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To Flu Or Not To

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I received a flu shot many years ago when it was the thing to do whether it worked or because it was trendy & it was FREE. I got really sick, which is one of the possible side effects of receiving the shot. That had to be almost 8 years ago when I got it and I haven't had one since. I seemed to do okay every year without one I don't think I need it myself but I am being selfish?

Do you guys get the flu shot and what is your take on it?

God bless & enjoy everyday.

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    Always do - never had an issue …… now that there's a senior in the family with health issues it's even more important...…..senior and I have already had ours - now there's just one more family member left (just need to get her to fill out the paperwork and head out to the place, though I think there may be another option I need to investigate first)…….
    906 days ago
    Personally, I do not. Last time I had the flu was around 2002 (I survived 🙂). My disabled autistic son gets one as long as there is no thermasol(sp) in it. That is a additive for shelf life. It has some controversy. I take no pharmacuticals.
    906 days ago
    I get a shot every year Hubby wont so it's an even vote here :) one yes one no
    906 days ago
    I have had the flu shot annually for over 50 years and have never got the flu!
    906 days ago
    Are you allergic to eggs? The flu shot is made in eggs. So if you are allergic, you can become very sick after having a flu vaccine. That usually doesn't happen to people who are allergic to eggs, but it does sometimes, if their allergy is extremely severe. Also, some people already have the flu when they get vaccinated. That was probably the case for you. If you live or work with vulnerable people, you might try again to get a flu shot, to help protect them. If that's not a concern for you, you could just skip it. One reason they say to get the vaccine is that it protects you from inflammation (if you should get the flu) that can become arterial plaque and cause heart damage and blood vessel damage. If you have been well every year, perhaps you have already been exposed to the recent viruses that have been circulating around, and you have built up immunity. There are at least two types of flu vaccines, you can get a nasal spray as well as a shot. The nasal spray is considered a "live" vaccine, which means that there are some live virus cells in it. That is not recommended for anyone with chronic health conditions. People with lowered immunity need to get a shot, because the shots have no virus in them at all that you can get. If you got the flu after getting an actual shot, it was already in you. It takes two weeks to incubate the virus, so that's a long time for it to get ready to attack you inside of you. Another thing that can happen after getting a shot, is that the shot doesn't cover the virus that's going around that year. And also, sometimes it's just not an effective shot, meaning it's not strong enough. Or your immune system was unable to make enough antibodies. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck in deciding whether or not to get the flu shot. I get one every year. Last year, I had fevers for two weeks after getting the shot. My immune system was trying its hardest to create antibodies. That's what happens when it does that. It's always going to be worse if your immune system has been compromised. Mine is really bad, because I need a surgery on my throat. I have an infection there. But I will get a flu shot soon, because I don't want my body to go through having a flu. It's better to have the fevers, and create the antibodies. It's safer for me. That way, I won't have to worry about having a flu for a long time and getting lung damage, or getting a secondary infection like a sinus infection or a bad cold. I already have asthma, so lung damage could just finish me off. Well, I think you should discuss with your doctor or pharmacist about how sick you were after your last shot. You may want to have allergy testing to see if an egg allergy was interfering with everything. Good luck!
    906 days ago
    I got a shot years ago and also reacted to it. I pretty much have been fine until we had high gusty winds . Today as a result runny nose, sore throat just feeling blah but nursing the symptoms. emoticon emoticon
    906 days ago
    I always get them and have never had the flu
    906 days ago
    I have never gotten a flu shot. Years ago, I had allergy tests that indicated I'm allergic to eggs. Since there is egg in the shot, I've avoided it.
    906 days ago
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    I worked in a hospital, so I was "recommended" to get one every time, I have now retired. And since my retirement, I have not taken the flu shots.

    906 days ago
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