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A Typical Friday Night in Paradise

Friday, January 26, 2018

After working a long day, I make a quick stop to the grocery store for some last minute items, then rush home to prepare a delectable feast for my family. Dinner is prepared and quickly consumed. Now that it is time to do dishes, my men folk have mysteriously disappeared. They know I am just going to have to call them in a few minutes. Why do they disappear like that? It is the same every night. I start dishes, I call them. They ignore me. I call them again. They ignore me. I call them with frustration in my voice. They yell back “We heard you. Geez.” Yep. Paradise.

So there I was starting the dishes. Why does the dog always ask to go out as soon as I put my hands in the soapy water? Since the heathens that I live with are afar and asunder, aka playing video games or surfing the net in their rooms, it is up to me to let K.C. out. There is no towel in my immediate reach, so I wipe soapy water on my clothes. It’s late. I don’t care at this point. I open the door and give her my usual warning. “Don’t bark and be good.” Yeah right. She listens as well as her human brothers.

My hands are now thrust back into the soapy water. 5… 4… 3… K.C. bangs at the back door to come in. Once again I wipe my hands on my clothes and let her in. I tell her “That was fast” as she runs past me. My hands are once more plunged into the soapy water. I turn the rinse water on when I smell something like burning rubber coming from the drain. I call my husband to the kitchen. He takes one whiff and starts to panic. He is frantically looking for some kind of leak in the kitchen. It seems to be coming out of the drains and is starting to permeate the house.

K.C. is a seizure dog, so we are concerned that the smell will throw her into one. I grab her and carry her up to my son’s room. Husband is still trying to find the source downstairs when the dog starts vomiting. We make the decision to load her into the car to get her away from the smell. As we gather her up, husband is placing a call to 911.

Sons, dog, and I jump in the car and roll the windows up to minimize the odor getting into the car. As we drive through the neighborhood we can still smell it through the closed windows. The leak must be widespread because we have now gone a mile with no relief from the odor. K.C. continues to vomit sporadically and we make the decision to bring her to the emergency vet.

We get to the vet and explain to the receptionist what is going on. As we are explaining, oldest son is getting a phone call from his dad. He steps outside to take the call. The vet comes from the back yelling “Who brought a dog in here that’s been skunked!?! Take it outside!” Youngest son takes her out. I explain she hasn’t been skunked, there is a leak of some kind and she must have been near it. The vet gives me a look like “Is she really this dumb? Why do I get all the crazies on Friday nights? Is the moon full? Where the heck was this woman raised? And who let her have children?” Yes, that one look said all that. She very calmly, and very slowly, explained to me the formula that I needed to mix up to bathe the dog in and sends me on my way.

When I get outside, my son hands the phone to me. My husband informs me that according to the four firemen that showed up in full gear with sirens blaring that the dog was skunked. Yeah, I know. I wonder if he explained how she wasn’t really skunked to the firemen like I did to the vet.

We get home and I have to send my husband out to get the ingredients for the dog’s special bath. As he drives away, he sees a skunk meandering down the road. Salt in the wound. Yep. A typical Friday night in Paradise.

(Now I know my buddy Skeeter and my friend Roxanne probably figured this out by the third paragraph. If it took you until the end, throw some glitter on yourself because we must be related.)

Magic Formula for Bath:

Mix together:
1 quart of 3-percent hydrogen peroxide (available at any pharmacy)
1/4 cup baking soda.
1 teaspoon original Dawn liquid dishwashing soap.
Rub into dog's fur and rinse. May require more than one bath.

Until next time. Be Safe. Be Strong. Be Healthy. Keep Sparking!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    Keep writing Julia!! You've got what it takes,
    808 days ago
    Love your entertaining writing style.
    No skunks here in Australia!
    I can only imagine the odor is most unpleasant.
    I hope K.C. smells better now.
    1161 days ago
    I haven't heard that, its tomato here for skunked dogs, poor pooch :-( I got to admit I can't imagine anyone not recognizing a skunk smell immediately, its rather unmistakable.
    1166 days ago
    One of our dogs got skunked a few years ago. Sent the kids to the grocery store at 10:00 at night to buy stuff to wash it out of her. One thing I found was the Yankee Candle odor removing candles really took the smell out of the house - I was surprised at how well that worked.

