My 12 week plan for BLC 20

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I have actually procrastinated on getting this done, but decided to sit down & just do it! I also noticed that many other of my team mates did front, side, & back photo shots - maybe at a later date I will do that! I know that a side shot would certainly help ME see any changes in myself more so than a front shot...but I just wanted the pic taken & posted & over with!!! emoticon

12 Week SMART GOAL: I will lose 12 lbs by the end of this challenge. I will know I am making progress because my jeans will button easier & my shirts won't be so tight for 12 weeks!

To achieve this I will need to work in a fitness routine on top of healthier eating. The healthier eating is the easiest as I had already started to incorporate that into my lifestyle. The fitness routine - not so much! So as listed below, this is my plan:

FITNESS/EXERCISE - I am going to set my alarm for an hour earlier M-F and get up and do 30 minutes of the "aerobic" programs on my treadmill. I am currently do Aerobic program 6 (mostly inclined fast walking w/spurts of jogging - at least for me) and do plan on moving in the program #'s. If something waylays me in the morning I will work it into my evening - even if it is after my daughter has gone to bed! I will do the TNT exercises on Tuesday & Thursday (BTW this is last Thursday - the lunges kicked my butt! My thighs hurt for probably a good 2-3 days afterward!) for my strength training. On the weekends, I will do a 3 plus mile walk each day or an hours worth of walking as I DO want to try to join an actual 5K next year! If the weather will not allow me to get outside, then I will hop on the treadmill and walk for that long!

NUTRITION: I will make sure to eat a high-protein breakfast to get me going each day & keep me going - such as Greek yogurt or omelet w/cheese with a Luna bar (or something like it) mid-morning when needed. Lunches are easy for me as I always take my lunch to work anyway & weekends I'm a light eater anyway. Mostly I will look to have salads or a sandwich with a snack mid afternoon of almonds/pistachios or veggies/fruits if I have them. Dinners will be the area to re-vamp! I will watch my portions when eating dinner & plan to make more meals at home., but when we do eat out will look to healthy options such as salads or soups or low-cal plates.

RECOUP PLAN: If I should have a bad day of eating or a day of missing getting my exercise in then I will just go onto the next day and start fresh! I know there will be days when I will be out with family or friends & will eat too much (although I have noticed that I get fuller quicker!) but I won't let it throw me overboard! I will wake up renewed the next day & continue on. Same for exercise - if I run into a day where I just can NOT pull myself out of bed or can't work in a walk - I will not let myself worry about it! Many articles & reports that I have read say not to totally deprive yourself of something that you like, therefore I will let myself cave in to my sweet/salty cravings ON OCCASION and will not overindulge or let IT bother me! I will track it accordingly and go on!

I read in another team mates blog about specific rewards she had set for herself when she hit specific goals. I TOTALLY love that idea! That is something I am going to have to sit down & figure out & get onto here so that I have it in front of me - so to speak. I also saw on someone else's a vision board (not sure what she called it now) but it was a collage of pictures and sayings to keep her inspired to reach for her goal - again love that too & need to do one of those for myself.

It has always been hard for me to do anything or get anything for myself unless it was absolutely necessary. I always think in the back of my mind that I should be using this money for something for my kids or that I really shouldn't be spending it all. We live on a VERY limited income so being able to even go to the store weekly & stocking up on fruits, veggies. salad fixins, etc just isn't possible w/me. So I have to make do with what I have in my house already - which isn't always the most healthy of things BUT it is food & so we won't starve!

And so I believe that is it! I do want to strive also to get on here & blog daily or more often than I have been!
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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3089 days ago
    Great plan! Really well thought out and sounds doable. Dinners are the hardest for me too with the healthy eating, plus by then I am just HUNGRY! But it sounds like you have it well thought out and under control. You got this! emoticon
    3093 days ago
    Great plan! That gettingup early always kicks my butt. But after a few days you get used to it and your internal alarm clock resets to the new time.
    3094 days ago
  • KIMMIG133
    Thanks Stacci!!!

    JMEEMB ~ BLC20 is the Biggest Loser Challenge #20 that Spark has going on right now!
    If you go the link below you can browse through all of the challenges!

    3094 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11752071
    I love how thorough you are! Nice plan.
    3094 days ago
  • no profile photo JMEEMB
    Sounds like a wonderful plan. What is BLC20?
    3094 days ago
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