Why Can't I.......

Saturday, April 11, 2015

I read a really inspiring article this morning about "two motivation killers"....I never really thought I was "trying to be perfect", but I was starting over every week instead of dusting off, having a talk with myself and moving on...from where I was that week.

A couple of things really struck a chord in me..."motivation is taking responsibility for my "conscious" actions"...and ok...I accept that I am motivated some days to sit on my rear. So I'm thinking I can be motivated to make positive or negative choices but also know I will have consequences for those actions.

There was something said about "Why can't I" have a bottle of water instead of a diet Coke, walk for 10 minutes, do 5 minutes of positive moves, clean for 10 minutes? (some are my add ins) I really LIKED that! I interpret that to mean also that instead of making excuses for..."why I can't".......I can change my outlook and say "why can't I?"...the only one in my path to success is myself.

SP is absolutely loaded with awesome articles like this that make me pause, think, aim higher and take action. There is no reason why I can't apply some of this info that today is not a repeat of years long habits that harm me. all I have to work with after all.

I am so thankful that it's not too late to learn new things, change old patterns and make a difference in my health...mentally, physically and spiritually. I am blessed beyond measure!
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