Day 17: Feeling Official

Friday, April 05, 2013

Coming to the realization that I will actually have two jobs starting on Monday. Since I decided to do consultations only on evenings and weekends, I actually booked three consultations for Saturday morning. People are finding me through my articles online. Yesterday I filed some motions in court. Whenever I do that, I feel all official and stuff. I don't get to court much, so when I do it's a little nerve-wracking.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! I did a lot of walking yesterday. Walked to work, walked to the bank and the post office, took the stairs a lot. Made a trip to Trader Joe's and managed not to buy chocolate or junk food (other than a pack of gummy bears - I ate a few and gave the rest to Jon), which is absolutely amazing for me.

The FitBit has been very motivating to move around more. Even though I didn't officially "exercise" yesterday, I earned an extra 200 calories, which I didn't even use. So far, so good!
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