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Feb is a new start for me

Thursday, February 09, 2017

A friend posted this question as ? of the day I used it to help me get going in to Feb and my journey in chapter 2 in 2017 ( Feb)

How did you do in for January, did you stay on track?

I looked back and the answer is not always it was a rough month I was having problems adjusting to the holidays ending and the gray winter weather. Trying to get to using the tracker was stressful and I often gave up for several days. Fitness time went Great I am enjoying getting my points for challenge teams. And the teams leaders mix things up so I don’t have to develop fitness plans. I changed from calling exercise working out To my fitness time silly how one word helped my enjoy doing my videos and going to the gym. One week we played fitness Bingo . another week we did a rodeo challenge fun things I plan on using while the team is on a mini break between challenges emoticon
In January a friend stated a new team invited me to join its called the Treasure Trove it’s a fun team of pirates diving for hidden treasures ( Blogs )that spark us along our journey. Many of these nuggets would float to bottom of the sea and what treasures would be missed. Check out our team it a great group pirates emoticon
I was sinking and feeling down with the winter blues emoticon two blogs got my spark going and I am putting my spark shoes on moving forward emoticon
The e questions in the blogs are questions I know are the keys to our journey but sometimes get lost along the way. emoticon
What is the one thing you've learned since starting your weight loss journey?

I am not perfect I slip and slide on my journey and its okay as long as I dust my self off get up and get my self moving towards my goals and it is not a race to the finish it’s a journey to good health.

What does it mean to own a goal
Don't just say it mean it
Make a plan in writing post where i can see it
I had forgotten one piece of the puzzle writing it down where I will see it each day
so i can own the goal i wrote down.
another great idea she shared
Keep it simple...get it done!
my plan Don’t get the list to long one small step is enough and not over whelming as i get myself going again . emoticon

Hay burner has a great reminder set our goals and make them reachable when you know saying losing 10 pounds a month is not a good goal to make since i have never lost more than 4 pounds in a month. A reasonable goal 1 pound a week.
remember I did not get over weight over night and its not coming off over night .

Today Feb is the first day of leaving the rest stop and dusting off and meeting my Feb goal

Make a appointment Sat morning to sit and WRITE a menu on paper not write in my head
Post on fridge where I see it shop from a list not my brain

Tracking my meals this is a huge challenge since tracker stresses me so often when it can’t find what I eat Tracking goes well for a week then I give up.
When it can’t find the food I ate just give up which is not Spark like so my goal is to keep tracking my food and not give up a friend shared to find a food that is near what I ate and keep going not finding trader Joe Lentil soup is not the end of the journey their were 20 others listed just pick one !

I can do this and will not give up. I have come to far to give up maybe I am not the fastest loser in the group I have had to lose the same pounds more than once but I have not gone back to my starting weight of 210 pounds where I was in 2012 today I am 158 pounds . The scales is stuck but I know the scales will be moving soon and in the right direction. I going to start remembering I need to share when I am struggling on my journey and not just share when I have a lose or a NSV share.
I will blog again at the end if the month and let my friends know how the month went and sooner when I need a push from spark family emoticon
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