When life knocks you down....come up swinging!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

I've been dealing a lot with my Celiac disease lately. I work diligently to keep it in check and am very careful and stay on track with what I put into my body and put on my body. The good news is that I can't even participate in a study for the disease because I don't have symptoms of being "glutened". For those of you that don't know or don't fully understand what Celiac is it is an autoimmune issue, and because I am so allergic (sensitive) to being exposed to gluten, my body produces antibodies to fight against it. Therefore if I'm getting even traces of it my immune system suffers because it is too busy producing antibodies instead of fighting off the common cold or infection etc. It also means that if I get a hold of gluten in any form it's not just a "reaction" it literally shaves off the healthy villi that line the small intestine. Those villi are what transport nutrients to other parts of your body. It can shave them off to the point of leaving holes in the intestine and causing leaky gut, where food is getting into other parts of the body that it's not meant for. So yeah, it's a SERIOUS deal. Not to mention, any time I have accidentally gotten some, I am seriously sick...for days and it can take weeks to recover and months for new healthy villi to grow back.
For me I went so long un-diagnosed that I also became allergic to Lactose, eggs and soy. It can make it tricky to steer clear of all of these things all the time, but it is essential for me to feel well.

But even being diligent with all of these things and sticking to my diet and what works for my body to keep symptoms at bay (Celiac can come in the form of many different symptoms depending on the individual. One reason it is so hard to diagnose.) There are still times that it knocks me out.

For me it comes in the form of fatigue, severe fatigue. Along with that I get a mild depression, because I am a driven person that likes to be active and doing and when I can't be that, it bums me out.
I have learned that I have to allow my body what it needs. That may mean an unplanned rest day, or skipped workouts, or abbreviated workout because I don't have the stamina to make it through. If I "listen" to my body and give it what it needs, I bounce back fairly quickly. But for a stubborn, driven person that is hard to do sometimes. But I am learning. There are times I am just in bed for a few days because I'm so fatigued and my body is just off. I don't feel well at all. It's almost like flu symptoms that I can't take anything for. I try to resign myself to the fact that it just is what it is and I can only do what I can do. I cannot change it.

I had to learn to stop being so hard on myself and beating myself up for what I couldn't do and just do the best I can and be the best me I can be when I'm feeling well. Sometimes a set back is one day out of the month, sometimes it's a week and every now and then it can be almost a month. That is what I experienced as of late. Totally throws a wrench in my plans, my goals my ambition. I feel like I get completely stripped of my mojo. But I also realize that there are a lot of people who have it so much worse off and so I decide to just be grateful for feeling good when I do and don't fret the days I don't feel right. Therefore I allow myself a one day pitty party. But then it's time to pull up my big girl panties and move on!!

I am feeling better and you can bet I am coming up swinging!!! It makes me re-focus and get back to my goals with a vengeance! I figure the average person wastes more days than I am down anyways! So really I've lost nothing. As long as I use the days I have to make them the best I can.

I have tons to be grateful for and I refuse to let my Celiac and symptoms be a reason to hold myself back. It's all manageable. It's important to me to stay at the top of my game for as many days as I can. So I use it as my fuel, a reason to be fired up and a reason to achieve. I have run two Marathons and made it through training of those to the best of my ability and it was enough. I have competed in a fitness competition and soared. Did the best I could with what I have. I know that it may get a few days, but it will not get all of my days, so I make the most of the good days and remain driven and thirsty to keep doing better.

No matter what you're facing, no matter what the struggles, you can do the best that you can with what you have. And in the end.... that is enough!
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    Agree 100%- the best is always enough and to take it even a step further. I firmly believe that there are times when it's okay and even better to "take it easy" and just work on the "status quo" ... kind of like periodization, where your body can recover, recoup and your mind can refocus and recharge. I am sorry you have to deal with Celiac and it's symptoms which make it so much harder, but your spirit and good attitude is helping you to bounce back! You got this!!!
    2123 days ago
    Wonderful blog, Kimber, on how to deal with adversity and triumph. You're amazing!
    2129 days ago
    emoticon "Do the BEST you can with what you have. In the end, that is Enough"
    I think those are some of the TRUE ST Words I've read in a long time!!
    What a Wonderful Blog / Thought to start my Monday with. I will be quoting you this week!! I hope you don't mind?
    2131 days ago
    Such a positive attitude! Fight back!
    2131 days ago
    You have an awesome light...Keep it shining!!! : )
    2131 days ago
    So sorry you have to go through this. Take care of yourself!
    2131 days ago
    You are an inspiration! Keep kicking Celiac's butt!
    2131 days ago
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