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I Hope This is a Wake Up Call for Those Who Need It

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

This morning when I checked in with my private BLC team, the Lovely Limes, I/we were told that one of our team mates had had a heart attack while at work yesterday, she was in the hospital and being prepared for some serious invasive tests. This is when you can say, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" I don't know why but I do know that if it can happen to this lovely woman it can happen to any and all of us.

I hope this is a wake up call for those who need it. I know that I need the reminder that in spite of some parts of me working better than I would expect it doesn't mean they always will and that I need to guard what I can from being damaged any further. I am often reminded of the content of the Serenity Prayer: "Accept the things that I can not change, have the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference." I can not change my age but I can change my present health and improve it. There will be many who will agree with that statement but then when it comes time to actually do something they say, "Oh but it is too much work and I am too out of shape and so what if I have to take another pill to regulate another aspect of the encroaching worsening of a particular illness or disease I have right now."

I respect that and in fact I have known people who have said that in so many words. Or there will be the fence sitters who will talk about what they will do and then when you ask them how things are going, they sheepishly reply, "Well, there has been this and that and the other and I meant to get started on that by now. Maybe tomorrow or next week once my life settles down." That was me and it is still a tendency that I have to work to overcome.

In the past day Biggest Loser trainer Bob shared with us a very intimate photo of him in a coma, attached to machines after suffering a massive heart attack about a year ago. He was fortunate that there was a doctor exercising near him when he collapsed while working out and who administered CPR to Bob. It saved his life I am sure. Bob admitted that the food plan that he was following was not the best one with his family genes and history. This is coming from a fitness expert.

I am relieved to hear this because right now as it will be in the future there are certain food plans that are 'popular' and lauded as the best but if your individual health history does not support following that plan then you need to be aware of it and follow one that will. I am facing that right now. After decades of eating brown rice, wheat bread and black beans (which I never took a fancy to) I am having to scrap that way of eating for something different so that my digestive system will quiet down and heal. Now, it means foods that are lower in fiber (yes that is one that causes some changes that I have to also deal with) but also restricted to a lot of foods that are 'commonplace' and 'ordinary'.

The only vegetables on my food list are cooked carrots and green beans. Remember all of the stuff said about eat the rainbow? Well, now I must eat a rainbow that has a little less brilliancy but a lot more blandness. As for any fruits---skip the berries with seeds and skins and forget about getting any benefits from the antioxidants. Now, I eat the fruits I used to eat as a kid minus the skins and cut in really small pieces so I won't trigger my spastic colon. The raw nuts that I used to love to snack on. Not now and maybe never. Too hard for my compromised and very sick intestines and lower bowels to process. Exotic is out and what I ate as a child is back in. I am a revert now not a convert.

The experts who espouse this way of eating are quick to say that at a future date I might be able to add back in some of these other foods that are off limits now. I think they know how hard it is for those of us who are wanting 'different' and not the 'same' all the time. When I have tried I have paid for it dearly so I am becoming wiser over a period of time. My learning curve is slow and at times quite painful.

In spite of having lost 71.8 lbs. and kept it off I am not a healthy person. In fact, I am a very sick and unhealthy person. I still abuse food. Well, let's say the last time I did was about 10 days ago and I paid for it dearly. I feel that I have about 80-90 lbs. left to lose. However, I do hope that this second half of the journey will be a lot safer and healthier and it will be more divinely guided than lead by the current reigning experts. I am not putting them down but just saying that before I decide to follow the latest trend I have to ask myself "How will this affect me and my own current health status?" No one is going to write a best seller about eating your green beans because they know the public is looking for something new and exciting ( and usually quite costly). However, if that calms my hyper sensitive digestive system I have to go with that and put that latest book down and move on.

Right now, I am paying for having strayed from my food plan (even if just by a little) and my digestive condition has worsened after being calm for about 6-8 weeks. Recently, I lost 20 lbs. the 'hard way'. Not by working out until the sweat was pouring off of me nor eating a salad every day (which I can't any more because of the roughage) but because I was so sick that I could barely eat a slice of toast (mouth sores from celiac disease) and instead relied a lot on Glucerna to get me the nutrients I needed. This is not the healthy way of losing any kind of weight.

I also have some of the same health issues that the woman that I mentioned at the beginning of this blog entry has. Granted hers are at a more critical state than mine are but that doesn't mean that couldn't be my future if I allowed it to be. I hope this is a wake up call for me and that I return to the table with renewed determination to lose the rest of this weight in a much healthier way. I may lose slower or maybe even not at all some weeks but if I am rebuilding my health and well being than I am doing the right thing. Let's hope more of us will do the same.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so sorry. Thank you for this blog.
    1148 days ago
    Everyday living a truly healthy life style is one day closer to how we were designed to be by our creator. I have also returned to proper healthy eatting and away from the diet plans of this world. I only wish I had started sooner. Thank you! 💞
    1148 days ago
    You are smart to understand that there is not a “one size fits all” food plan, or an exercise plan for that matter. We all have to work with what our bodies will tolerate. I admire your progress, and your honesty. Last week-end a friend from my younger years died from a massive heart attack at the age of 74. According to his family, no warning signs he mentioned, so you just never know.
    1148 days ago
    Excellent blog. You’re in my prayers.
    1148 days ago
    1148 days ago
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