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Christmas Letter - Grand Finale

Friday, November 17, 2017

Today we come to the end of my 2017 Christmas letter. If you have stuck with me so far, you might want to reach for some empty calorie foods and take a nap. Don’t do it. After my bank account fraud discovery last night, I took care of that front for all of us. Just so you know, Haagen Daz followed by Rice Krispie treats does not cure bank account fraud. Maybe I needed a whole pint instead of the half pint that was left. Enough of that…

Final installment of your personal advanced copy:

9th brilliant thought: My goals this year are to simplify my life and to venture outside of my comfort zone. Comfort zone meaning actually seeking time with real people, and not just my book people. It is not easy for me to do, and I will probably be purchasing a pallet of socially awkward apology cards. As an introvert that actually likes people, I am my own oxymoron. Or maybe just a moron…

I am attempting to simplify through adequate sleep--apnea machine helps (although my book people keep following me to bed begging me to read just one more chapter, thus blowing the early bedtime out of the water), consuming a diet of real food, participating in healthy movement, connecting with others, and intentionally focusing on a deeper personal relationship with God. I have been taking a hard look at my life and realize how many things that I do that complicate it. I think my brain says, “Excuse me, isn’t there a more difficult, complicated, time-consuming way to accomplish this task? That is the path I wish to follow.” Ah well, we are all an experiment of one.

10th brilliant thought: Have you ever heard of the Sixth Degree of Kevin Bacon? It is a theory that each person is no more than being six people away from knowing Kevin Bacon.

emoticon*Jack* has met Snoop, Gallagher, Ronald Regan, and Mohammed Ali.
emoticonI have met Richard Simmons (I know, so not cool), Orville Reddenbacher, and I walked next to Dolly Parton downtown once (she is really short with a giant head. Think E.T. proportions).
emoticon*Jack* and I both met Richard Dent from the 1985 Chicago Bears.
emoticonMy cousin and his wife were on Oprah. (Okay, I can share why they were on Oprah with Spark friends. It was her discussing how she didn’t have any sexual feelings towards her husband after her hysterectomy. My cousin just sat there staring at the floor. He did not say one word.)
emoticonMy sister worked with Harvey Korman’s niece (if you do not know who Harvey Korman is, you are obviously too young for my road. Get off it.)
emoticonAs a teenager, my dad went on an outing with Nancy Regan.

By knowing us you are:
emoticonThird Degree from Snoop, Gallagher, Ronnie, Ali, Simmons, Reddenbacher, Dent, and Parton.
emoticonFourth Degree from Oprah and Nancy Regan.
emoticonFifth Degree from Korman.

Now if one of these people has met Kevin Bacon, the Sixth Degree theory will be true and the universe can continue on its course. (By the way, “knowing” in this case is used in the loosest possible sense as I am sure none of these people currently living actually remembers any of us. I am pretty much okay with that as celebrities do not impress me. It isn’t like they are important enough to be on my Christmas letter list. I am more fascinated with the Sixth Degree concept, plus someone sharing the name of one of my favorite foods, than I am of them.)

Did you ever think you would get to the end of this Christmas letter? If you read it all the way through, throw some glitter and confetti on yourself. If you didn’t, then you won’t know to do this, and will have missed the whole party. If you are an introvert like me, then you aren’t too sad about missing the party at all and can go back to enjoying the book you were reading.

emoticon May your holidays be happy.
emoticonMay your 2018 be blessed beyond measure.
emoticonMay your life be filled with brilliant thoughts.


Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Butterfly Princess Fairy
(Now you know my alias, but Julia works too.)

P.S. Did anyone notice that I didn’t mention menopause this year? Not once? Crud. I just did. There is always hope for next year…but then again, what is a Christmas letter without at least one mention of menopause?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1234 days ago
  • no profile photo CD17927558
    Menopause with glitter on top...hmmm...maybe I'm doing it wrong. 😉 ❤
    1237 days ago
    HAHAHAHAHA oh Julia - I know we are related!! Such wit!! And I first heard of the Six Degrees of Separation before the WWW protocol was "invented" in 1994 - the guy who told me about it was Marko something from Hungary or some such country. It was a few years later before Kevin Bacon did his thing with it. I like your version better!!