    Thanks for sharing!!
    1167 days ago
    Oh my!! I had to throw glitter on myself.......glad we’re related! My dog has been skunked so I know how frustrated you must have been. If it wasn’t so frustrating, your story would make a great sitcom!! Hope things are better emoticon
    1170 days ago
    Ha! Some kind of paradise...
    Hope you've got that dog de-skunked and things have slowed down.
    Happy Sunday!

    1170 days ago
    I have never had a dog skunked but we have had the
    neighbor or son-in-law shoot the skunks in the backyard.
    It is next to open fields and pastures with no houses close.
    See them in the daytime and they are usually rabid.
    1170 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Glad you are back! I've missed you, girl! I had a dog that got tangled with a skunk. Back then the remedy as tomato juice bath until the smell was gone. It is a god awful smell, and one you won't forget! However, I'm covered in glitter, but thoroughly enjoyed the journey with you!
    1170 days ago
    Oh my. Have things settled down again?
    1170 days ago
    Oh my, that is not my idea of a nice quiet Friday night when you would rather be in front of the TV with popcorn. I'm so sorry all that happened. We've had 5 dogs and "knock on wood" none have been skunked. I have thought about it and wondered what I would do so thank you for the recipe. Have a great week without any drama. emoticon
    1170 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/27/2018 10:22:50 PM
  • no profile photo CD15653250
    1171 days ago
    First of all' the dishes and taking the dog out. We have a rule in our house now and when our boys lived with us that if you made the meal, the ones who didn't cleared the table and did the dishes. And, we all took turns taking Miki out.

    Now for the skunk..................we had one who sprayed our central air conditioner unit outside and when we turned on the air, we had it in every room!!!
    1171 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Hope that special formula works... you'll find out next time K.C. goes out in the rain... just sayin' from down here where I'm rollin' on the floor. I also highly recommend a chore chart for those dishes and hope it works.
    1171 days ago
    I do live in paradise too!! So no way I knew!!!

    Hahaha! I hope the dog smells better by now!
    1171 days ago
    Glad to see you back Julia. . . . wow you had a time!

    I've been slacking but . . . I'm trying to get back

    2018 is going to be great!
    1171 days ago
    My husband, son, and three granddaughters are hurting from laughing so hard. You are hilarious! I wondered if the dog had been skunked when you said you spelled it after he came in. I'm so glad that you're back to blogging. I've missed you!
    1171 days ago
    Paradise! Interesting formula. Why do we always see and hear that a tomato juice bath is the fix? At least you had family time! 😁
    1171 days ago
    OMG to funny!!
    1171 days ago
    Poor dog. But loved the blog
    1171 days ago
    OMG, I can't stop laughing! Poor K.C. I hope everyone has recovered by now!

    I think we're related. I'm going to have to sprinkle glitter on myself. A skunk sprayed my front porch area, and I thought there was an electrical fire somewhere in my house. I had a friend come over to check things out. He immediately knew it was skunk smell. I had never smelled a skunk before. How was I supposed to know what that pungent odor was???
    emoticon emoticon
    1171 days ago
    emoticon You will NEVER have another day like this one. Remember it fondly and know it will only get better. emoticon
    1171 days ago
    You had me. You really do live in Paradise, though Don't doubt it for a minute!!
    1171 days ago
    May your Saturday and Sunday be glorious and odorless! emoticon emoticon
    1171 days ago
    Ohhhhhh noooo. I guess in a way it's a relief because it's safe to the humans, just stinky. Your poor dog! I could picture everything from your wonderful writing. Eeek. Hope your home is smelling lovely again.
    1171 days ago
  • UROCK2
    Sorry it happened to you, but I loved your blog. Thanks for sharing. emoticon We love our pets
    1171 days ago
    1171 days ago
    Oh my, looking for the glitter too
    thought gas leak or stuff trapped in the garbage disposal.
    my friends dog now mine was skunked many years ago but see saw the skunk and all she could do was watch . he was pink for weeks since he is white ! you earned a goodie have a quiet Saturday .
    1171 days ago
  • no profile photo CD16401498
    WE ARE RELATED!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1171 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Oh my, looking for the glitter, found and now dumping it on me. Dog next door one year got skunked and you never, ever, never, ever forget that smell. It took the neighbors days to really get rid of the smell, and the dog next door sure didn't go to the back of yard for a while. Still makes me smile.

