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Weight No More: Becoming Old Hat

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Saturday, August 04, 2018


No Prob Llama task for the day is to give myself credit for every good choice I make, even the routine, tiny ones.

Day 20 of The Beck Diet Solution: Get Back on Track
Imagine that! A Beck lesson I actually have down pat. LOL. Not long a go I would say, “Time to hit the reset button.” I said it so much it border lined sounding cliché. DH in his wisdom would just smile and not say a word when he heard me say, “Reset”. It got to the point where even I could not say it with a straight face.

By last January I found that needing to hit the Reset Button was depressing me big time. Why was I having such trouble sustaining my plan? Typically January’s are tough for me; I get in a funk for many reasons. But this time I had it so bad that even doing a positive thing like Hitting the Reset, set me off. My old thoughts of failure, doom & gloom, and what’s wrong with me? kind of self talk were taking center stage. Finally, I decided enough was enough and I jotted in my journal the phrase, “Get over it and get on with it!” It fit; just the dose of tough love I needed.

Beck’s message, “Get Back on Track” is pretty much the same, but so much more sophisticated. She has 7 topics to practice to aid in getting back on track and stay there. I am excited to practice them. One of the topics is to Draw a Symbolic Line for stopping a detour before it becomes a binge. I have not yet chosen my “line” but for now it will be to text my diet coach.

Another strategy is to write a response card. This is my card:
Just because I have eaten off plan doesn’t mean it is the end of my diet. I can get myself back on plan and on the road to keto by acting right now! I have done it before and I can do it again. I enjoyed it, but it is time to get back to business—Back to nourishing foods.; Back to intermittent fasting. This is the very best thing I can do for myself.

I had no sabotaging thoughts about this lesson. I know from experience that successful dieting comes from Persistence . Sooner or later it will become old hat. But to become old hat it must be worn a lot and face it's fair share of harsh weather.

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