Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Ok, so the house your spirit lives in is fat. And our society defines fat as ugly. Or maybe you weren't born beautiful by the standards in our society. I am not disputing whether it is unhealthy to be fat, we know the answer to that issue. I am not disputing whether your exterior matches the quality you possess internally. I am not here to judge you. Or am I disputing feeling poorly, or having low self esteem, by bringing up these topics. What I am disputing is the value we put on certain looks, and their meaning in our society. For example, a tribe in Africa, uses toxins as a rite of passage into adulthood. they cut their face and pour poison into it. Only in this particular tribe, it is a sign of achieving adulthood, and represents beauty! The more scars you have, the more you are respected, and considered beautiful! So, in that tribe our definition of ugliness is relative. Where we may be ugly here, where you live. Some where else, in the world, we may be looked at as being valuable for being fat, or beautiful, because we are scared or not as pretty. We must realize, our bodies are only the house we live in. If your fat bothers you, do something about it. And remember that you need to be your own best friend. And love yourself enough to want to get slimmer, not for the esthetics ( looks), but for health reasons. Eating too much junk, and caffeine throws you into this chemically. Stop being your own worst enemy, and find other ways to deal with things that stress you out. Negative talk is usually learned behavior. Sometimes from our parents, who may have not known how to raise us, or love us. Realize that you are valuable because you are unique. No one has what you have. No one is what you are. Also,If you believe in God, honor God, by leaving the stress up to him if you can, or believe. Remember God doesn't make no junk! And remember you are suppose to be here to experience this journey they call life! It isn't easy, or smooth for anyone. And most of us don't get enough love. So love yourself please. It all beings, and ends with your inner behavior. If you can't be strong enough, then let God fill you up with his love. You are a gift from God, and you matter! eva.
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