    Enjoy your paradise!
    1172 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/26/2018 6:46:55 PM
    You lead an interesting life, that is for sure! Stay Golden! emoticon
    1172 days ago
    Sorry to say, you had me going, my thought it had something to do with the garbage disposal. Had the combine get sprayed once while combining corn, took a couple days to get the smell gone, not sure it might have gone through combine. Have trapped them in live trap in my machine shed. Real scary carrying the trap out. Never let them turn their back to you, go slow, if they start to move just stop. They are a friendly animal. Two of our grandkids stayed with us one summer, working, I had them burry a dead skunk , they love to tell the story and gets a little better each time.😅 Life is never dull! Skeeter
    1172 days ago
  • ALOFA0509
    emoticon emoticon emoticon That is Hilarious!!!! OMG--
    1172 days ago

    I needed a funny story to read!!!
    1172 days ago
  • no profile photo CD17989942
    You're baaaaack !!! I have been around several skunked dogs - a smell you never forget !!! We always kept large cans of tomato juice around, it works too...maybe your concoction is better, not sure...this was 40 years certainly have an interesting life Julia !!! Glad your dog 🐕 & family ok...big hugs, Kim
    1172 days ago
  • no profile photo CD17989942
    You're baaaaack !!! I have been around several skunked dogs - a smell you never forget !!! We always kept large cans of tomato juice around, it works too...maybe your concoction is better, not sure...this was 40 years certainly have an interesting life Julia !!! Glad your dog 🐕 & family ok...big hugs, Kim
    1172 days ago
    OMG....we clearly live in the same universe! You know, the one Murphy is king of. Amazingly, I have never been presented with a skunked animal, but have collected an remarkable number of remedies for said eau de skunk. You made me laugh out loud! Glad KC didn’t seize. Glad the dishes didn’t break. Glad the menfolk were not in need of an ER due to their egregious if typical contributions to homemaking efforts.
    You really should get into professional writing, you have a gift for it. emoticon emoticon
    1172 days ago
    Oh lurrrrd! What an ordeal! (The lady who heads up my favorite dachshund rescue recommends a bath with blue Dawn, followed by a soak in Summer's Eve vinegar douche, rinsed again with blue Dawn. Just, y'know, for future reference...) emoticon
    1172 days ago
    Symbolically throwing glitter on myself.
    Curious as to what ingredients the vet told you to buy and how much it cost you. Best remedy for a skinned dog is a bath using douche. Really. Have that little bit of info from my SIL. They have 5 dogs and live out in the country.
    1172 days ago
    What a wonderful read! I could just picture it, the whole way. I've lived that life and it seems like a lifetime ago. It would never have occurred to me, not where we live now. But I do remember my aunt's dog Terry (a big Golden Retriever) was skunked while we were all up at the cabin so many years ago. What a mess!

    Thanks for the day brightener but sorry you had to go through this!
    1172 days ago
    I'm covered in glitter, sister!
    1172 days ago
    Thanks for the laugh! Been there (our dog was skunked about a year and a half ago) with the skunking - not the emergency room and firemen.
    1172 days ago
    I did figure out that if you drove a mile away and still smelled it that it was either outside in the community or in the car with you, but didn't think of it being a skunk. Didn't it smell like skunk? Poor dog. Poor you, having to deal with it.
    1172 days ago
    OMG I am laughing so hard tears are running down my legs! LOL

    Glad you made it through the process, and hopefully KC is better now. Your paradise, uh sounds a bit like mine these days, but I haven't seen any skunks.

    1172 days ago
  • SPICY23
    On the upside, it got you out of the dishes! Sounds like it's time to renegotiate household tasks. If everybody lives there, and everybody eats, then everybody should be participating in the meals in some way: prep, cooking, or cleanup afterwards. Can't say I was perfect at this either, but at least my kids learned these valuable life skills. DH, not so much. Good luck in paradise.

    Peace and Care
    1172 days ago
    O . . . . M . . . . G! Throwing the glitter, girl! Who knew! Well, guess the vet did, huh. ungrateful vet! At the very least she should have thanked you for helping her earn some $$$ when you grought your poor fur baby in!

    Hope the magic bath potion worked. My one fur baby got skunked and it took about a vat of tomato juice to neutralize her. Poor thing.

    Sorry that happened! It's stinky!!!
    1172 days ago
  • no profile photo CD17927558
    Oh my goodness!!! Roflmao!!! Poor K.C.!!! Poor Julia!!! 😂😂😂🐕💜
    1172 days ago
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