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Another Running Milestone

Sunday, March 24, 2013

So with now being able to consistently run 5K distance in under 30 minutes, one of my goal for 2013 is to compete in a 10K race. But as I did with the 5K distance, I wanted to set a time goal before I started looking for a race. My goal = under 60 minutes.

I had previously attempted the 10K distance 3 times prior today, each time in the 62 minute range. Not bad, but I knew I had to overcome the 60 minute barrier in my mind to feel I could really do it in a race (don't ask me why - my mind works in strange ways!).

So Sunday has become my 10K running day, as I don't have the urgency to get back to work like I do during the week. And in spite of being a day off, I was awake at 5:30AM this morning trying to figure out in my mind how I was going to break the 60 minute barrier today. Then it hit me: Like a complex project, I needed to break my run into smaller components. So my initial plan was essentially six-1 mile runs, with the 2/10th mile part at the end to get me to 10K. So my goal was to be at 6 miles at 58:00, leaving me 2 minutes to book the last 2/10 mile.

So for the first 3.10 miles, this worked like a charm. In fact, what I did was go back to running for blocks of time (10 minutes), then take a 1 minute "fast walk" break. Anyway, I was in the 29:30 range for 5K, so I knew I was in the hunt.

Then fatigue set in! As I had noticed in my previous 10K runs, the "voices" began to talk to me, telling me I was tired, and that this idea of running this distance in under 60 minutes was silly! So while I did not give in, I did start taking short 30 second fast walk breaks every 5 minutes, and that helped a lot!!

I hit 6 miles at just a little over minutes (I think it was 58:10) so I knew I could do it. Cranked the treadmill from the steady 6.5 mph I had run at to that point to 6.8, then to 7.0 for that last 10th, and happily hit 6.2 miles at 59:52!!

I was reading my previous running posts, and it was just a little over a year ago (2/28/2012 to be precise!), when I was able to run 5K in under 40 minutes! I remember how at the time that was HUGE! I found my first 5K race to run on April 21, and I have not looked back!

I'm pretty sure I was pretty tired back on 2/28/12, but today -- I am REAL tired!! But very happy! And now I'll start looking for a 10K race to run!!

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