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8.07.2018: Ready

Sunday, July 08, 2018

I'm so ready to take control over my life. The last few weeks I feel like I've lost control. I'm due to go back out to sea in 4 days (I'm a fisherman) and it gonna be hard as I have no access to any material out there as there's no wifi on the boat I work on, I'll be out there for 6 weeks. It's so weird because while I'm out there I lose so much weight, because it's really restricting, I can't just go down to the shop and get me a chocolate bar when I feel like it you know? So when I get back to land I have all this money and all these temptations I'm literally like a little kid in a candy store, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza hut, I never eat at home I'm always snacking I lose control. I know it sounds dumb but yeah, I'm literally back to being a couch potato with snickers pod crumbs on her boobs. So now I'm ready to take back control, and it can't be at a bettter time because I'm due to go back out to sea I see it as a kick start, like I go out loose all this weight come back feeling great and I have an action plan in place, I have meal plans, recipes ready to attack as soon as I get home so I'm not walking around the supermarket feeling like a lost puppy and end up getting a block of chocolate and crackers and cheese then eating take out the rest of the week. I'm so ready team!
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