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Friday, March 30, 2012

I just need to get this out.....

Okay so I stepped on the scale Wed and Thurs - 150.2. The same as when I started this program last Tuesday. No problem I had been eating a lot of calories so I was happy there was no gain. I drop the calories down yesterday and I'm up 2.2 pounds???

What else could it be?
-Water. I drank 64 ounces - this was the first time I had done that on this diet - most likely this is the cause. I do feel bloated as well. Could this be the cauliflower? I am eating too much cheese? I am still within the 3-4 ounce range as per Atkins

i bought the Atkins New Diet Revolution Book this week. I am thinking I may be metabolically resistant. When I did the fat fast a few weeks back I really did drop pounds. His book talk s about the fat fast and how it is beneficial for those who are metabolically resistant. Fat fating is hard though, and 10000 calories a day is tough, then slowly having to gear you meals to a better macro is alot of work and deprivation. I will give this another week.

Here is what I have to do
-drink my water
-limit coffee to 2 a day
-Sucralose limit to 3 servings a day
-cream limit to 3 TBSP a day
-keep calories between 1500-1800

I have not been to the gym in two weeks. Next week I will do Yoga 2X and Strength Training 2X.

I will give this eating schedule another week, for an "honest" try. In the mean time I will try and stay of the scale. But really seeing that gain today was really disheartening.
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    You know, I sort of do low carbs, but I don't follow it to a T. The reason -- I don't think you can just count carbs. One small line in the latest Atkins book says that if you're eating low carb but not losing weight, you might be eating too much. That means, to me, you still have to also count calories or be a VERY intuitive eater and only eat when hungry.

    IMHO, I stay away from refined carbs because they me want to eat ridiculous amounts more. But I can easily overeat with cheese, too, but perhaps not to the same extent. So in the end, I still count calories more than carbs, although I try to snack on lower carb alternatives.

    Anyway, that's my two cents. Have a good weekend!

    2928 days ago
    I found that on the days my weight went up, I ate too much cheese. If I stick to the 20G of carb, I stay within range. I either tend to eat too much cheese or too much chicken!!

    I found it helpful to log my food in ahead of time to see where all my totals are at- fat, carb and calories, and then use that plan for the day.

    I read above about the coffee....makes me rethink how much I drink!

    I hope you find what woprks for you so you can keep on going towards your goals!
    2928 days ago
    So many things could have caused a temporary gain like that, it's hard know what, if anything, you should do differently. If you like to weigh daily, you're best to take a weekly average of the weights rather than take the reading from any one specific day. Otherwise you might want to switch to a weekly reading. Less drama!

    If you're cutting coffee down to 2 cups a day that could definitely make a difference overall too. Caffeine works by releasing glycogen (sugar) from your liver, which will raise your insulin levels and shut off the fat-burning for an hour or two.
    2928 days ago
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