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Thursday, April 11, 2013

I have maintained my weight for 17 months with 5-10 pounds in fluctuation. Learning to eat smaller portion sizes was an easy habit to learn. Controlling how many different single servings fit on a plate has been harder. I love fresh vegetable mixes and will find myself eating 6 or more types/servings at a time. Sure this is healthier and doesn’t lead to much weight gain, but I am still training my stomach to want to feel overly full with each meal. This causes problems when the less healthy meals are on the menu. I stuck with my normal eating schedule of mid-morning breakfast, lunch, snack, and early dinner. Dinner has always accounted for half of my calories for the day and I am starting to try and balance them out more. I tried adding more protein rich foods (Greek yogurt, Atkins bars, K2O, etc.) during the day, but I never felt fuller and my daily protein amounts were still low. I try to stick to a daily vitamin. I still hate scheduling grocery shopping time.

I was more active during the first 9 months of the 17. I found adding activities like playing with my daughter or cleaning was easy to do. I started suffering a setback in time management and priorities as the holidays approached last winter towards my pursuit of being active. I recently admitted that I feel joint stiff, tired, and weaker at less weight. I started moving daily and my attitude towards moving improved. I finally added strength training and found flexibility back in my joints. I hope the trend continues. I always avoided ST because I didn’t know how to do it. I just decided that after my cardio work out to read one or two machines and try it each day. I have found favorites in just a few days time that are creating new motivation.

I am still an emotional stress eater, but I know when I am doing it now. I mostly give in to drinking pop under stress. By adding food tracking during these times, it keeps myself very aware of how many wasteful calories I am indulging. I always leave drink no soda in my other goals tracking so that I can motivate myself to find control during tracking times.

My husband bought P90 a week ago, I am trying to inquire about his progress without being part of it. I will have to remember to ask him what he needs from me for support. I definitely remember to encourage and ask how he feels regularly, but I want the primary motivation to come from him. He scheduled his work outs late at night after everyone is in bed and I view this as a choice to not be witnessed. He does however have a close friend on the program that he shares his progress, attitudes, and motivations with regularly.

My journey started with a co-worker challenging us to a period of weight loss and walking during breaks. Finding people to share your motivations and desires towards healthy goals is a very important tool. It helps keep your focus on moving forward and finding option.
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    You are doing great! Thanks for the report on your maintenance progress. I found my protein was low normal too; now I'm mid line and feel much better; but I have to monitor it. I have to plan to get it high enough. I've found that in addition to greek yogurt the fat free cottage cheese is a great protein bargain calorie wise. Much better now that the fat free I remember from years ago.
    My grandson used the P90x program two years ago and totally transformed his body; he's maintained his weight loss and continues to exercise; just not as intensely. Learned some great strategies from that program.
    Congratulations on your success; maintenance is a different kind of challenge; but a challenge, none the less! WTG!
    2879 days ago
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