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December 11, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My boys and I JUST got over a cold LAST WEEK. I just got over the mucus a few days ago, and guess friggin what?!

We are ALL sick ONCE AGAIN!! I have never been sick so often in my WHOLE life so far as I have been in the past 4 months since my son started school!!!!!!!

Not having physical contact with my boys when they are sick are OUT OF THE QUESTION!!! So I dont know. I wont NOT kiss them on lips or snuggle up, nor will I NOT wipe their snot with my hands when there is not other way. Sorry as nasty as it sounds to's how I am. I just am tired of being sick so friggin much.

I have tried Vitamin C capsules. I have tried Echinacea. I have even tried Airbourne. I did Zicam once but that was a while ago. The others were last few times I was sick. ::sigh::

Normally as many know I walk 45 mins to/from sons school. This morning a neighbor saw me and offered us a ride. So with it being 36 degrees I took it ONLY because I did not want my boys to get sicker. So since I had an offer I took it. Though I felt guilty cause I did not walk as long. I still walked 20 mins to walk back home. Then did day 8 of 30 day shred...BUT..I did not push myself AT ALL. I took alot of breaks and did not push how I normally do. I kind of just said whatever I don't feel good, I will do it minimally. emoticon

Eh. I ate only what I should have/tracked yesterday. So it was a success.

Only 5 more days until my next 1/2!! Lord my last race I was sick too...and now this one? Maaannnn....

I hope everyone has a HEALTHY day!

Well only tomorrow will tell how today turned out!

Until then..Have a healthy day!
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