How a 10 minute workout lasted almost 40 minutes!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Back on my plan and trying to exercise daily. I've been doing pretty good so far in 2016.

My resolution was to do at least 10 minutes a day. (I have basically let myself go the last 6 months and no one to blame but myself.)

Daily I have been trying to ride the stationary bike for 10 minutes or do a walking session in front of the telley or go for a walk. It is winter here and icy so not always easy to get around.

Yesterday I went to aquafit and had a great hour session. I like aquafit because it combines cardio with resistance training and gentle stretching and toning for the body. My plan is to do that 2 - 3 times per week.

Today I did a 10 minute Bootcamp workout with Nicole emoticon. Then because I was all suited up and in the exercise room i jumped on the stationary bike for another 10 minutes. emoticon .

Then feeling quite empowered I did a 12 minute session of free weights because I want to also burn fat and build muscle. emoticon

Then I did a series of stretches for upper and lower body (5 - 6 minutes).

So I started out to do the 10 minute video and I ended up doing almost 40 minutes all together including the stretches. emoticon

I know this is a long journey but today is an example of how simple it can be.

emoticon emoticon

Today just goes to show, just get up and do it and you may surprise yourself. I know I did!!!!!

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