First Day Back - not tooooo bad :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Well, it wasn't the "best" day ever in the history of SP, but it wasn't terrible. I ended up a couple hundred calories under goal but that's because I got up late and missed breakfast before having a light lunch. Add to that a 4.7 mile fast walk and the deficit wasn't so unexpected. All the same, it felt really good to start feeling in control again. I actually loved weighing out my pasta for dinner! I estimated the veggies and the olive oil but feel like I got close enough. All in all it was a good day.

Also went to the grocery store to restock on my old healthy eating favorites that fell by the wayside the past few months with all the extra dining out (for freelance). So that was nice! Nothing particularly special, just things like turkey, swiss, and avocados for sandwiches (plus a new-to-me bread that I'm pretty stoked about trying), tortillas for lentil tacos (already cooked lentils earlier in the day in prep), a huge watermelon (need a break from apples and oranges), and other miscellaneous things. Lots of veggies, per the usual. When I was a kid my mom would buy yellow crook neck squash from a local farmer, cut it into coins, and put a dab of peanut butter on each one. It was a favorite snack of my youth and now and then I remember it. I think it's time to bring it back yet again! ;) So today I got some squash and zucchini to start noshing on for day snacks.

I also set a few starter goals. The first one is that I want to aim for a pound loss per week so that the next time I see my brother in person before his deployment in late October I'll be a LEAST 5 pounds less but hopefully 7ish. It's just a good goal to target to start to feel like I'm making progress and I also want to look better in our photos together! :)

The second goal is to reward myself with non-edible things when I hit each milestone. The sad thing (sort of) is I only really have 3 milestones to reach, unless I get really wild and set a new low goal weight that would be similar to my college weight (between 123-127). I'm really aiming for a current weight of 130-135, or 15-20 pound loss. If I could lose 15 I would be thrillllllled. 20 may come eventually but that is lower on the priority pile. Also curious how accurate today's weigh in was. How in the world am I 150 pounds and fitting into size small clothes? Like I said yesterday, it doesn't add up. Still, I can it in the mirror when I take off my clothes and I can feel it when I sit...and it's gross. Blah. So I know it's there and it's gtg...just so bizarre. I'm curious to see what next week's weigh in brings in case today's was a little over from the weekend or something. Who knows.

So with that in mind, current goals are:
First five pounds: new iPod to replace the one I've had since college (and haven't used in about 5 years because I lost it, etc.). I love podcasts and want to start listening while I walk - I still hate headphones when I run but I think it could be nice when walking since walking can feel slow sometimes.

Second five pounds: new outfit! I've been putting off buying new clothes for ages because I don't like my weight. I still have to now and then but it's not my preference. I'd rather reward myself with something nice that I can feel proud to wear. Only exception is an awards ceremony I am going to in October that I may want to buy something new to wear to - we'll see. I'm not a recipient (it's for chefs and restaurant owners and bartenders) but I'll be attending and I might as well look good in the crowd! ;)

Third five pounds: special jewelry, preferably handmade by local artists. Something I can wear that symbolizes the progress and commitment I've made.

So there it is. If I can be consistent and keep to the program then I MIGHT be able to reach my goal by early December. Given the expected setbacks with my freelance job I'm thinking the realistic goal is going to be closer to late December. So with that expectation, I'm placing my official 15 pound weight loss goal for December 31! Here's hoping. I think it's a fair goal, and barring anything unexpected it should be doable.

I'm honestly worried about finding the ability to keep within calorie ranges despite all the freelance eating I have coming up (10+ Thai restaurants, 10+ Tex Mex restaurants, etc. etc.) but I am going to try my hardest, dangit. Every time I take a bite I'm going to remind myself why I am doing this - because I am tired of being like I am right now. Enough is enough. Bring on the takeout boxes...
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