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Weight No More: No Foolin'

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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

NIMP the No Prob Llama says: Give yourself credit for everything good choice you make, no matter how small.

Day 19 is titled Stop Fooling yourself.
Interesting topic for me. Honesty is very high on my list of qualities for being a good person. Ironically when it comes to my foods, I have trouble being honest with myself. I have often downplayed and even out right ignored poor food choices. In the book, Beck calls these behaviors “fake excuses”. The book lists the usual suspects of fake excuses and I highlighted my favorites and even added to the list.

In the “What are you thinking?” part of the book she goes through common sabotaging thoughts and adds a helpful response to model how to re-frame unhelpful thoughts.
I have chosen the 4 fake excuses I use most and wrote responses to help reframe my own thinking.

1. Sabotaging Thought: It is okay to eat because I am celebrating.
Helpful Response: Ask myself is it a true celebration. If it is I can pretty much predict the menu and plan my menu ahead of time. One of my rules is “There will be feast days”. Feast does not mean an eating frenzy of over indulging, nor do they mean feast season.

2. Sabotaging Thought: It is okay to eat because no one will see me eating it.
Helpful Response: As if… Laughable but oh it suckers me more times than I like to admit. There is no such thing as invisible calories (or in my case invisible grains/sugars). The End.

3. Sabotaging Thought: It is okay to eat because it has been so long since I had it.
Helpful Response: I have already waited so I know I can wait until it is actually on my menu. If I really want it I can find a time when it will fit my menu.

4. Sabotaging Thought: It is okay to eat because I earned it.
Helpful Response: Earning foods is not why I stay on plan. I stay on plan to maintain a healthy weight and nourish my body. Its like earning an A and then skipping homework assignments and being surprised when the grade has dropped to a C (says the teacher in me).

Bottom line for me? This quote rings truth.
“ I need use every opportunity I can to break myself of the habit of eating things I haven’t planned.”

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