A Setback is Not Defeat

Monday, October 07, 2013

Okay, so I got on the scale this morning for my weekly weigh in and I gained 2 lbs. Was I disappointed? Oh yeah!!! Was I embarrassed that I was going to have to log in and enter a 2 lb weight gain on my tracker? You betcha!

But disappointment was not devastation. I understand my body and what has happened. Two weeks ago I had an incident where my legs and ankles became swollen and painful. It lasted for a week before the swelling began going down and the pain eased up. Of course I called my Doctor because this was something out of the ordinary and it was actually scary for me. I was experiencing some other unusual symptoms but I won't go into all of the details. Bottom line, I saw my Dr. and he said that I may have some things going on but I also may be one of those women who are always going to be suscepticle to fluid retention. Before he started running a battery of test on me he wanted to prescribe me medicine that will help my body rid the extra fluid. He suggested that I try this for a month but also pay attention to the other symptoms I was having and keep a log and record them if they reoccurred. He set me up for a follow up for next week. I started the pills and almost instantly shed 6 lbs.

Last week I was scheduled for my first time Colonoscopy screening. One of those fun test you get to have when you hit the age of 50. Well, the procedure was not significant at all. However, the day before the procedure I had to cleanse my body in preparation. That was significant, and not in a good way. I am not a fan of body cleanses at all. They may have their benefits and I won't argue that point, but I don't know if the trauma I put my body through was worth the pay off. And...this wasn't a choice for me. It was a must. So cleanse I did and I dropped another 3 lbs overnight. A 9 lbs weight loss in a matter of a few days.

So, I had no doubt that my weight was going to fluctuate this week. Between the new medicine to reduce fluid retention, and the cleanse I did in prep of the colonoscopy, my body really had a week. I didn't even bother to step on the scale any day during the week because I knew if I saw the numbers moving back up I would panic and that would put a hurdle in my path to stay on track. I didn't want to jump hurdles so I stayed clear of the scale but prepared myself that I may not see the number I wanted to this morning.

And I was correct. My instinct tells me that I'm still on track and I'm doing everything right. However, I really won't know that until I step on the scale next Monday morning. If I have another gain what will it mean? It will mean that my plan isn't set for success and I need to make modifications. I'm tracking my food and I'm staying within my calorie range so that probably would not be where I would adjust. I've added three days of intense workout to my plan in the only space I have available for exercise but if I'm not losing I will have to figure out a way to adjust that plan. The workouts are feeling great. Not so much when I'm in the middle of it and my body is drenched in sweat, my legs are killing me with the push of it, and my body is yelling for mercy. But aftwards, when I'm finished, my energy level is up and I feel awesome.

So, I'm disappointed but not defeated. I will see what this week brings with my body regulating to the medicine and if adjustments have to be made I will figure it out. If I'm back on track and I am able to celebrate a weight loss then I'll keep pushing forward. It's a new day with a new beginning and I intend to make the very best of it. I'm on a journey, a lifelong journey, no quick fixes here. I thank God for giving me this body. I am thankful that His Holy Spirit dwells within my body and it's my responsibility to honor it and get it in the best condition that I can. I worship my God with my mind, body, soul, spirit and all my strength and I'm so grateful to have a new day with a new beginning.
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    you'll be further along soon. emoticon
    2654 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    May I delicately say that the preperation for a Colonoscopy is a pain in the butt!.

    Keep up the good attitude, it's helping you succeed! Proud of you for expressing yourself and your frustrations. I can relate.

    Here for you,
    2662 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2663 days ago
    Good for you taking that attitude! I'm sure it will be great for you.
    2663 days ago
    Wonderful way to look at it and great alternative plans. I think you are right, your body is just readjusting to normal from the fluid losses last week. emoticon

    cheering you on!
    2665 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Love the attitude. Looking forward to seeing how your journey progresses.
    2665 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear about the rough week. It's no wonder you lost 9 lbs after the medications and medical cleanse - you had nothing left inside you! :-
    I hope you will feel on track this week with your eating right and exercising. I find the older i get, the more my body 'tells' me if I'm doing things right or not. So listen to your body, and maybe even try on a pair of too-snug pants to use as your measurement of success along with your scale. Sometimes fitting into those clothes works as a great reminder, besides the scale numbers, that you are making progress!

    Best wishes!
    2665 days ago
  • PGHP31CK
    You're right -- you CAN do this! You have a process, you're willing to adapt, and you've got an awesome attitude.

    Disappointment only becomes defeat if WE let it!

    May your week be blessed.
    2665 days ago
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