    And guess what! I'm kin to the Bacon's - my grandmother was a Bacon. I don't yet know the exact connection to Kevin Bacon. I'm too cheap to invest in the annual membership.

    Sooo I'm the black sheep of the family, don't practice Christmas, and I tend to do things a little backwards, like read the blogs backwards out of order. But it is still good to review the year past and mark the plans for the future, regardless of when a person observes their "New Year" (Rosh Hashana or Chinese New Year or any number of time keeping systems used around the world). You still make a lot of valid points and NO you are not a moron (but it's still hilarious the way you said that!).

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!!

    Julia (one of another here - should we start a Julia team??)

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Butterfly Princess Fairy (okay so I'm out of sync).

    Reread - trying to remember what famous folks I've met. My (late) dad met a LOT of famous musicians because he was a piano tuner and musicians tend to play pianos or have them around for others near them to play for them while they sing or dance or shimmy or play their guitars or ukeleles or other long-winded instruments...).

    So I met Wayne and Merrill Osmond and I didn't get to meet Donny and Marie. I observed Alan Osmond and his herd of boy singers (this was about 29-30 years ago after my divorce from husband #1).

    I met Darryl Anger and Michael whatever the sidekick name was. oh and Andy Narrell signed cd's that I brought to his concert.

    My dad tuned pianos for Ferrante & Tischer (sp? dueling pianists in the 1960's); Victor Borgia (sp?), later on Elvis and Elton John both performed in Wichita (1970's). He didn't get to meet Elvis but he did get to tune Elvis' piano in the Presidental Penthouse Suite at the hotel across the street.

    Was at Disneyland at the "It's A Small World" attraction and Miss America (the one from Hawaii in the 1980's sometime) was in the tea cup ahead of us, along with her Chaperone Mom Lady.).

    So anyway I'm sure there are others... trying to remember. Most were music types that people might not familiar with ... (plus when I worked for an auditorium in SoCalif I got to see live in concert artists Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Atkins, Virgil Fox, various ballerina troupes, the nearly naked Harlem Dance Troupe who were never asked back on because of 'The Emporer's Clothing' episodes (something about contract violations, no nudity or resemblance to nudity, even if it was sheer diaphanous pantyhose-like leotards that really didn't leave much to the imagination.).

    Okay I gotta go. Your blog was so stinking hilarious!

    1237 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/22/2017 1:50:54 AM
    Surely Kevin Bacon was on Oprah at one point in his life, and there's the 6*.

    I'm sprinkling glitter on myself now! If I was your family member, I would wait in joyful anticipation of this letter each year! After reading this, I just may need to spice up my letter. It's much to serious.
    emoticon emoticon
    1238 days ago
    Love your letter. Ben & Jerry doesn't solve pro emoticon blems either.
    1238 days ago
    Sorry to break the news to're not the only oxymoron......LOL..... I am an oxymoron too!

    I love your alias.....Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Butterfly Princess Fairy!

    1239 days ago
    I have a Bacon number of 3. Kevin Bacon was in "The Air I Breathe" with Brendan Fraser, who as in "Monkeybone" with Thomas Haden Church, who was dining in the same taqueria I was. Didn't actually meet him, but he was complimenting the staff on the way out. "Great as usual, Suzy."
    1240 days ago
    Woo Hoo we got the advanced copy!

    Love it Julia oops! I mean Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Butterfly Princess Fairy !

    1240 days ago
    Julia you have such interesting blogs. I will make a point of reading them all when I have time in the new year.

