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mindless eating ?

Friday, March 03, 2017

A spark friend Jan wrote a great blog here is a link

I agree words are so important unlike the sayings kids in my generation (1950’s )

Sticks and stone my break my bones , but names will never hurt . They did then we did not admit to it to the kids who said it.

In the diet world somehow snack foods are often called Junk food.
I still enjoy a few chips when have a hamburger go on a picnic . I need to learn to eat these treats wisely and mindfully the package comes with a label for example 16 chips = a severing put three cookies on a plate and enjoy
we don’t need the entire bag of chips or box of cookies.

My aunt would call it grazing when we wander thought the kitchen looking for something to eat..
Funny when you watch cattle graze, they are eating grass its what they eat for a meal. I don’t think of my self as a cattle a and they seem to eat only when hungry if you take time to watch . and they do move around !

Until reading Jan's blog i called it mindless eating poking things in mouth.

I do have to walk to the kitchen
pick what i going to put in mouth
and eat it.
my mind helps my hand get the food to my mouth that means I had to think how to get it from the plate / bag to my mouth. My new plan is to call it silly eating.
Silly because its unplanned I chose to make the silly choice and mindful continued to poke it in my mouth. if i had put thought into what in my mouth i would have stopped at a severing.

Its Perfectly Okay to have treats
Once in a while but make it
A choice NOT a cheat
Dr Shapiro

"We don't necessarily need to trade all of our Chips Ahoys in for carrot sticks or our carton of ice cream for a carton of yogurt. We can start by making smarter snack choices most of the time."

It may not make a lot of sense reading it but to me it tells to stop and think and what i put in my mouth and yes sometimes it may be silly choices since i am not perfect.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    660 days ago
    Great blog! I have that too. But we can do it and ARE just by being here! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1330 days ago
    Fran, I sent you a private sparkmail about a Mindful Eating team that I hope you will check out.

    Honoring my hunger and not eating for every other reason but hunger is my goal.

    We can do this!

    Lady Carol
    1355 days ago
    1366 days ago
    Mindfulness ... emoticon
    1370 days ago
    I think you said it well, and I don't think it's silly at all.
    1370 days ago
    good blog, Fran. Thanks. I also eat when or what I should not, but At times, I am going to do it even when my mind is telling me NO. I can be very mindful (stubborn) that way. But I am doing better at listening to that inner voice. Progress, notPerfection.
    1370 days ago
  • 52BINCE
    Right on explanation of silly choices. this should hit home with everyone that reads this blog.
    1371 days ago
  • FAITHP44
    Great blog Fran
    My question to myself when I'm reaching out for snacks (and when I'm thinking about it!) is 'Is it worth the calories?' There are times when even so called junk food is worth the calories - but most times I think that actually I need something that will provide some nutrition as well.
    1371 days ago
  • GRACED777
    Thank you, friend. Planned snacks of whatever kind work best for me. I like the 80/20 rule, though I don't follow it perfectly. Have a great weekend!
    1371 days ago
  • MISSY455
    1371 days ago
  • LINDA!
    1371 days ago
    Great blog Fran, I am not perfect either. I sometimes make silly choices but that is ok. Sometimes emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1371 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/8/2017 4:16:58 PM
    This makes PERFECT sense! We cannot deprive ourselves, but we DO need to moderate portions.
    1371 days ago
    emoticon words hold power!
    1371 days ago
    I remember the old commercial "Bet you can't eat just one" Potato chip, that is.

    I was one of those people they were referring to.

    Even armed with all of my Spark principles, chips tax my willpower.

    Thank you for the timely reminder
    1371 days ago
    Well I think "silly choices" works quite well .......Words paint a picture .... emoticon ...I know I referred to most "silly choices" ... as 'nonsense' foods and added ...."Will this do something FOR me or TO me?" ....
    Whatever works is great! ........You are being aware and accountable to self .... "to thine self true." ....
    Right now I am really hungry after my time at the gym ..... so I poured a glass of Green drink ..........(Spinach and strawberries) .... and also consult my tracker to see what I can budget. .... (Just like a checkbook) ... Are the funds there before I spend?
    Good job and love how you illustrated with the Bison ..........they have sense enough to stop when satisfied ......(I always said if we watch wildlife we could learn from them!) .... Thanks much for sharing the
    link to my blog ........I am so glad you liked it! ..... emoticon
    1371 days ago
    I agree with CVRONEK and you! I will read Jan's blog soon! Things are so much different now then what they use to be.
    1371 days ago
  • CTCOLL41
    Thanks for the silly choices idea I am going to try it
    1371 days ago
    Thank you, Fran, emoticon

    I don't think of things as junk food and to me a treat is a special something, not an every day thing.

    We used to go to get a burger and a milkshake, as a treat once in a blue moon, when I was growing up and actually, that's how I did it with my children, too.
    SO many people do this several times a week, these days.
    It truly was special to us and we got excited. Now do people get excited with a trip to the fast food place, or has it become so common place that it is kind of hum drum?

    We also only had dessert as a treat once in awhile, not every night like so many do now.

    Not that we did everything right, but I think I will try my best to remember the old days and keep things a "real" treat and not so regular an occurrence. That goes for the goodies at Mama's that tempt me when I stay over there. emoticon

    Thanks again, Fran. (Fish for supper, tonight.) emoticon

    1371 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/3/2017 4:31:36 PM
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