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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hi out there all you precious dawggies! I am really ready for this challenge to begin. In the last challenge I was successful at losing my 5% and I made a lot of new and wonderful friends. I loved the team so much that I decide to be one of the Dawg's ELs - an Extra Leader. So, I'll be here to help you, answer questions and read blogs.
Since the last challenge ended, I have been beset with some real (and new) health challenges. During this challenge I will be having back and knee surgery and two bouts of chemotherapy. I won't be contributing a lot of exercise points, although I have found out that I can count my physical therapy (shoulder, back and knee) as exercise. I will be contributing in lots of other ways:
helping our newbies (our "pups")
reading blogs
sharing information
cheering everyone on
My goals are a little different but here they are:
Blog 3 times a week
Track all of my food
Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily
Keep my carb to protein ratio at 3:1
Perform physical therapy daily for a minimum of 15 minutes
Work toward losing 5% (10 pounds) while at a minimum maintaining my weight during the surgeries and infusions
Help my teammates achieve their 5% loss!
The Spirited Underdogs is a happy, fun group with unbelievable leaders. I consider myself fortunate to be on the team and to share a little of the leadership responsibilities with the amazing team of MaryAnn, Diane, Moni, and Julee. They each bring unique gifts to the team and they are more fun than a barrel of monkeys...or I guess I should say more fun than a passel of puppies!
GO DAWGS! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You have a lot going on. I never had chemo but I did have radiation a few years ago. Good that you can use your physio for Spark Minutes. I am glad you are shooting for 199 too!
    3314 days ago
    Good luck on your Spring Challenge...thinking of you and all you have before you..hugs and prayers..

    ...and if the Starfish don't win I hope the dogs do :)
    3318 days ago
    Martha..I want to wish you the best during the challenge although I am on another team.If I had known about you being on the Underdogs I would have asked to be placed there.I am on The Shooting Stars and I know I will meet new Spark Friends and it will be a lot of fun and very motivating!

    3319 days ago
    Wow Martha you have a lot on your plate! I am glad you will be joining us again depite all you have in front of you. Love the DAWGS and the leaders are all great! Take care of yourself and I hope all goes well with your surgeries and chemo. Keep us posted.

    3320 days ago
    Glad you are our EL - you always give us food for thought! Can't wait to "get this party started!"
    3320 days ago
    I am sure you will be an excellent EL good luck with your challenges you have the right spirit you will be a winner!
    3320 days ago
    I'm really happy to be back and am so glad to have you as one our EL's as well. Let's have a blast!
    3320 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/15/2012 7:28:13 PM
    So glad you are happy on your team and becoming an extra leader. congrats on making your 5% last time, and I know you will be successful again.

    Friends now, friends later but....this butterfly will take the spirited dawgs on.
    3320 days ago
    Those are great goals. Wishing you all the best for the surgery & chemotherapy. Thanks for being one of the leaders on the fantastic dog team!
    3320 days ago
    Great spirit on the Dawgs - and with you cheering us on we can't help but make it to our goals!

    Good luck with the surgery and chemo. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for speedy and successful recovery!

    Helen emoticon
    3321 days ago
    You fit in so well I forgot this was your first Challenge as an EL! LOL I am so glad you decided to join us as a leader in the nut house, I mean kennel. Your support and encouragement will be a huge help to the dawgs and pups, just like it is to the leaders. I hope you let us be there for you too as you face your personal challenges over the next few months. Hugs to you dear lady and thank you for agreeing to be an EL. I hope by now you know what you have gotten yourself into. LOL

    We are going to rock this challenge and have fun doing it!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3321 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/15/2012 10:25:03 AM
    You're hepped up and ready to go, Martha. This sprint will be a rewarding one, for SURE! Go, Martha, GO!
    3321 days ago
    Nice blog and great goals. I was in PT for almost a full year. I'm so happy that I don't have to go anymore and that I've been working very hard. I feel myself getting stronger. I hope you get your strength soon.
    3321 days ago
    WOOOHOOOO Martha GAL !!! We are SOOOO FORTUNATE to HAVE YOU as an EL this time around !! HOW WE EXISTED without YA IS BEYOND ME ! For now you DO COMPLETE the 5teamsters for the SPRING CHALLENGE of 12!!!!! WOOHOOOOO ! Each season brings its owns JOYS as leadahs, as you are going to be finding out ! WOOFERS A DOOOOIEEEE !!!! And it IS A JOY to be such !!! LOL Some may THINK this is WORK, but you've ALREADY FOUND out, how much other things we do (HEY do NOT you OWE ME $$$????? I'll take it in DAWGGIE STEAKS !!!) LOL LOL LOL

    Just do what it is, you can do and NOT A BIT BEYOND IT !!! GROWLING AT YA !!! learn from me hon, we do what we can on the days we can, and yeah, thats IT !!!!! I KNOW YOU as well as I KNOW ME ! We will BOTH PUSH IT SOME, but hon, we both KNOW we SHOULD NOT DO THIS for it NEVAH PAYS OFF ! So I hope your SMARTAH than I AM ! OH YEAH ! (I am learning each season to control this morah and morah !) YOU TAKE CARE OF YOU FIRST hon !!!!! SO GLAD that the PT DOES COUNT for I'll ALSO be going into it, LOL "IF" My Dr has HER SAY ! HAHAHAHA IF I LET HER that IS ! LOLOL I am one of those "DIANEEEEEEEEEE !! YOU NEEEEEEDDDD THISSSSSS" patients. She's ALREADy said it,,, I said "I know" and didn't yet, but WILL I am just already as I told her, BESET and OVERWHELMED by TO MANY appts as it is, I know hon, you know this ALL TO WELL huh? How do you do this? There MUST be a "Secret"?

    Oh man they are showing "The Baconator" on TV !! I AM HUNGRY !! "Diane !! RESIST !!!! DO NOT GO TO WENDY's this LATE though they are open til 1AM !" LOLOL This late at night, WOW it DOES LOOK GOOD, and I KNOW Brenda is UP now, and WILL take me as long as I buy her one also ! LOL its down the street. OH MAN !! OH MAN !! IT DOES LOOK GOOD !

    See the TORTURE? See what you are UP AGAINST For needing to be the EL FOR????? HELP !! MARTHA !! HELP !!! LOL aren't ya glad your the EL NOW? You get to us DAWGS !!! :)
    3321 days ago
    Enjoy! You will be a GREAT EL. You had really great success with the Challenge last time around and I know you'll make it happen again.

    I was on the Starfish team last time and signed up for the Spring Challenge too. Only three more days to go before the official start. WooHoo! Hoping to meet my goal of 5% this time. Fell short on the winter team but onward and upward!!

    Wishing you a great week!

    3321 days ago
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