    Keep Sparking!
    1241 days ago
    LOL. I am an oxymoron too! I seem extraverted in real life (or so I am told), but I think my introverted side totally dominates and without alone time to ponder things and relax, I loser my mind. What happened with the bank account fraud? I have dealt with credit card fraud many times, but not that one....yet. Yikes. I am actually a little sad there isn't going to be another installment of the Christmas letter. Can I start a more, more, more movement to get you to add even more brilliant thoughts from your creative mind?
    1241 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/18/2017 12:45:09 PM
  • HOLLYM48
    Enjoy your holiday season! Glitter and sparkles are all over my floor now and I have to clean them up! emoticon
    1241 days ago
    Thank you so much for your Christmas letter. I a real fan. . . as in fanatic and I love your writing too!
    1241 days ago
    I'm impressed! You have a great following! Hope you get your bank account corrected......that happened to me. I can honestly say that I have never been around any famous people, but does sitting in the audience at the David Lettermen show count? Did you ever make the decision to socialize more and then when you did find that you ask yourself......why am I here? I want to be home with my dogs. Don't know if you have read any of Fannie Flagg's books, but her way with writing reminds me of you. She wrote Whistle Stop Fried Green Tomatoes (one of her wonderful books). Thanks for making my day..........keep writing! emoticon
    1241 days ago
    I can take care of your bank fraud. Just got an email saying I won $500,000, so I'll be happy to pay off the debt. Your Christmas letter was fascinating and one of the few that I was able to read from beginning to end. I love your sense of humor and believe anyone would enjoy being in your company. Go out and spread your awesomeness with a few more people. If you can relax in the situation, you'll be the life of the party.
    1241 days ago
    Sounds like there are a few more people (besides you & I) in the introverts pushing themselves (or at least thinking about) seeking real people category - we should all meet up!! Thank you again for sharing your letter and blogs with us. You put a lot of glitter and confetti in my day! emoticon
    1241 days ago
    This is the first of your Christmas letters I have read (I read all 4 parts before commenting- I get extra points for stamina, right?). You made me laugh out loud more than once. I truly pity you, because we clearly live in the same, warped, demented, irreverent, comical, mental universe. I would give you my profound sympathies, but I actually think we are both incredibly lucky to get to be and think the way we do. How boring not to have all those lovely branches off the main road of thought and behavior. How irritated we would stay, if we didn't have a stand up comic in our head, making Phyllis Diller type commentary on every thing (yes, I CAN be on your road, because with that reference I have revealed that I am "old enough". In spades. Oh yeah. Sigh.)
    Thank you so very much for posting your letter. Hugs and condolences and smiles to you, Miss Glitter Sugar Sprinkle Moonshine Fairy, and your wonderful family, Jack, Antelope and Bub, and especially, the ever patient and probably ever wise one, K.C.
    1241 days ago
    Happy Thanksgiving emoticon and Merry Christmas, Julia emoticon

    My "Claim to Fame" re: meeting someone of fame would be the afternoon I spent with Simon and Garfunkel playing Pool. I was 19 years old, it was my summer job of my Sophomore year of college, I was working as a maid at the Holiday Inn in Madison where all of the Musicians stayed if doing a concert. I was on break and walked through the game room when this guy asked me if I would like to play pool. I hadn't even seen him until he spoke and when I realized it was Paul Simon, I could barely respond. Art joined us a few minutes later.

    It is difficult to imagine you as an introvert. I have never met an introvert who loves glitter............NEVER!!!
    1241 days ago
    emoticon It was definitely worth reading! emoticon
    1241 days ago
    Loved the Oprah story, sounds like something I would get in trouble for😀. Great Christmas letter , sure enjoyed. Glitter for all.
    1241 days ago
    1241 days ago
  • no profile photo CD16401498
    Bank Fraud!! That happened to me 3 weeks ago! Somebody charged $2,500 using my credit card. They tried to buy an iPad and sports equipment! My bank took care of it but it was a mess for a week or so. I hope your bank takes care of you too.

