Good to be back!

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Sunday, February 01, 2015

It's been awhile since I have consistently been on Spark, but here I am! It is good to be back! I have to say there is something about this site that is so well done! The interaction with other members and the camaraderie. I've missed it!

My last blog was 2012.. hmm... been awhile! LOL

A lot has happened. A lot of good!

Back in June of 2012 I took a huge leap of faith and changed nearly my whole life. I got divorced from a toxic relationship that was LONG overdue, I took care of me and really walked my talk of working through my own issues, because it takes two to have a toxic relationship. I took a course on boundaries and learned so much about myself and how I seemed to have had none. It was a gut wrenching journey, but a really good journey that helped me find my balance in life and really helped me realize that I was so worthy of all the good that could come to me and that the sky was the limit... I could have anything I wanted and could be, do and become anything I wanted. I had been to hell and back before and had learned that in the valley is where you learn the lessons. That all the pain God has a plan for and as your coming to your next mountain top, because you've had the courage to endure and spend time in the valley, some things become so clear and it all makes sense.
I've learned to just "trust" that God has got me, and even though I may go through things that are hard, if I put my trust in Him and feel what I need to be feeling, learn what I need to be learning, even if it's uncomfortable, it's all for a reason.

I moved away from the community I lived in for 20 years to make a fresh start and be in a place that I'd always wanted to be. I started a new business that I had put on the back burner for 10 years, because I didn't know if it would work, or if I could, or if I'd have support etc. etc. Basically I let fear hold me back. Fear of failure and fear of the unknown. I scoff at that fear now! I realize that fear is just an energy I create in my own body and that most of it is false. By looking it in the face and moving forward anyways, I have become so much more confident and self secure. It is a wonderful place to be :)

So that decision to jump off the cliff and see if I could build wings on my way down was the best one I have ever made in my life! I have zero regret and am so glad I found the courage to do so.

I came back to Spark, because I put together a workout and tracking program for my brother to follow because he wants to lose some weight and I am a firm believer that is someone is to follow you... you have to walk the talk. So I have some huge goals for 2015, for my business, for my life, for my finances and for my fitness and so I am plugging back in to all things that have brought me success. And truth be told, I have just missed this unique and special community and look forward to reconnecting with old friends and meeting some new ones.


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