyway (I'm on antidepressants) but, this is making me depressed. I am letting a lot of negative self talk into my head.

When I try to think clearly I tell myself that according to my BMI I am still at an exceptable weight. 2 more pounds and I will be "over weight:. And the important thing is to just be healthy. Eat healthy and exercise.

That being said, regardless of my BMI, my ideal weight that I like to be at is 125. Family members tell me I look better at 135. Either way, that's 12 to 22 pounds away. How am I going to loss this weight? I expected it to be a slow process, but this slow... no loss for 5 weeks? Specially since I just started trying to lose weight? I didn't expect a plateau after 2 weeks!

Like I have said in past posts, I am not giving up. I really just want to be healthy and losing weight is the icing on the cake (sorry for that pun, couldn't resist), but I really want that too!!!

PS: BeccaF03 mentioned hormones and medications. I was wondering about hormones... I'm not sure if I am going through menopause because I had a partial hysterectomy, but I am of the age (49). I heard on the radio recently that hormones being out of balance can cause you to not lose weight. Has anyone had experience with this?
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    3185 days ago
    Hi Debbie,
    I've suffered from depression off and on my whole life. I like what
    RIGEIN24 had to say about the trackers and help from Spark. I think that's a good place to start. I know from reading some of your other history that you are already seeing doctors for several things like your iron. So I was just wondering if they could run some tests on your vitamin levels and your hormones.

    Negative self talk is a hard habit to break. Here lately since my short-term goal has come and gone I feel a lot of self doubt. I find my self not so much being negative but feeling a little numb again and wanting to give up. This happens several times per week. So far I've done pretty well to keep going, with all of the goals and trackers, but not with as much enthusiasm as before the high feel has died down. Remaining consistent is important but for me personally when it lacks passion then I feel like I might lose it or slip badly. So I am looking for another short-term fun goal to re-energize my Spark!

    I am here cheering you on!!! I am so glad to be on Spark and to have met you. Thank you for your support and friendship! emoticon
    3190 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8094676
    Be kind to yourself. Try not to beat yourself up.
    3192 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3604344
    Many times we go through a plateau and feel we hit the hall. I hope you are measuring your waist, legs, arms, etc. Many times that is were the inches are coming off; we just don't know it.

    I am glad you are not gaining. WTG!!
    3192 days ago
  • CEKER9
    It's been my experience when you get that close to your target weight, it's harder to lose weight. This is where people quit dieting and go back to eating the way the were that put on the weight.

    I do know that taking anti-depressants can often lead to depression. I think I have been on most of the anti-depressants (except the newest ones) they usually helped for a few months then ended up being more depressing than what I was feeling before I started taking them. After going off all forms of anti-depressants, I have found that eating correctly, meditation and affirmations help as much or more than any of the anti-depressants than I ever took.

    Also trust your family as to what weight at which you look better... they are seeing you from the outside without your subjectivity. Know you are in a healthy space and as long as you continue to eat well and exercise, you are a success... it isn't the number that counts, it's the continued healthy actions that matter.
    3193 days ago
    I know that feeling all too well. I'm glad you're not giving up, though!

    do me a favor and look at what you're eating. I know it's within range for calories, but what about everything else? Carbs? fats? Protein? Fiber? where are you in those ranges. WHAT are you eating!

    "they" (whoever they are) say that it's calories in/calories out that matters, but I have found that not to be entirely true. 1400 calories of cake and 1400 calories of broccoli are NOT the same to your body. So, what is the quality of food you're eating?

    Ok. Done that? Good. Now look at your workouts. How intense are they? Are you out of breath and sweaty at the end? Is your heartrate up? It's actually pretty amazing how quickly our bodies get used to what we're doing and demand more. Try some interval training. Increase your strength training sessions (for comparison sake, I do 3 days of ST at one hour each session. You don't need to go that far, but what I'm saying is it doesn't hurt.), both duration and weights.

    Finally, are you drinking enough water? 9 times out of 10 if I look at my plateau periods I can directly relate them to periods where I'm not drinking enough water for one reason or another.

    At the end of the day, though, your consistency will do you well. Keep it up and you'll see results!
    3194 days ago
  • MARIE405
    You could be going through Pre menopause
    3194 days ago
    Thank you RIGEIN24 for your suggestion. I just went to the Panic Button forum and posted a note.

    I do strength training every other day for 10 to 15 minutes each time.
    3194 days ago
  • RIGEIN24
    Sorry I don't have any experience with the hormones or medications area. But have you tried asking the message boards? There's a couple forum leaders there who can check your trackers and offer advice on things that might help you progress. I see them on the "Panic! Button for Immediate Help" forum a lot.

    Also do you do any strength training? That's probably the first thing they'll ask, so I thought I'd throw it out there first :) If you do, you might need to purchase more weights/resistance bands or change the exercises you've been doing.

    Sorry you have been depressed, it's understandable, but good to know you're not giving up. The key is to try new things, and give it time for results when you do. I hope someone on the forums can give you some ideas.
    3194 days ago
  • BECCAF03
    Just keep up the good work and it will pay off. Sometimes stress or hormones or even some medications can slow or hinder the process, so just try to give yourself a break knowing that you are doing all of the right things. If it doesn't work itself out, make sure your exercise sessions are helping you burn enough calories and that you are logging every single thing you put into your mouth! (I used to skip little 'bites'...what a mistake!)

    Good Luck!
    3194 days ago
    Hang in there. Remember the Japanese saying: fall down six times, get up seven.
    3194 days ago
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