Is Anxiety Stealing Your Joy?

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Is Anxiety Stealing Your Joy?

Last Sunday when I awoke, I was looking for excuses to not go to Church. I had just gone through having high anxiety about my little dog-Sammy having surgery. I had once lost a cat to a vet giving her too much anesthedic, and her mouth stayed frozen open. So she couldn't eat. I had given her juices, but eventually she died, when i was driving to the vet's to put her down, and she died in my lap. It was very tramadic for me. I blamed myself for everything that caused her life to end??? So i was very worried about Sammy now. I was really doing good on my diet life style. Working out 5 days a week-1 1/2 hours doing resistance, and eat, and journaling. I was gaining muscle, but finally going down in weight. Everything seemed like I was going to suceed, until this happened. Of course i nervous eat, damaged my hormones. Which tell you when to stop eating. Blew my diet and all I had accomplished in weight loss.

So here I am waiting to keep from going to church, because I knew I had to rake if it didn't snow again. And it would be better to do it eariler than afterwards. i got up and turned on the television for noise in my background as I made breakfast. By the time I had drank two cups of coffee, I was ready to leave for church. You can't listen to online preacher without them up lifting you in some way!

At church, I had inquired about when the AA meeting were, and thinking about going. I realize i might be addicted to halloween candy-the sugar during anxiety. They must know something about how to deal with aniety, I thought. Basically because they are working at over coming their addiction to alcohol. As i was talking to their main speaker, someone walked up to give me an answer to my problem. He said, all you need to do is remember to pray when you are in trouble before and during anxiety.

Wow, was that my problem? That although I had read the Bible over 11 times. Thought I had a relationship with God. prayed for others. Yet never came to him when I was in trouble? Yes, never prayer to help myself.

When you don't pray, you are not excepting God as your savior. Not realizing what God did for you at the cross. You are taking your power back because you want to make the decisions in your life. God wants us to be happy while we are on Earth. That is one of the reasons He left us His love letters of the Bible. So we could become a new person in Christ. Giving us grace. Yet we still as Christains struggle to realease ourselves totally to God. Prayer releases your stress, anxiety, and fear by laying your problems all at God's feet.

Self medicating with food during fear is putting on your old self, and not releasing yourself to God. Not believing in Him to do His job-taking care of our problem. We need to be patient with God. Being born again doesn't mean we will never feel like trying to do sin again. When we are renewed in the spirit of mindwe shown the right thinking. Not damaging the house, our body the Holy Spirit lives in with our old self.

As Christain we must constantly fight our inner demons! Not letting the old man, our sinful nature, call the shots in our lives. You know the truth, so practice it with prayer, and righteousness. Developing a stronger relationship with God and united with God.You are dead in sin, resurrected, and born again through grace. Fight daily against your old self. A new creature created in God's image, by Him, and for Him. God had commanded us to put off our old nature, of sin. We are God's beloved children, so let's practice His commandments:of kindness, compassion, humility, humbleness., and forgiveness. practice these not just toward others, but toward ourselves! Forgive yourself for your mistakes, and move on in hope for a better tomorrow! Hugs, eva

Dear Father God,
I am very sorry I didn't trust you for my pain. That I lost my way to you by having my fear dictate my future. Thank you for all you have done for me, and others. I now realize that i have fallen short in developing my relationship with you. Taking my power back, and denying my happiness and joy. I can't do it alone any more. Becoming my own idiol or savior in any crisis.Thank you for allowing me to learn from my pain. And once again seeing that you are my strength, savior, healer, and comforter. Today I pray for all of those in need of your healing, and comfort. And for you giving me grace, in Jesus name Amen.
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