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Tales from the Far Side of Mars

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Currently there are 2 dogs in my house - one a failed foster named Ella, a sweet, timid Australian Shepherd mix. The other a foster - a beautiful chocolate brown Pittie - an older gentleman, but definately with a playful side & very loving. Oh yes - his name is Mars. (after the chocolate candy bar)

Although a stormy night would have been ok with me, the dogs did not appreciate it at all. I'm trying to remember all the events between 9 p.m. and 3:30 a.m.

1)Huge mistake - got mad at hubby & bro-in-law for totally ignoring me when I came in, so back in my room, when Mars acted like he wanted up on the bed, I just let him. (Shoot me) So he wouldn't stay off it the rest of the night. (Hubby's rule you see - no dogs, especially big ones, on the bed - he has his reasons as you will see)

2)Got Mars settled on a pillow by the bed, but then Ellabelle got all ruffled because of the storm & wanted to come to me by the bed, but Mars was there. So she sat & stared at me, shaking at times. I tried to comfort her to no avail.

3)I turned off the lights once & both dogs were right there nuzzling me by the bed, so I turned the light back on to see what the heck.

4)I got up SEVERAL times for different things - gave them a bone - turned off computers because of the extravagant light show nature was putting on - thought of trying the couch so Mars could be close to me, as he was still trying to join me in the bed. At one point was in the backyard with an umbrella coaxing the dogs to come out & pee - they thought I was an idiot, but they came out for a minute to try & please me, but never peed & then turned tail & went back in. Oh yes - & all this was AFTER I'd taken half an Ambien. lol

5)Oh yeah - gave both the dogs Benadryl - well for Mars it was his prescription antihistamine, & Ella the Benadryl. So then - Ella was still sitting there staring at me, but her eyes kept drooping & once she almost fell over - lol. Got her to lay down on her bed once, but only for a short time.

5)FINALLY, Mars was being so pushy about it, I gave up & decided if I was EVER going to get any sleep I'd let Mars up onto my side of the bed & he wouldn't bother Eric & we could all sleep. ERROR. He did EXACTLY what Eric had always told me a big dog would do. He got up there & literally PUSHED me over to the middle & took MY spot. Head on my pillow etc & I was smashed up behind his back. And that is how I fell asleep. I faded in a couple of times & that dog never moved the next 3 hours. About 6 something I woke up to pee & had had enough - I shoved him off the bed & told him it was over buddy.

Now I feel like I'm the one who had Benadryl - lol. But obviously, it's time for me to get more authoritative with him - lol. It's kind of like with my son - he was always such a good boy that we may have been too easy on him & now he's a bit flaky. Well Mr Mars is such a sweety-pie that everything he does is cute. But I can't let him "boss me around" either, He needs a loving and yet strong pack leader. We'll see. lol Not going to change that much but intend to have some boundaries. I went to the bathroom this morning & shut the door in his face - lol. Boundaries - haha.,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love the name Mars for a dog. Hope you finally get some sleep!
    1920 days ago
    So funny. I've been rolled out of bed by a pushy St. Bernard who wanted the pillow, know the feeling. (Yes, we have a 'no dogs on the bed' rule now, too!)
    2871 days ago
  • SAL1512
    I normally get up around 5:30 am. This morning, our little dog, Riley, who always sleeps with us, woke me up early. She was just shaking and insistent that I get out of bed. I closed the windows because I thought the leaves blowing across the patio were bothering her again. Riley was still very emotionally distraught. Then I went down the hallway to get her some fresh water and I heard beeping. It was not from within my home. I got dressed to pull weeds in the coolness of the morning. When I got outside, I started investigating where the noise was coming from and it was a neighbors across the street and two houses north. Everything looked fine and no one was up yet so I waited until 8:00 am to call them. The beeping neighbors were not home. They were visiting someone out of state! They told me where to find a house key. Then I got DH up and we both went over there to investigate. Everything was fine, but their smoke detectors were going off. We gave them a call to say everything was okay and they told us how to disconnect the smoke detectors. Riley finally calmed down after that. It really is comforting to know Riley knew something was really wrong. I am going to pay attention to her in the future!
    Sally emoticon
    3154 days ago

    Two rules we've always had in our house - no children or pets allowed in our bed or bedroom at night.

    I broke that rule one night when my youngest son was little and feeling poorly and my DH was away on business. Boy, did I regret that decision - my son kicked out in his sleep - straight into my stomach! Never again.
    3164 days ago
    Maybe the dog needs doggy prozac! Becayse when my daughter dated this oen man who was torturing the dog, he woudl go berserk and damage a lto of things! Her one boyfriend cause that dog even more stress (he tore up anything of her male friends, esp the oen guy and anything he sat on or wore) nearly drove my Daughter nuts dealing with that dog (she got from a SPCA, because he looked like a dog we had and she rescued him) .

    Well that dog destroyed a brand new chair (cost $350 and his shoes and anything that he got ahold of that smelled like the old boyfriend and chew it to death) . She had to put her dog on some tranquilizers then some prozac. Hes been much better after that. He was only on it a short time, and once she broke up with that guy, the dog settled down and now is such a sweet dog, and lover and behaves. You tell him to go and sit down or no for anything and he knows and abides by her wishes. Hes a sweetheart now and he even tolerates the new boyfriend better and his dog and the cats! My dog is his best buddies with him. All after we found out why he was acting so bad. He was anxious was all! Of that ex0boyfriend. Learned he tortured the dog! But once he left he was a very calm animal. You woudl nto think it was the same dog, because he would just go berserk. Now hes a gentle dog and just adorabel. I think he may have been abused by the previous owner. Just have to consdier dogs as kids and give them what they need. Its ahrd when they are abandoned or hurt. I feel for any critetr that has been absued. Its probably why hes acting the way he is. GIve him a chew toy or prozac until her calms down. Good luck! susana
    3164 days ago
    I have a pet-rescued australian shepherd/border collie mix named Cody. I'm convinced he's the smartest dog in the whole wide world! lol. How great of you to open your home to these loving animals!

    emoticon emoticon
    3164 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7867181
    Sounds just like my house on a stormy night! But I have a little 15 pounder and a cat. They always sleep with us but when it storms, Bailey - the dog is up sitting on my face practically and shaking like a leaf. I have a bed in the closet for him to go lay on when he gets scared. It must work when I'm gone because he will spend the day in there sometimes!

    Can't help but love 'em to death even if they drive you nuts!
    3164 days ago
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