    You said "As an introvert that actually likes people, I am my own oxymoron.". Yes! I think that's me too! I am doing much better since, like you, I pushed myself out there. With practice, it is working great. You will do great. emoticon

    (I am skipping the comprehension of the degree levels.... It is Friday and my brain can't take it!) emoticon emoticon

    1242 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    LOL this letter would brighten anyone's Christmas for sure. Thank you for sharing it with me, emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1242 days ago
    May your day be merry and bright-- like you! emoticon and blessings!
    1242 days ago
  • SPICY23
    I'm donating my glitter stash and all the sparkly craft supplies I can dig out of my craft bin, you will use them more creatively than I ever could.


    Peace and Care
    1242 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15653250
    emoticon I enjoyed reading your Christmas letter. emoticon
    1242 days ago
    1242 days ago
    So sorry to hear about the bank fraud, hopefully it can be straightened out quickly.

    You are an amazing writer!! Thank you for sharing your yearly letter with all of us. Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season!!
    1242 days ago
    Last night driving home I spontaneously said "Get off my road!" to the slow poke in front of me. Thanks for putting words to my thoughts! Merry Christmas a few weeks early.
    1242 days ago
    I hate to see the letter end. You have a brilliant mind and a fascinating way of expressing yourself. Love all the pictures scattered through your posts. Never a boring moment! I've always said some of the best conversations I have are the ones I have with myself. I suspect you are the same. :)
    1242 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/17/2017 1:45:18 PM
  • _LINDA
    I only have met Sly Stallone. I travelled to Vancouver to see him film Rocky IV. Lots of autographs, and even a kissed hand! He is incredibly short, even in his platform shoes. Dolph Lundgren was like a chiseled statue and very tall. I got to see the make up room and one of the artists gave me his bruised eye patch was so soft and felt just like skin. The 1.5 hour plane ride with a long stop over was worth seeing how a movie was being filmed.
    I can't eat junk if I wanted to, nothing here, but I am sure tempted to get something to snack on for the big football playoff game this Sunday. I have a Dollarama across the way so some cheap bad calories are readily available.
    Have a great weekend. Like someone commented, do they think NFL and CFL fans are different people? Why are the idiots putting the games on the at same stupid time. If you watch the NFL, hope your team wins!
    1242 days ago
    Look, you just have to believe that Oprah has had at least Snoop, that Bears player, and possibly one other person on her show. Shoot, Snoop is doing a show now with Martha Stewart for crying out loud. Anything is possible!

    You are not a moron. You are a talented, creative, giving person, with glitter on top!

    Wishing you all of the blessings of the seasons!
    1242 days ago
  • LJK091354
    Merry Christmas Julia! I AM going back to MY book now!!!
    1242 days ago
    Oh no! SOOOO sorry to hear about the bank acct, fraud. That is just sad.

    NAH! You are definitely not a moron! Not even remotely. And credit for your venturing outside the comfy zone AND simplifying life. Both GOOD.

    BWAHAHAHA! Mental pic of Dolly.

    Ohhhhhhhhh I loved Harvey’s humor on Carol Burnett, and in his comedic movies. Yup . . . .sorry, but ON YOUR ROAD on that one. I remember.

    Wait . . . . . going for the glitter and confett as I READ ALL THE INSTALLMENTS AND LOVED THEM!

    KUDOS. Letter well written, and lots of brilliant thoughts!!

    Wishing you peaceful holidays and sure hope that the bank debacle is solved quickly. **SIGH**

    1242 days ago
    I just subscribed to your blog. I think it is way cool.
    1242 days ago
    I have enjoyed your letters Julia. "Because sometimes you need a rainbow butterfly unicorn kitty". There is a beautiful picture but unfortunately I cannot post it here. Worth googling to see it. I love it. Give it a try.
    1242 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15029098
    emoticon all the best in 2018 to you too. emoticon
    1242 days ago
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