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Yeah.... I went there....

Saturday, January 28, 2017

... the gym, that is, and that is the hardest part.... going there. The workout is not nearly as hard as ignoring all the chatter in my head trying to talk me out of going in the first place.

Years ago, I worked with a trainer at a local gym for awhile. She told me that the hardest part of any workout is getting to the starting point. She was right. I find, that once I start to workout, within about 10 minutes I feel good about that I did. Don't get me wrong... the workout is always hard, but I am always proud of myself and glad that I am doing it.

Getting there goes a little something like this in my head:
"Time to go workout."
" But I am so tired today. I didn't get enough sleep last night and I just want to close my eyes for awhile." (SIDE NOTE: "but" is the worst word created, lol)
"Yeah, but I should go."
"I still have to finish the laundry and clean the bathrooms. If I go now, I'll never get that done."
"Oh come one, you can do those after you get back."
"But by the time I get back, I will have to get dinner going and help with homework."
(SIDE NOTE: see how that "but" word keeps creeping in)
"So, do the laundry and bathrooms after bedtime."
"But I will be even more tired by then and will just go to bed. Then nothing will get done. I'll have more time tomorrow. I'll just go then."
(SIDE NOTE: tomorrow has the same amount of time as today. 24 hours.)
"Come on.... tomorrow will become the next day and so one. You know that."
"I just don't feel like going."
"Really! who ever "feels" like going to the gym. It isn't about that."
"What's the big deal if I miss a day"
(SIDE NOTE: Okay... here is the kicker that gets me every time....... are you ready?)
"What's the big deal if you miss a day...... with your daughter.... with your husband... with your friends and family...... because you didn't take time for your health. Are we going to do this OR WHAT?"

Yep, works every time! Usually the chat in my head is a lot longer with A LOT more excuses. It always ends with my remembering why I am doing this. Some might read that and say "Well, you should do this for yourself not for everyone else." That's just it.... I am doing this for myself. The only thing in my life that I am selfish about.... MY TIME with the ones I love!

So, yeah.... I went there.... want to go with me?

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