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Day 26: Identify Negative Thinking

Monday, March 26, 2018

Or as it has been said, "stinkin thinkin".

This can be anything from "I will never lose this weight so why keep trying" to "I just ate that piece of cake and I know I will gain at least two pounds from it" to " Sure, I lost 1 lbs. this past week but I know that I should have lost 2 lbs. especially if I want to meet the goals I set for myself."

Let's face it. The list could go on and on. The main way to counteract these thoughts and those like them is to:

1) have a debate with yourself and try to be as logical and informed as possible. For example, I read in one of these weight lose books that the 2 lbs. you gained (barring constipation and/or a heavy large meal 12 hours before weighing in) is actually impossible to happen from having one piece of chocolate cake (452 calories approx.) That doesn't mean you have the piece of cake but simply that you need to keep its impact in perspective and not give it more 'weight' than is actual.

2) No, you probably won't lose much weight or keep it off if you believe you won't but just because you believe you will lose the weight also doesn't mean it will happen WITHOUT ACTION. Wishful thinking simply won't cut it. Borrowing from science and chemistry especially, it is all about burning fuel and finding the most efficient way to do that. The definition of a calorie says it all: " what it takes to raise your body temperature 1 degree F/C." In other words it all about combustion. Burn baby burn. Put those beliefs into action and you will see tangible results. I think you can still have doubts and a lack of confidence while you are trying to find out how to make your body more efficient but I also believe that once the action is down then what you believe or don't believe doesn't matter as much. Remember, actions speak louder than words or thoughts or beliefs.

3) I did everything I was supposed to do and yet here I didn't get the results I expected. Well, even though the CICO formula still stands as the gold standard there are so many variables involved when going through the process that you just can't control all of them. Some people lose weight when they have the flu, others gain it. You were given your unique body so learn from it and then take its cues and work with it---in harmony. What works for you is not what will work for someone else so it is about self-discovery and then self-mastery. Not comparing apples to oranges.

I can say that almost everything that I thought that I believed in once I started to work on losing weight was not true for me . It was disappointing and at times quite a learning curve but then once I started to see how my body worked I could fall in line with it and begin to act out of harmony and peace rather than strife and chaos.

Now, I say, I will believe this until it is proven to no longer to be meaningful for my overall weight loss goals. If it works it stays. If it doesn't it goes. And, that is neither the half full or half empty glass but just a plain fact. I have found that it doesn't matter whether I think it will work but simply that it does.

End of 'stinkin thinkin", I think.
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    Think positive
    1069 days ago
    Banish all negativity I say. Positive thoughts are so very powerful, I don’t even want anyone else around me that wants to willow in negitive thinking. It hurts my mood & has a detrimental effect on my health. So YES! Protect yourself;Enjoy each day!
    1069 days ago
    I am learning to do this daily
    1069 days ago
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