The Weekends Are KILLING ME!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

ARGGGHHHH!!! Just need to vent... so, last week, I did great UP UNTIL... yep, you guessed it: the WEEKEND(DOM-DA-DA-DA-DOOOOOOOO
OOOMMMMM). I totally lost my mind on Friday and Saturday; I was able to recover on Sunday. This "losing my mind" on the weekend is causing my weight to be stagnant, but I just have not figured out a way to get my hands under control! I would have probably lost at least 3 lbs by now if I hadn't let myself get out of control both this past weekend and the prior... it's just a nightmare! And it doesn't help that my hubby (who's irritatingly thin and seems to be able to eat WHATEVER he wants and only gains a tiny pooch) loves to eat cake and ice cream on the weekends. I do enjoy seeing him enjoy this food, so I don't want to banish it from the home, but at the same time, I allow myself to sabatoge my goals! Sparkfriends, how do you avoid overdoing it on the weekends? Any techniques/mantras/tricks that you might have up your sleeve to get through this slippery time??
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    Great responses to your blog post. I and I see a lot of us have the same problem. I was recently in a slump with that but i realized when I out and about I have the tendency to pig out. When I'm home I'm much better. So I started alternating my full out weekends with @ home DIY projects. That way I get some exercise in and I can eat healthier that weekend as well. If I do eat out I've put in some exercise time as well and I don't feel as bad. I always weigh myself on MOnday mornings but my offiical weigh day is Thursday. This let me see if I've done too much damage over the weekend and allows me time to refocus before weigh-in. It also helps me not make the same mistake the following weekend. But with the holidays coming up it will be hard to have alternating weekends but you can do it!
    2425 days ago
    At least your weight is stagnant, mine went up! emoticon emoticon emoticon My father-in-law was down last weekend looking for a house (he's moving down here from Colorado), and we ate out almost every meal. IHOP, Grand House, Charleston's, yep, not exactly low-cal fare, so no surprise that I'm up about 3 lbs. I have yet to find a good solution for that weekend problem, but some weekends are definitely better than others. At least we avoided Golden Corral emoticon
    2428 days ago
    I weigh myself on Monday mornings. That definitely makes me more conscious of what I eat and how hard I work out on through the week, but especially the weekends! My hubs loves McD's on the weekends. So did before I started losing weight. We made a deal that if he gets to go get McChickens and McBurgers and McFries.... I get to go to Starbucks next door (my FAVORITE treat) where I know I can get something that satisfies my cravings but stick to my calorie range (an Iced Mocha, nonfat, no whip is a great recovery drink after a hard workout). So, he's not deprived just because I'm the one trying to lose weight but I'm not deprived either nor am I destroying any progress I made during the week. Find an alternative! Something that you find satisfying but won't ruin your hard work.
    2428 days ago
    When I find myself binging to that extent it's usually because I'm restricting too much the rest of the time. Are your weight loss goals set at something you emotionally think you should be able to do or are they set at something that is a safe, healthy, attainable goal? Same for your calorie intake.

    It's so hard to have to tell yourself that maybe you can't do it all overnight, but in the long run baby steps are better because setting goals too high leads to giving up and starting over so many times.
    2428 days ago
    I have the same problem: controlling my mouth on the weekends. If you are good all week you can allow yourself a cheat day on the weekend. While hubby eats ice cream, you can eat greek yogurt or a fudgsicle or sorbet. Either that, or do something (exercise, read, go out) to preoccupy your mind when it turns to food
    2428 days ago
  • TINA8605
    I have the same problem....the weekends just undo everything I worked so hard for all week. Me and my bf both gained weight we worked so hard losing....too many nights eating out...too many DQ blizzards. I finally put my foot down and we had a talk. While my bf is not on board diet wise, he has agreed to committing to the gym 4 nights a week with me. He is slowly starting to come around. I highly advise you talk to your sweetie and let him know how much this means to you for you to lose some weight. See if he will at least exercise with you and maybe eat those no-no's some where else in the house...good luck girl!!!
    2428 days ago
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