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What do you need?

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I remember the first time my daughter and I watched the movie Aladdin and I saw this scene with the genie. The genie is explaining to Aladdin why life as a genie is not enjoyable, and how much he wants to be free. He keeps quickly disappearing and then "poof" reappearing to say "What do you need?" to whoever is his current master. My daughter put her hand on mine, leaned in and whispered "He is like you, mommy." POW! Yep, that was an eye opener. I hadn't ever thought about it that way. Wow, kids are so insightful.

Afterwards, I asked her what she meant (to see if she meant it the way that I thought she did). She said "Mommy, you always ask everyone how you can help and lots of time you help even if nobody asks you."

Fast forward to last night.... our family was watching Aladdin for "old time sake" and I reminded my daughter of what she said. She smiled. My husband said that it was true, but that I didn't really help everyone that needed it. At first I was hurt that he thought I might have ignored someone in need, but then he went on to say "You forget to help yourself and we really need you to do that so we can be a healthy and happy family for a long time." If you are wondering if I cried and hugged him.... wonder no more.... yep.... A LOT!

My family is being so supportive of my efforts to get fit and be more healthy. This was a great opportunity to thank them. He is right though, their support isn't enough. I have to remember that helping myself when it comes to my health is as important, probably even more important, than helping others. If I am not healthy, I won't be around long to help other people and those who really need me, like my family.

So, starting this morning, I took a few minutes to really look myself in the eye (yes, I used that dreaded mirror, lol) and ask myself "What do you NEED to be fit and healthy?" I paused after each one and took some time to really think about my goals for fitness and health and what I needed to do today and this week (looking to far ahead can be defeating) to achieve my goals... and POOF, I am ready to hit the day hard to achieve my goals!

Try it! Take a quiet moment. Lock yourself in the bathroom with ear plugs if necessary, and ask yourself "What do I need?" I would love to hear what you answered yourself.

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