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Mixing it up a bit...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

For months I've been swimming/biking/running (non-freaking-stop) along with going to body pump once a week.

I got to the day after the big triathlon and suddenly lost all desire to work out. I was just burnt out. I have been training for months and now was quite impatient with the thought of going on swimming/running/biking so much.

Luckily one of my 'turn 50' goals was to incorporate a daily yoga practice back into my life. Instead of just parking it on the couch because I couldn't stomach another day of tri training, I signed up for "Yoga Pilates Fusion" at the Y and, speaking of the Y, I am back to going to body pump twice if not thrice a week. Suddenly my workouts focus on both strength and limberness instead of speed and endurance.

I love the Yoga Pilates class... I have learned so much about postures I have done for so long.

I haven't forsaken the tri sports though. It has been hot lately so a couple times a week we bike to one of a couple beaches (within 2-7 miles) and go swimming. Nothing strenuous, just swimming about to have a little fun. I've even been running a bit. But instead of trying for more and more distance/time making a run like motion, I've got this speed interval routine I do on the treadmill at the Y. Oh, and I do love bicycling so I do still put on 50 or so miles a week. I just don't try my dangdest to ride 15 miles in under an hour.

Today, however I am taking a day off. Yesterday I took a 12 mile ride around the countryside, then went to my Yoga Pilates class after work, THEN got peered pressured into body pump. Three hours of core & thigh burning fun! Today I'll just ride my bike the mile to the Wool Exchange & back and spend as much time in between sitting and knitting. Ah, decadence!
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